Defense Parts in Lies of P are Pinocchio's protective wears, which provide various benefits including increased stats, physical damage reduction, elemental damage reduction, and resistance against status ailments. These Parts also affect factors like Weight and are categorized into Frames, Converters, Cartridges, and Liners. This page covers the basic mechanics of Defense Parts. Understanding each of the Defense Parts' advantages may provide players the upper hand in combat when traversing the perilous environment of Lies of P's world.

What are Defense Parts in Lies of P?

Soulslike nowadays mostly categorize sets with staple armor pieces such as helms or headpieces for the character's head protection, Armors or chest pieces that protect the upper body, gauntlets or guards to protect the wearer's arms, and lastly, leg armors or greaves that protect the character's feet. In Lies of P, instead of following these staple designs, Pinocchio's armor sets are presented as parts.

This is a refreshing take on the RPG trope - following the theme by heart by setting parts as general protective wears that players can take advantage of. Defense Parts are various parts of a puppet's anatomy that grant it several defensive boosts. Defense Parts are divided into four categories - Cartridges, Converters, Frames, and Liners. All parts contribute to Pinocchio's Physical Damage Defense, but each part is in charge of strengthening a group of defensive Stats that benefit Pinocchio greatly.

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Physical Damage Reduction in Lies of P

In Lies of P, players can observe three major damage mitigation stats that protect Pinocchio from harm. First is the Physical Damage Reduction. As the name implies it guards Pinocchio from physical types of attacks. A lot of Enemies, and even Bosses with different types of attacks, will deal physical damage in some way among its other attacks, thus it is worth paying attention to the physical damage reduction stat, especially for beginners. 

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Elemental Damage Reduction in Lies of P

Element Damage Reduction mitigates the damage dealt by elements in Lies of P. Players can observe Fire, Electric, and Acid as elements in the game. Each Elemental damage, when dealt consistently enough to Pinocchio, can cause Status Effects for him. Each Status Effect affects him differently and is recommended to be treated immediately.

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Status Ailment Resistance

Break, Shock, and Disruption are the three status effects so far that we have seen in the demo. Different Enemies in the world will have different attacks that might trigger these Status Effects, like puppets that throw shock bombs at you and traps that also give a shock to their surroundings. Stacked Elemental Damage will also build up toward the Decay, Electric Shock, and Overheat Status Effects.

For in-depth information on Status Effects and how to treat them, visit our page here.


As expected, your overall gear had a huge impact on Weight. It determines Pinocchio's rolling speed, and being overburdened will make you slower and have, running, sidestepping, and even attacking deplete more Stamina than usual. The more Weapons you equip, the more Weight Pinocchio gains. This is a staple design in the Soulslike genre. Balancing your weight is key if you are aiming for certain types of builds as it is not advisable to have the heaviest load as it affects your physical capabilities greatly. 



All Defense Parts in Lies of P

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Lies of P All Frames



Lies of P All Liners

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