Combat for Lies of P indicates the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game, this includes interactions, movement, and combat. NEOWIZ Games and Round8 Studio's Lies of P is an action Souls-like game and its core gameplay is, without a doubt, familiar to Souls fans and to those who have played a "Souls" game since it features the basic combat logistics while adding new combat features that make Lies of P stand on its own two feet. This page covers various information on all of the combat mechanics and tips that you should know for Lies of P.



Lies of P Game Features

Lies of P is an action souls-like game set in a cruel, dark Belle Époque world where all of humanity is lost in a once beautiful city that has now become a living hell filled with unspeakable horrors — the anticipated game, Lies of P, offers an elegant world filled with tension, a deep combat system, and a gripping story.

  • A Dark Fairytale Retold: The timeless tale of Pinocchio has been reimagined with dark and striking visuals. Set in the fallen city of Krat, Pinnochio desperately fights to become human against all odds.
  • Visual Concept: The city of Krat was inspired by the Belle Époque Era in Europe (late 19th Century to the early 20th Century) and is the epitome of a collapsed city bereft of prosperity.
  • 'Lying' Quests and Multiple Endings: Experience interconnected procedural quests that play out depending on how you lie. These choices will then affect how the story ends.
  • Weapon-Making System: You can combine weapons in a multitude of ways to create something new altogether. Research to find the best combinations and make something truly special.
  • Special Skill System: With Pinocchio being a doll, you can change parts of his body to gain new skills and hopefully an edge in battle. But not all of the enhancements are for fighting though, they can also provide several other unique and useful features.


 Lies of P Combat Guide


Basic Combat Overview
Weapon Assembly
Legion Arms
P-Organ System
Defense Parts
Status Effects


Basic Combat Overview

Lies of P: Basic Combat Features

Lies of P features the basic combat mechanics such as the normal attacks with a bladed weapon, Pinocchio can block incoming attacks where you take less damage or if guarding at the right time triggers a perfect guard that doesn't inflict any damage and with a high possibility of destroying the enemy's weapon. Each weapon type such as a light or heavy weapon will trigger different moves whereas Pinocchio can execute a flurry of attacks or swing heavy blows when wielding a large weapon. In this section, we will be exploring basic combat mechanics, and the majority of it was derived from staple Souls Combat design with minor differences.

Equipping Weapons in Lies of P

Players can swap between two equipped weapons from the Weapon slots Menu. Press Right on the D-Pad to switch between them.

equip weapon tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Each Weapon has a distinct Blade and Handle with their own unique Fable Arts. Fable Arts can be considered the game's Weapon Skills. They use up Fable Slots, with each art using up varying amount of slots. Players can recover Fable Slots by continuously attack enemies with their Weapons.

fable arts tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Pulse Cells in Lies of P

Pulse Cells replenish Pinocchio's health. Take it as your Flask of the Crimson Tears from Elden Ring or Vials from Bloodborne. In Lies of P, there's a clever way to restock this restorative item. Dealing consecutive attacks to targets will charge your Pulse Cells. Upon completely filling the Pulse Cell's Charge Gauge, players will be able to produce one Pulse Cell. At the start of the game, players are allowed to stock up with three Pulse Cells which later on can be improved by exploring the P-Organ System.

pulse cell tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Locking On Targets in Lies of P

We cannot stress how important this is in Lies of P. Locking on to targets will give players a focused point of view against targets and enable players to fix their attack direction onto their desired target. This is one of the best strategies when dealing with regular enemies, especially when fighting bosses. 

On Xbox, click the Right Stick to toggle Lock On & Off. Players can switch their Lock On target by moving the Right Stick while it's pressed down.

lock on tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Basic Attack Combinations

In Lies of P, pressing the normal attack continuously, Pinocchio will do a basic attack combination, effective in dealing successive hits to targets. Charge attacks on the other hand are hard-hitting blows that can stagger enemies and quickly raise their Groggy Points (Stagger Points in Souls). It is worth noting that Dash and Roll Attacks are also available in the game making combat fluid and accessible especially for Soulsborne veterans.

Dying in Lies of P

Whenever the player dies, they will drop all their Ergo on the spot they died on. Interacting with their Death Ergo will allow players to reclaim their lost Ergo. If you are killed before being able to retrieve your Death Ergo, the amount of Ergo you can recover decreases.

death ergo tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

When dying in a boss room, the Death Ergo can be found at the entrance to the boss arena instead of at the exact place the player character died at.

upon dying in the boss area tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Specters in Lies of P

Before fighting a boss, you will have the opportunity to summon a Specter by using a Star Fragment at the Crack's Calling next to the boss arena. These Specters will help you fight the boss in combat, and will disappear after you've vanquished the boss.

specter tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Fatal Attacks In Lies of P

Fatal Attacks are usually strong attack combinations that can be executed when an enemy is completely staggered. Bloodborne and Dark Souls players know this as Visceral Attack or a Critical Strike. It is a solid strategy in Lies of P to stack inflict Groggy points to enemies and stagger them ultimately and deal with Fatal Attacks. Groggy/Stagger points can stack up if Pinocchio continuously deals multiple hits or charge attacks to his enemies or Perfect Blocking enemy attacks on the other hand. Lastly, Fatal Attacks perform the same as backstabs.

Face a Staggered Enemy then press Right Bumper on an Xbox controller to perform a Fatal Attack.

fatal attack tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Groggy Status & Stagger in Lies of P

Groggy Status, also known as Stagger, is an indicator that an enemy can be staggered. When the Groggy Status procs, the enemy's HP bar will flash with a white border, signaling players that this certain enemy is ready to be staggered right at this point. As previously mentioned, to stagger enemies, Pinocchio should inflict his target with a Charge Attack and watch his targets be staggered and be opened to Fatal Attacks.

staggerable tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Sneak Attacks in Lies of P

Sneaking and Back Stabs are still viable strategies in Lies of P. Like in Souls games, players can sneak past their enemies and perform a Back Stab. This a solid strategy if you want to clear out enemies one at a time and save you the hassle of getting overwhelmed. Enemy placement is Lies of P are represented decently however, expect multiple enemies stationed at key points, keeping their player on their toes.

Humanity Points & Lie System

Lies of P is inspired by the familiar story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet given life by the Blue Fairy, and Pinocchio who learns that he must not tell lies or he will suffer the consequence of his nose growing in length as he continues to lie. Since Lies of P is a re-envisioning of Pinocchio's story, it's no surprise that the game will feature a Lie System that will play an important role throughout your overall gameplay.

It is still yet to confirm how exactly the Lie System will work in Lies of P, however, developers NEOWIZ has given some insight that the player's actions and choice of answers in dialogues will contribute to the Lie System. A good example is when you are given a choice to answer in a conversation. As showcased in a gameplay video, it shows Pinocchio approaching a hotel entrance and is asked "Who are you?". Pinocchio is then given a timed choice to answer truthfully or simply lie.

By choosing to lie, Pinocchio gains Humanity Points which rack up and affect the outcome of Pinocchio's story, thus, having multiple endings in the game. Apart from that, your choice of telling the truth or lying will simply change Pinocchio's interaction with NPCs, the type of enemies he will encounter, and what seems to be even more that will affect the player's gameplay experience.

Humanity Effect in Lies of P

It is speculation at this point that the higher the Humanity Points that Pinocchio has, the more added bonus stats he can attain. Lies of P is heavily inspired by Soulsborne games and the majority of its mechanics are derived from the same staple designs. In Dark Souls, the higher the player's humanity points are the more raw stats that the player can have. If this can be observed as well in Lies of P, this will be a great advantage in combat, as more stats are always welcome. Pinocchio will surely perform better in combat in general and conquer his adversaries.

Guarding & Perfect Guards in Lies of P

Players can block enemy attacks by pressing the Left Bumper on an Xbox to guard. On a successful Guard, players will be able to take reduced damage at the expense of some Stamina. The amount of damage mitigated will become Guard Regain, and while players have Guard Regain, attacking enemies will gradually recover HP. Guard Regain will be lost over time.

guard tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Perfect Guarding in Lies of P is one of the best strategies for fending off attacks. Sekiro players know it as Perfect Parries. To perform a Perfect Guard, players must time their guards to block an attack right before it is about to hit. In Lies of P, Perfect Guards will only consume stamina and not damage the player if they manage to execute it. However, the is one big caveat to this. A high skill ceiling is required to master the timings of Perfect Guards, especially for beginners. Grasping this skill will give anyone huge advantages against regular enemies and bosses as Perfect Guards breaks enemy weapons in Lies of P, protects Pinocchio from Fury Attacks, and make enemies Groggy/Staggerable.

perfect guard tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Dodging in Lies of P

Another way to avoid enemy attacks is by dodging. This can be done by pressing B on an Xbox Controller. While not Locked On to an enemy, pressing B will cause the player character to dash in the direction they are going to, whereas while targeting a specific enemy, the player character will perform a dodge action, continuing to face their target as they do so.

dodging tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Fury Attacks in Lies of P

Sekiro players will find this familiar as players are unable to guard normally from Fury Attacks or dodge them. Fury Attacks will make them glow with a reddish aura, a distinctive way of presenting this type of attack. They cannot be guarded without a Perfect Guard, and dodge invincibility frames will not work on them. You can avoid these attacks by staying out of their area of effect entirely, or by utilizing Perfect Guards.

fury attack tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Weapon Durability

One of Lies of P's unique combat mechanics is Weapon Durability. Each hit with a weapon will decrease it's durability. A weapon with low durability will have it's attack lowered, and at zero durability, the weapon will break completely. Durability can be restored using a Grinder, but after a weapon breaks, it cannot be restored. Keep an eye on the durability gauge to avoid breaking your weapons.

weapon durability tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Special Grindstones can be equipped through the Stargazer or through Venigni. These grindstones grant your weapon special effects when used, but can only be used once before it needs to be refreshed again, either through reviving or visiting a Stargazer.

special grindstone tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Advantages of Belts in Lies of P

Belts can be effectively utilized in combat. Players can have instant access to their set items in their belts anytime they wish to use them. In the heat of battle, it is not advisable to go through your bag and use items. Thus, belts are the perfect solution to this. It is worth noting that Throwables, lanterns, and augmenting items can be set in Pinocchio's Belt.

use belt tutorial combat lies of p wiki guideuse an item from the extra bag tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Levelling up in Lies of P

The first time you encounter a Stargazer in Lies of P, you will have the opportunity to Level Up using Ergo, increasing your chosen stats. After you reach the hotel, Sophia will take care of levelling you up.

level up tutorial 2 combat lies of p wiki guidelevel up tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Managing Weight in Lies of P

Each piece of Equipment equipped will increase the the player character's carry weight. As the weight of your equipped items increases, Movement speed and Stamina recovery is decreased. Reach you weight limit, and your speed is drastically reduced. Weight Capacity can be increased when levelling up to increase the weight limit of items you equip.

manage weight tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Weapon Assemble

What is Weapon Assemble?

Lies of P features a weapon-making system for Pinocchio's main weapon which allows full customization similar to Pinocchio's nature of being a customizable mechanoid puppet. In Lies of P, Pinocchio wields a weapon that is divided into two components, the Blade and the Handle. As you explore the city of Krat, players will discover various Weapons which can then be dismantled and combined with other blades or handles. So how do Weapons exactly work in Lies of P? You will find different weapons, by default, which are already combined as a singular instrument. For example, the Last Honor, a heavy sword that features its designated Blade and Handle — and this can be dismantled and you can swap out its blade or handle to combine it with another handle or blade.

combat 5 lies of p wiki guide min

By doing so, there will be endless combinations for changing the weapon's name, weapon stats, attack behavior, and Fable Arts (Weapon Skills). Not only that, but you can also upgrade each blade or handle to fully max out its statistical values. It also has the basic feature we come to know of in other Souls-like games where you will need to resharpen a weapon to replenish its effectiveness when attacking enemies.

Blades and Handles can be acquired from different locations across the City of Krat. Players can get new weapon sets from the Wandering Merchant who moves with Pinocchio as he progresses to new locations and checkpoints in the game. On the other hand, players can enhance Blades and  with moonstone salter Handles by speaking to Eugenie Cranks in Hotel Krat. Weapon Assemble can be accessed via Stargazers (checkpoints, similar to Sites of Grace in Elden Ring), and on the other hand, players can switch weapons for Pinocchio to equip via the Character Options Menu on the fly. 

Altering Weapon Handles in Lies of P

Like other Weapon upgrades, Eugenie Cranks can be spoken to to alter weapon handles. Each Handle's properties are upgraded based on the player character's default abilities. Handle alteration will upgrade the properties and grade of a handle one time for each alteration. If you do not like the stats given by an alteration, the upgrade can be reset with a Balanced Crank.

alter handle tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide


Fable Arts in Lies of P

Each weapon in Lies of P will also include its Fable Art. Fable Arts in Lies of P are similar to the Ashes of War in Elden Ring, a weapon that you find will have a unique weapon skill that is bound to that weapon. Fable Arts consists of unique moves or skills one when Pinocchio draws out his weapon or when upon guarding. The use of Fable Arts requires a certain number of Fable Slots which is the equivalent of an MP bar. There are two types of Fable Arts on each weapon in Lies of P. First is Blade's Fable Art, Art that corresponds to offensive skills with distinctive attack animations.

combat 11 lies of p wiki guide min

Second is the Handle's, Fable Art. This type of Fable Art resembles defensive buffs that Pinocchio can take advantage of in combat. Mixing and matching Blades and Handles will diversify the players' experience as possible combinations in the game are almost limitless. Players can tailor their weapons according to their builds and maximize their potential.

Where to Upgrade Weapons in Lies of P?

Blades in Lies of P can be upgraded for more raw stats. The more the blade grows, the stronger the Pinocchio becomes. The noticeable strength difference between upgrades makes it compelling and rewarding. But how and where can players upgrade their weapons? When Pinocchio arrives at Hotel Krat, your main hub in the game, Eugenie, an NPC who specializes in weapon types and upgrades will be introduced to Pinocchio. Interactive with her will allow players to upgrade their weapons and even produce more Legion Arms.

combat 6 lies of p wiki guide min

What are Moonstones in Lies of P?

Moonstones are general currencies in Lies of P that are being used to upgrade Blades to increase their stats. On the other hand, it is expected, the upgrade system of Blades follows the original weapon upgrades of Souls games. And judging from this perspective, players will have the chance to get Moonstones from monster drops, NPC Quests rewards, or in-game merchants. It is worth noting that there are several types of Moonstones and as the upgrade reaches higher stages, it will also require much rarer Moonstones.

combat 3 lies of p wiki guide min

Types of Fable Arts in Lies of P

Fable Arts or weapon skills in Lies of P is one of the major determining factors when building Pinocchio. As Soulsborne fans, weapon skills are the ones that we focus on, as the majority of the player's playstyle will be determined by the said weapon skills. Thus paying attention to each Fable Art's strengths and weaknesses is a must to make the best out of character builds. User preferences play a major role as well. Choosing the weapon skills that they find appealing based on the Fable Art's animations and executions is one of the enjoyable activities in Lies of P.

combat 4 lies of p wiki guide min

As previously mentioned, There are two types of Fable Arts that a weapon set has. Blades do have offensive abilities like Storm Slash which slashes an enemy in front of Pinocchio multiple times. While Handle Fable Arts usually provides added buffs to Pinocchio like the Fable Art Concentration which provides a temporary attack buff to him. On the other hand, Handles does not only provide buff-type Fable Arts. Some handles have offensive abilities as well ergo, it is possible to have two types of offensive Fable Arts in combat.

Legion Arms

Legion Arms in Lies of P

One of the unique weapons used by Pinocchio in Lies of P is his left prosthetic arm called Legion Arm. Legion Arms in Lies of P might remind you of Sekiro's Prosthetic Arm and Tools in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but Pinocchio's prosthetic arm delivers a simplistic yet impactful tool when it comes to combat. According to NEOWIZ and as stated in a tweet on their official Twitter account (@Liesofp), the game will feature over 5 Legion Arms which feature different combat mechanics and effects when used. Players will need to explore various areas within Krat to find secrets, open vaults, and even defeat certain Bosses to acquire a new Legion Arm.

combat 10 lies of p wiki guide min

From executing a powerful strike — to charging and releasing a short-range electric shock that briefly stuns enemies, a flamethrower arm that allows Pinocchio to burn enemies that are caught within the flame, transforming Pinocchio's left arm into a mini cannon that shoots out an explosive cannon shell that burrows into the enemy and eventually explodes, as well as a Legion Arm that allows Pinocchio to shoot out a wire (just like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat), providing Pinocchio the ability to pull enemies towards him or fly towards the enemy.

The Legion Arm is surely a unique weapon for Pinocchio to use in combat and gives the character justice for being a customizable mechanoid puppet. It is important to note that each Legion Arm can be upgraded by using a material called Quenching Stones, and by doing so, upgrading a Legion Arm will unlock more effects, increased stats, and additional abilities. And of course, equipping a certain Legion Arm will temporarily modify Pinocchio's stats such as improving his attributes and adding more weight to his frame.

Crafting & Modifying Legion Arms

The Legion Arms are complex machines that have huge potential.  Like Sekiro's Prosthetic tools, players will have the freedom to change the parts of their Prosthetics. Each part corresponds to special attributes that further enhance a specific type of Prosthetic. For example, adding new capabilities to it such as elemental damage or turning the Prosthetic status ailment-inducing tool. Each Prosthetic Tool evolves because of the said upgrades and we can expect the same will be cascaded in Lies of P.

lie10 system lies of p wiki guide min min min

To craft new Legion Arms, player will need to find Legion Plugs. These items can be taken to the Vegini Craft Machine to craft a new arm. To modify the effects and capabilities of a Legion arm, players will have to use Legion Calibers at the same place.

craft modify legion arm tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Legion Arms That We Know So Far

combat 7 lies of p wiki guide min

Left Arm of Steel


The basic Legion Arm of Pinocchio and players will have this Arm at the start of the game. A classic and stylish arm despite its overall provided bonus. Upon use, Pinocchio will throw a hard-hitting punch capable of decent damage. Beginners will find this Legion Arm hard to use due to its long wind-up time however, veteran souls players can find the joy of using it.

" Left-hand parts made with exquisite detail. They do not have special powers. Geppetto's name is faintly engraved on them."


combat 8 lies of p wiki guide

Puppet String


Puppet String is my Legion Arm of choice in Lies of P. A strong grappling hook attached to Pinocchio's arm is capable of staggering and wiring or pulling enemies towards Pinocchio and finishing enemies with normal attack combinations. On the other hand, players can activate a link by pressing the normal attack button after the hook hits the enemy.

" Stalkers devised a tool that increases their mobility during combat with puppets. The wire instantly narrows the distance between one and one's enemy, but it cannot guarantee one's safety afterward. "


combat 9 lies of p wiki guide min



A strong and deadly Legion Arms that charges a point-blank shock explosion toward enemies. The longer player charges this Arm, the more damage it can bring to the table. Not only the target will suffer heavy damage, but also be inflicted with Shock. Shock status further increases the damage received by the enemy thus the Fulminis provide indeed a deadly combination.

" Lightning has been interpreted's God's authority and fury since ancient times. Now, God's fury descends to the earth and is being used to destroy steel monsters. "


P-Organ System

What is the P-Organ System?

The P-Organ in Lies of P is an upgrade system that enhances stats and grants effects for Pinocchio. It has various categories, like strengthening the Pulse Cell, expanding Fable Slots, granting Quick Recovery, and more. On each node, players can select an empty slot and choose abilities from their pool. Socketing skills require Quartz currency. Once all slots are filled, players unlock the general bonus ability or skill of the selected node. The system allows players to take advantage of the P-Organ's higher Phases to gain better or stronger skills once they fully unlock at least two nodes of a certain phase.

p organ4 lies of p wiki guide min

On each node, selecting an empty slot, various effects and abilities will be shown. These abilities are categorized under Attack, Survival, Ability, and Item Type. Players can select two types of abilities within their pool and socket them on each node. It is worth noting that socketing a skill requires a currency called Quartz. When two abilities have been socketed, the general bonus ability or skill of the node you selected will be unlocked as well. Equipping Quartz in all slots of a single group will grant the player the group's synergy effect. 

How To Access The P-Organ System

Once players emerge victorious in the battle against the Scrapped Watchman located in Krat City Hall, they will soon come across Gepetto's workshop, situated on the second floor of Hotel Krat. Players can access the P-Organ System by interacting with Gepetto's specially designed-chair once the dialogue concludes.

p organ9 lies of p wiki guide min

What is Quartz in Lies of P?

A special stone and one of the rarest materials in Lies of P. The general use of Quartz falls under the abilities that you socket on each node in the P-Organ system. Due to its rarity, players should pick carefully which abilities they would want to add to their builds when unlocking slots in the P-Organ System.

p organ10 lies of p wiki guide min

Item Type

Item Type abilities are versatile and useful for players who want to improve their overall gameplay experience. These abilities provide enhancements to Pinocchio's item capacity, allowing players to carry more items and be better prepared for any situation.

p organ12 lies of p wiki guide min

Attack Type Abilities

Pinocchio possesses various ability types that can aid him in combat. One of these is the Attack Type Abilities, which consists of a range of skills that can enhance his offensive capabilities. These abilities can help him deal greater damage to his enemies and gain an edge in battles. For instance, some Attack Type Abilities can improve Pinocchio's charge attacks, making them faster, stronger, or more effective. Other abilities can increase the duration of an enemy's "Groggy" state, which is when they are temporarily stunned and vulnerable to attacks. In addition, some abilities can boost Pinocchio's fatal attacks, making them more deadly and efficient in taking down enemies.

p organ5 lies of p wiki guide min

Survival Type

Of utmost importance to Pinocchio's success in combat are the Survival Types, a set of advanced skills that can greatly enhance his Guarding abilities and speed up his recovery time. These skills can also increase the amount of Fuel Cells Charge he receives after a successful Fatal Attack, thereby improving his overall performance. For beginners, mastering the Survival Types is a crucial step towards survival in combat, as it allows for quick charging of Fuel Cells, reducing the risk of running out of energy mid-battle. With the ability to rapidly charge Fuel Cells, Pinocchio's survivability is significantly increased, making him a formidable opponent even in the most challenging of battles.

p organ11 lies of p wiki guide min

Ability Type

By adopting Ability types such as Perfect Guard and Charge Attack, players can refine their general combat skills and become more formidable opponents. These types of abilities can enhance Pinocchio's gameplay by reducing the stamina consumption of your combat moves, leading to higher damage per second. With these enhancements, you'll be able to seamlessly integrate your abilities into your playstyle, allowing you to confidently take on even the toughest adversaries.

p organ7 lies of p wiki guide min


Defense Parts

What are Defense Parts in Lies of P?

Soulslikes nowadays mostly categorize sets with staple armor pieces such as helms or headpieces for the character's head protection, Armors or chest pieces that protect the upper body, gauntlets or guards to protect the wearer's arms, and lastly, leg armors or greaves that protect the character's feet. In Lies of P, instead of following these staple designs, Pinocchio's armor sets are presented as parts.

This is something unique and refreshing to Lies of P. They could've used clothes as well since Lies of P sets in the Victorian Era. But instead, they followed the theme by heart by setting parts as general protective wears that players can take advantage of.

Status Ailment Resistance

Break, Shock, and Disruption are examples of Status Effects that appear in-game. The most common status ailment at early game is Shock, normal puppets throw shock bombs at you and traps also give a shock to their surroundings. Some parts will have resistances to various Status Ailments, making it more difficult for enemies to inflict the corresponding status ailment onto you.

Physical Damage Reduction in Lies of P

In Lies of P, players can observe three major damage mitigation stats that protects Pinocchio from harm. First is the Physical Damage Reduction. As the name implies it guards Pinocchio from physical types of attacks. In our opinion as Soulslike fanatics, 80% of enemies deal physical damage thus it is worth paying attention to physical damage reduction stat, especially for beginners.

defense parts2 lies of p wiki guide

Elemental Damage Reduction

Element Damage Reduction mitigates the damage dealt by elements in Lies of P. In the recent demo that we managed to try firsthand, players can observe Fire, Electric, and Acid as elements in the game. Even though we're not able to see how acid plays out in the demo, it is interesting enough to be one of the basic elements in Lies of P. Peculiar, but thrilling.  

defense parts3 lies of p wiki guide

Status Ailment Resistance

Break, Shock, and Disruption are the three status effects so far that we have seen in the demo. The most common status ailment at least in the demo is Shock, normal puppets throw shock bombs at you and traps also give a shock to their surroundings. It is unclear for now if these are the only types of status ailments in Lies of P. Lies of P has a huge potential and we can't wait to see more.


Defense Parts Guide for Lies of P

Status Effects

Decay in Lies of P

Decay occurs when Acid damage builds up. It is a Status effect that can be inflicted on both the player and enemies. When inflicted with Decay, Acid damage taken is increased and the player takes continuous Weapon Durability and Acid Damage. An enemy inflicted with Decay will take more Destruction damage.

decay tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Corruption

Corruption occurs when Corruption builds up. Corruption is a DoT Status Effect - when inflicted with Corruption, the player character's HP is continuously drained.

corruption tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Disruption in Lies of P

Disruption occurs when Disruption damage builds up. This status ailment is especially lethal, as letting the Disruption gauge fill up will instantly kill the player character.

disruption tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Shock

When in Shock, the player character's Stamina recovery is decreased. 

shock tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Electric Shock in Lies of P

Electric Shock occurs when Electric Blitz damage builds up. It is a Status effect that can be inflicted on both the player and enemies. When inflicted with Electric Shock, damage taken by Electric Blitz and Physical damage is increased. Additionally, the player character will receive continuous Fable slot damage, while enemies will experience increased Stagger damage.

electric shock tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Overheat in Lies of P

Overheat occurs when Fire damage builds up. It is a Status effect that can be inflicted on both the player and enemies. When inflicted with Overheat, you will take increased Fire damage and receive continuous Fire damage. Additionally, the player character's Guard Regain recovery amount will decrease, and enemy HP recovery is stunted.

overheat tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Break

When under the effects of Break, the player restores less health when using Pulse Cells.

break tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide


Stargazers in Lies of P

Stargazers are the equivalent of Bonfires in the Souls games. Using a Stargazer will fully recover the player character's HP and Stamina, as well as charge their Pulse Cells. They also act as a revive point for whenever the player dies. When interacting with a Stargazer, any previously defeated enemy will be revived.

stargazer tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

After activating a Stargazer, players can freely teleport between each activated Stargazer, allowing them to travel quickly between the game's locations. Any events or NPCs at a Stargazer's locations will be noted when hovering over it in the teleport menu.

teleport to another stargazer tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Cryptic Vessels

While running around Krat, players will sometimes find Cryptic Vessels. These items are encrypted storage devices shaped like metal cylinders. When taken to Venigini, Cryptic Vessels can be encrypted to find clues on where to find rare items hidden around Krat.

cryptic vessel tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Dimensional Butterflies in Lies of P

Occasionally, players will find a Dimensional Butterfly when exploring different parts of Krat. Monad's Lam can detect the butterfly, lighting up red to point out it's location.

Dimensional Butterflies will appear when the player approaches their hiding place. They can be defeated to get useful materials. Take too long to do so, however, and the butterfly will run away, disappearing into another dimension.

dimensional butterfly tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Record in Lies of P

Record can be obtained naturally while playing the game. Any records you find can be played by using the gramophone at the hotel. When the player character listens to a Record, they will gain Humanity.

play records tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Gold Coin Trees in Lies of P

A large golden tree can be found in Lies of P. This Gold Coin Tree can be harvested for Gold Coin Fruit at set times in the day. It remains a mystery what these Gold Coin Fruits are used for, but the tree itself can be encouraged to grow by using boosters.

gold coin tree tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Saintess of Mercy Statue

You can do a system reset using the Saintess of Mercy statue. Gold Coin Fruit can be consumed to reset your level / P-Organ/ Legion Arms. The more times you reset, the more Gold Coin Fruit is required.

saintess of mercy statue tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Increasing Merchant Supply in Lies of P

Krat Supply Boxes are items made by the Krat City Hall for relief. You'll be able to find various types of these boxes while exploring. Bring them to Polendina at the hotel, and he will offer more items on sale based on the type of box you bring back.

krat supply box tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Similar to Krat Supply Boxes, Vengini Collection Boxes can be found while exploring in Lies of P. These boxes are handed over to Pulcinella at the hotel instead to increase their wares.

vegini collection tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Lock Devices

Running back to your Death Ergo every time you are defeated can get old pretty fast in a soulslike game like Lies of P. Luckily, there are shortcuts present in the game in the form of locked gates and ladders. When you reach the devices used to control these gates and ladders, they can be activated to unlock their corresponding shortcuts.

lock device tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

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    • Anonymous

      I actually think that Lies Of P might be a little to easy. People are billing it as the hardest Souls Like on the market, but there are so many ways that you can break this game over your knee.

      Resistance stacking, deadly combos that can stagger any enemy super fast, ridiculously dmging hand crafted weapons, getting way to many charge cells by the end of the game to the point that you're not really worried about anything, and you get a gun arm that absolutely devastates enemies that scales as well as your weapons.

      Lies of P feels like Elden Ring without the very necessary endgame difficulty spike. You know the one as soon as reach endgame and you're like oooooh.

      That never happens here, it's just oh I already have this on lock and there isn't a single thing this game can throw at me that will change that.

      • Anonymous

        So is there a hidden posture gauge similar to Sekiro? If I manage to perfect block serval times will it make the boss more staggerable, or make it's health bar go white quicker? I wasn't a big fan of Sekiro and didn't realise this game had this kind of mechanic, expected it to be more like Bloodborne :)

        • I have seen a lot of people complain about how it is almost impossible to get a charge attack in with heavy weapons when Groggy Status procs. I carry the Salamander Dagger just for this purpose. It has a very quick charge attack which allows you to find an attack window even against quick enemies.

          • Anonymous

            Fury attack isnt quite right, you can totally dash away. Your iframes and standard block just wont work. Either perfect or run away.

            • Anonymous

              I feel like you cant compare the parry system to sekiro here, the window is not the same, if you try to tap spam block, its hard, the perfect window appears a little later into the animation, its not like sekiro where it works like half the time or somthing. Its press and hold a little. The dodging def feels different, there is some lag to the roll, even with the rapier, I cant roll spam like other souls game, feels tighter, like block system is rewarded more and easier.

              • Anonymous

                Any status effects life frostbite bleed or other things (I’m a Elden ring player and I need something to do until dlc)

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