Builds for Lies of P covers the many combinations of Equipment, Stats, Weapons, and Armor which features different types of playstyle and combat mechanics. The Builds page for Lies of P will only focus on PvE builds since the game (currently) does not feature Online Co-op. This page features the various builds formulated by the Fextralife Team and the community, and may not be reproduced without permission.


Lies of P Builds

Sawblade Slicer - LoP Build

Heavy Attacks, Stagger, Long Reach!



The Sawblade Slicer focuses on dealing steady stagger damage by charging a Heavy Attack from far away, and leaping towards the enemy to deal full stagger damage without the risk of getting hit during the charge up. Naturally, the charge attack itself does big damage and can be effectively used against normal enemies, and the Bone-Cutting Sawblade’s normal attack has a wide range that will kill normal enemies within your level in 2-3 hits.

The main source of damage for this build will come from the Fable Art, which the build gets its name from, Furious Slash. This Fable Art will rapidly slash and slice all enemies in an AOE in front of you 8 times, then deal a strong finishing blow that deals extra damage and stagger. This attack has massive potential damage, but it can be easily interrupted, leaving you with less Fable and not much damage dealt to the enemy. Thus, this Lies of P Build focuses on staggering the enemy and then instead of using a Fatal Attack, using this Fable Art to its maximum potential.


Dragonblade Dancer - LoP Build

Flashy, High Skill & Awesome Moveset



The Dragonblade Dancer Lies of P Build focuses on attacking quickly while elegantly dodging and parrying enemy attacks at the same time, which is done by correctly utilizing the different attack movesets of the Two Dragons Sword.

This Sword has a very mobile and unique play style thanks to the special basic attacks. Your Light Attack without directional input will stab and slash your enemy as expected, but moving left or right while attacking will rotate you around your target, allowing you to dodge some attacks and even get behind enemies while still dealing damage.

The Two Dragons Sword also has a special Heavy Attack. When tapped, you will gracefully slash at your enemy while dodging backwards, and away from their possible attack. Tapping again will lunge you back at the enemy, slashing them again. When you hold down the Heavy Attack, P spins the blade around him before a flicker animation appears. When released, it delivers a heavy downwards slice. Holding Heavy Attack again will charge another powerful attack slashing the enemy twice. 

For Fable Arts, the Handle has Wind of Swords: a ranged AOE blue wave of damage, and the Blade has Link Emergency Dodge: a 3 step Fable Arts starting with a dash, followed by a lunging stab, and ending with a powerful slash.

What many people will miss about this weapon is its hidden mechanic; the flash you see when charging the Heavy Attack is actually the timing for a perfect parry! When correctly timed, you will break the enemy’s stance and deliver a powerful counterattack. This will be one of the core aspects of the Dragonblade Dancer Build.




Stormsteel Templar - LoP Build Guide

A heavy hitting, elemental damage stagger build


The Stormsteel Templar is a heavy-hitting build that utilises the heavy stagger damage of the colossal Holy Sword of The Ark by applying Electric Shock on enemies. Applying Electric Shock will not do any damage over time, but instead increases the amount of Physical damage and Electric Blitz damage they take. It also makes enemies experience increased Stagger Damage, which makes it a fantastic pair with the Holy Sword of the Ark (HSA).

The Holy Sword of the Ark has the Fable Arts “Patient Smash” and “Alter”. Patient Smash will charge up a great overhead attack that deals good damage. Alter is more interesting as it extends the range of the Holy Sword of the Ark and decreases its stamina cost. This form is not temporary and only returns to its original shape if Alter is used again. Once used again, the sword will glow red, indicating that the next attack will be empowered.

In order to apply Electric Shock in this build, we need to have a source of Electric Blitz, of which we have a few. Our main source will be from the Legion Arm Fulminis; a Legion Arm which charges up a big electric shock that does decent damage and applies a ton of Electric Blitz. Our next source will be from the Electric Blitz Grindstone, which simply imbues Electric Blitz to the Holy Sword of the Ark. The last possible source of Electric Blitz is a consumable, the Throwing Cell. Using this consumable will throw the item, do a bit of damage, and apply Electric Blitz. This will usually apply Electric Shock within 2 uses.

The basic rotation of this Builds playstyle is to enter the battle with Alter activated, apply Electric Shock with any of the previous sources, slash away with that extra damage buff until the enemy is staggered, then after using a Fatal Attack alter back to normal in order to execute a charged heavy attack that will be empowered from Alter, and deal extra physical damage from Electric Shock. Then, repeat from the start whenever Electric Shock is not on the enemy.

Lethal Gambit - LoP Build

Dagger critical DPS with quick attacks



The Lethal Gambit Lies of P Build focuses on attacking quickly and overwhelming the enemy with huge DPS, as well as unexpected staggers that are unusual coming from a dagger weapon.

Our reasoning behind the combination of the Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade with the Wintry Rapier’s Handle is purely because of the matching attack types of stabbing, and the good moveset that the handle provides to the weapon. The main weakness of daggers is that they have an extremely short range, making the weapon type feel difficult to use and frustrating. A good example of this is the Master Chef’s Knife, a dagger where the heavy and normal attacks are of a short range and don’t move the character much closer to the target, making it easy to miss unless you are completely point blank. The Rapier Handle combats this disadvantage by offering the range that most daggers lack, making you step forward with every attack as you would expect from a Rapier weapon.

The Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade has been chosen as the dagger blade because of its unique 30% Critical Strike property. This dagger is probably the strongest in the game simply for this attack type, so we use it alongside the Rapier Handle to make a deadly combo. 

We will be using a Fable Art very often in this build called the “Grind” Fable Art on the Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade. This Fable Art increases our Critical Chance for 1 Fable Slot, boosting DPS to insane levels for very cheap. This allows us to build around constantly keeping this effect up by choosing specific P-Organ upgrades, while adding a Grindstone Effect to the weapon in order to further boost its damage, on top of an amulet which increases damage done for every attack you do for up to 4 attacks, overall giving explosive DPS for short periods of time which can be repeated easily thanks to the low cost of Grind.

Note that this build will have some super end-game components that will boost its damage considerably, but there are alternatives to what we use for the majority of the game that work very well regardless.



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    • Anonymous

      Honestly having a lot of fun with a block/perfect block counter-attack centered build using the Blind-Man's Double Sided Spear Handle heavy attacks paired with the Live Puppet Axe blade or any other high guard-reduction blade, and Aegis legion arm with the follow-up charge attack(final upgrade) and the fable-use parry(second upgrade).

      Building your P-Organ for Charge attack Stagger Damage and Guard Regain amount, and pairing it with the Destruction whetstone(Stagger Damage), you can stagger most things nearly effortlessly while taking very little guard damage that you nearly instantly regain from those moves being attacks with guard frames or just taking no damage at all if you have your Perfect Block timing down. Grabbing the Perfect Block Stiffen node in Phase 4 P-Organ makes this approach even sillier with giving you more openings to build Stagger with your Heavy Attacks or Break their Stagger with a block Charged Heavy. Building the Perfect Guard Destruction slots makes enemies and bosses that use actual weapons laughably easy by breaking them with little time or effort invested so you can focus on just bullying them with Staggers and taking even less Guard damage while crippling the range of their attacks.

      The only place this build/playstyle really falls short is dealing with rapid combo attacks and erratic attacks with almost no wind-up animation, but that can be mostly circumvented with Link Dodge node paired with the Dancer amulet for dodge spam even with an empty Stamina bar.

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