Quests in Lies of P are the different tasks and missions that players complete in the game. Quests are usually divided into two types, the Main Quests which focus on completing the tasks that are inclined with the main campaign of the game, while Side Quests are the missions that are acquired in certain ways such as interacting with an NPC and accepting their requests or triggering certain events and conditions. Completing a Main or Side Quest often rewards the player with Experience Points, Resources, Unique Items, and unlocking more content in the game such as other quests, new areas to explore, combat mechanics, and more. This page features all of the Quests available in Lies of P. For a list of all the Lie or Truth Dialogues, please visit our Lie System page.

Stargazers in Lies of P

Stargazers are the equivalent of Bonfires in the Souls games. Using a Stargazer will fully recover the player character's HP and Stamina, as well as charge their Pulse Cells. They also act as a revive point for whenever the player dies. When interacting with a Stargazer, any previously defeated enemy will be revived.

stargazer tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

After activating a Stargazer, players can freely teleport between each activated Stargazer, allowing them to travel quickly between the game's locations. Any events or NPCs at a Stargazer's location will be noted when hovering over it in the teleport menu.

teleport to another stargazer tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Cryptic Vessels

While running around Krat, players will sometimes find Cryptic Vessels. These items are encrypted storage devices shaped like metal cylinders. When taken to Venigini, Cryptic Vessels can be encrypted to find clues on where to find rare items hidden around Krat.

cryptic vessel tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

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Lies of P All Quests

Find my Baby

lie8 system lies of p wiki guide min min min

Locate the Weeping Woman's child and bring it back to her.

Find my Partner

belle quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Find the whereabouts of Belle's partner and lover.

Find my Wife's Belongings

julian quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Julian the Gentleman locate his late wife's items.


Return the Archbishop's Holy Mark

cecile quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Sister Cecile be at peace.

The Actress in the Opera House

adelina 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Adelina quench her thirst.

The Bottle of La Bleiwies

old lady wine quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Deliver a special wine bottle to the Old Lady at the Window.


The Broken Puppet

broken puppet 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Practice emotions with the Broken Puppet.

Toma's Request

toma quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Toma play and remember the game he loved.

Venigni's Request: The Missing Butler

venignis's request 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Reunite Venigni with his butler Pulcinella.

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    • Anonymous

      I'm on chapter 5 and all quest rewards so far seems to be so dissapointing. You get like 500 souls consumable, worth doing only for achievement. Even accessories/attire as a reward would be cooler

      • Anonymous

        guys yall are missing an npc, its in via rose isabelee, idk why nobody talk about this npc. im still trying to fifgure it out where he/she is. the startgazer say that thers another npc there and it popped out when i killed Laxiasa.

        • Anonymous

          FS should learn from these devs. Having quests shown next to bonfire is so fcking good. Finally you can complete every quest without wondering if you've missed anything. And there is still some mystery because it doesn't show pinpoint location. Thank you Neowiz.

          • Anonymous

            If you defeat the archbishop before completing the relevant side quest the nun will attack you the next time you go to her and will not give you your reward

            • Anonymous

              You can use the Ring later as evidence that a Puppet can love a human when Polendina asks later in the game, after defeating the King of Puppets.

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