Locations in Lies of P feature the many zones and areas that players can explore in the game. In Lies of P, the player takes on the role of Pinocchio and travels around the city of Krat. It is set in a Belle Époque Era in Europe around the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century. The city of Krat was once a beautiful place but has now become lost and turned into a living hell that is filled with unspeakable horrors due to a deadly plague. Krat is featured as a grim city where multiple automatons now roam almost every part of the center, from the streets, rooftops, alleyways, and within buildings.

As you traverse your way through Krat, you will discover various locales, meet NPCs, encounter Enemies and Bosses, and discover various secrets, as well as critical points of interest that will help you through your gameplay. This page covers a list of all the available locations and/or dungeons that can be explored in Lies of P.


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Krat is the main city where Lies of P is set. Krat was once described as a lively and beautiful city that was always bustling with commerce. But when a deadly plague started to spread throughout Krat, it turned into a lost city and a living hell that is filled with unspeakable horrors. Now, Krat is a dark and dangerous city filled with deadly automatons and criminals looking to dominate the weak and kill anyone who crosses their path.


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Lies of P All Stargazers


Area V

Area VI

Area VII



Area X

Area XI

  • Black Seaside
  • Arche Abbey Entrance
  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall
  • Arche Abbey Broken Rift
  • Arche Abbey Prayer Room
  • Ascension Bridge
  • Arche Abbey Upper Part - Inside
  • Arche Abbey Upper Part - Internal Bridge
  • Arche Abbey Cradle of the Gods
  • Under the Abyss




Lies of P Exploration Guide

Stargazers in Lies of P

Stargazers are the equivalent of Bonfires in the Souls games. Using a Stargazer will fully recover the player character's HP and Stamina, as well as charge their Pulse Cells. They also act as a revive point for whenever the player dies. When interacting with a Stargazer, any previously defeated enemy will be revived.

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After activating a Stargazer, players can freely teleport between each activated Stargazer, allowing them to travel quickly between the game's locations. Any events or NPCs at a Stargazer's location will be noted when hovering over it in the teleport menu.

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Lies of P Cryptic Vessels

While running around Krat, players will sometimes find Cryptic Vessels. These items are encrypted storage devices shaped like metal cylinders. When taken to Venigini, Cryptic Vessels can be encrypted to find clues on where to find rare items hidden around Krat.

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Dimensional Butterflies in Lies of P

Occasionally, players will find a Dimensional Butterfly when exploring different parts of Krat. Monad's Lam can detect the butterfly, lighting up red to point out its location.

Dimensional Butterflies will appear when the player approaches their hiding place. They can be defeated to get useful materials. Take too long to do so, however, and the butterfly will run away, disappearing into another dimension.

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Record in Lies of P

Records can be obtained naturally while playing the game. Any records you find can be played by using the gramophone at the hotel. When the player character listens to a Record, they will gain Humanity. Please visit the Collectibles page to find a list of all Records.

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Gold Coin Trees in Lies of P

A large golden tree can be found in Lies of P. This Gold Coin Tree can be harvested for Gold Coin Fruit at set times in the day. It remains a mystery what these Gold Coin Fruits are used for, but the tree itself can be encouraged to grow by using boosters.

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Lies of P Saintess of Mercy Statue

You can do a system reset using the Saintess of Mercy statue. Gold Coin Fruit can be consumed to reset your level / P-OrganLegion Arms. The more times you reset, the more Gold Coin Fruit is required.

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Increasing Merchant Supply in Lies of P

Krat Supply Boxes are items made by the Krat City Hall for relief. You'll be able to find various types of these boxes while exploring. Bring them to Polendina at the hotel, and he will offer more items on sale based on the type of box you bring back.

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Similar to Krat Supply Boxes, Vengini Collection Boxes can be found while exploring Lies of P. These boxes are handed over to Pulcinella at the hotel instead to increase their wares.

vegini collection tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Lock Devices

Running back to your Death Ergo every time you are defeated can get old pretty fast in a souls-like game like Lies of P. Luckily, there are shortcuts present in the game in the form of locked gates and ladders. When you reach the devices used to control these gates and ladders, they can be activated to unlock their corresponding shortcuts.

lock device tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

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