Enemies in Lies of P features a compendium of hostile characters that players will encounter throughout the game. Enemies such as gritty creatures, humans, mystical beings, and mechanoids. By executing certain enemies, players can obtain various rewards such as experience points, items, and other resources that contribute to story progression or improves the player's stats and overall proficiency in combat. This page contains a list of all the available enemies featured in Lies of P, composed of their pages that contain helpful information, lore, location, and various guides on how to tackle each one.


Lies of P All Enemies

Note: (Some Names are not Confirmed)

Lies of P Puppet Enemies

  • Stop Sign Puppet
  • Police Baton Puppet (only two, won’t respawn)
  • Butler Puppet (normal; headless)
  • Dog Puppet (normal; saw blade dog)
  • Pistol Puppet
  • White Factory Puppet
  • Half factory puppet
  • Thermite throwing Puppet
  • Factory Puppet
  • Acid girl Puppet
  • Dual Shield Puppet
  • Flame Golem Puppet
  • Maid Puppet
  • Exploding Puppet
  • Rifleman Puppet
  • Baby Puppet
  • Flamethrower Puppet
  • Nothing up my hat Puppet (fire throwing; shock throwing)
  • Mad clown Puppet (won’t respawn)
  • Centurion Shock Puppet (tbd respawn) (drops LADA shock cartridge & tbd)
  • Break Juggling wine cellar Puppet (won’t respawn)
  • Exhibition mining Puppet

Lies of P Carcass Enemies

  • Undead Carcass (normal; weapon bearing)
    • Male
    • Female (drops more ergo than male carcass)
  • Dog Carcass
  • Tall Carcass (only in Path of Misery)
  • Bear Carcass (only in Path of Misery)
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood Guard Carcass
  • Path of Misery Miniboss Carcass
  • Fat claw Carcass (can drop chain)
  • Decay throwing Carcass
  • Decay spewing Carcass
  • Juggernaut Carcass (drops Legion Caliber)
  • Bandage Sword Carcass
  • Weakling exploding Carcass
  • Hulking Carcass
  • Victor

Lies of P Stalkers

  • Mad Donkey
  • Survivor
  • White Lady
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood



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