Someone's Memory

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Item Costume
Type Outfit

Someone's Memory is an Outfit in Lies of P. The uniform from a renowned Krat boarding school exudes sophistication and dignity, having been worn by previous students. Outfits in Lies of P are cosmetic items, it is a category for Costumes that can be equipped by Pinocchio to alter his appearance. Outfits are sets of clothing that are inspired by different aspects such as original artwork, renditions of the fairytale, and more.


The uniform of a sophisticated and dignified boarding school. These clothes have been worn before. The uniform of a boarding school famous in Krat. The initial M is engraved on an elegant brooch.


Where to Find Someone's Memory in Lies of P

  • Upon arriving at Hotel Krat for the first time and the introduction with Sophia, head to the west wing of the hotel which seems to be a library. Inside, you'll find Antonia, the owner of Hotel Krat. Speak to her and she will give you the outfit Someone's Memory and you'll obtain the Show off Clothes gesture. Change your outfit and equip the gesture you just acquired. Use it in front of Antonia and you'll acquire x1 Vivid Ergo Fragment.


How to use Someone's Memory in Lies of P

  • Outfits in Lies of P are sets of clothing that modify the appearance of Pinocchio. It is purely cosmetic, and it does not alter the stats or provide any bonuses and effects to the character.
  • To equip an outfit, open the Items Menu and cycle to the Costumes tab to find all the available outfits. From there, you can select the outfit that you want Pinocchio to wear.


Someone's Memory Lies of P Notes & Tips

  • Lies of P Someone's Memory Gesture notes and tips go here.



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