Game Progress Route for Lies of P covers a recommended progression path that focuses on the main campaign of Lies of P. The Game Progress Route page aims to deliver a summary of important points and factors of the game to avoid any missing aspects such as critical Locations, important NPCs, valuable Items, as well as significant encounters involving Enemies and Bosses. This page only contains an overview of the game's main campaign that will lead the player to reach the end of the game. For a detailed guide on fully completing each area or location that is featured in the game, please visit the Walkthrough page. For other helpful guides, you can visit the Endings page and endgame tips on our New Game Plus page.


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Lies of P Krat Central Station Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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Krat Central Station

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  1. Obtain Monad's Lamp
  2. Choose your Combat Memory
  3. Enter the Station
  4. Obtain Pulse Cells
  5. Obtain Workshop Union Lightweight Frame and Krat Central Station Main Entrance Key
  6. Reach Krat Central Station Plaza
  7. Interact with the Krat Central Station Plaza Stargazer
  8. Head towards the right of the plaza
  9. Reach the Circus
  10. Interact with the Cerasani Alley Stargazer
  11. Speak with the Wandering Merchant
  12. Defeat the Parade Master
  13. Obtain the Hidden Moonstone


When you start up a new game, you will be met with a short cutscene of a mysterious blue butterfly asking Pinocchio for help. After it ends, you will have control of Pinocchio within a train. Head forward into the next train car. On the ground ahead is a glowing lamp - Monad's Lamp. Pick it up using the controls shown to you on the left and the voice of the blue butterfly will introduce themselves as Sophia. She asks that you go find her at Hotel Krat and asks Gemini, the creature in the lamp to help direct you there.

Enter the next train car and interact with the bench of weapons at the far end. Here, you'll be able to choose your Combat Memory. The choices available here are Path of the Cricket: BalancePath of the Bastard: Dexterity, and Path of the Sweeper: Strength. After you've chosen, exit the train using the door on your right, and you'll find yourself at the Krat Central Station.

Turn left as you exit the train and start heading forwards towards the train benches. Up ahead will be your first enemy, an Officer-looking puppet. Defeat it and you'll find another one slumped by some boxes on the left. After dealing with both enemies, keep heading forward and enter the building. In front of the statue are some Pulse Cells. Make your way up the next set of stairs and defeat the three Officers here.

When you ascend up the next staircase, you'll have two main pathways to take - you can either go right through an arched doorway or continue upstairs to a locked door. Start by heading to the right. Defeat both enemies here then head up to the balcony. Continue forward and go up the staircase here. This upper floor has a few items you can pick up. Head to the end and descend down the stairs.

At the bottom, unlock the door in front of you to open up a shortcut back to the lobby of the Krat Station. In the corner is a tough Police-looking puppet. When you defeat it, you'll get the Krat Central Station Main Entrance Key and the Workshop Union Lightweight Frame. When you're done in this room, return to the lobby and head up the stairs to the locked door. With the Krat Central Station Main Entrance Key in hand, you can now unlock the door to move forward to the Krat Central Station Plaza.

When you exit the Krat Central Station Lobby, you'll emerge into the Station Plaza. In front of you as you approach the center of the plaza, you'll find your first Stargazer. Until you get to Hotel Krat, you'll be able to Level Up and improve your Stats using Ergo from any Stargazer you find, including this one.

Leave the Stargazer after levelling up. To progress, head to the right where you'll find a Butler, and if you go further behind the broken down bus, you'll find another two. Up the stairs, you'll find another three Butlers. There's a locked gate up ahead that you can't unlock from this side, but take note of it as you can open this shortcut later.

Head back down the stairs and turn right. Up on the balcony and through the passageway on the right is another locked door you can't unlock from this side. Head down the stairs and head through the archway. After defeating the enemies, descend the steps here and head through the next archway. To the right, is a long walkway downwards. Turn right at the end into an alleyway. Move forward and turn right at the corner, then head forward to the next split.

You'll be able to either go left or continue forward through a small archway. The way forward is through the small archway. Head up the next staircase to the right. At the top, you'll be able to unlock a locked gate that opens up a shortcut back to the center of the plaza.

Turn left and take the walkway into the Circus. Activate the Stargazer here and speak with the Wandering Merchant to purchase some Items. Head up the steps nearby, and at the top is a locked gate, which you can interact with when you're ready to face a Boss.

A short cutscene will play, after which the fight against the Parade Master will begin. Once defeated, they will drop the Parade Leader's Ergo and Quartz. Head forward through the doorway into another open area. Approach the stairs to the right and ascend the steps to the top. Continue towards the building ahead. Before interacting with the doors, you can find a Hidden Moonstone to the right of the doorway.

When you're ready, interact with the hotel doors. This will be your first encounter with the Lie System. Though a lie, you must tell the defense system that you are a human, otherwise you will not be allowed in. Enter the premises and you'll find yourself in Hotel Krat.


Hotel Krat

hotel krat locations lies of p wiki guide 300px

  1. Speak to Sophia
  2. Interact with the Hotel Krat Stargazer
  3. Obtain the Moonphase Pocket Watch
  4. Speak to Polendina
  5. Speak to Antonia
  6. Speak to Eugénie
  7. Obtain the Puppet String


Hotel Krat acts as a base or hub in Lies of P, housing most of the NPCs key to upgrading Equipment and improving Pinocchio's overall abilities. You will find yourself returning here often in the middle of your playthrough even though it is not mentioned in this Game Progress Route. At the beginning of the game, the NPCs you'll find here are AntoniaEugéniePolendina, and Sophia.

Sophia will start by pointing you towards Elysion Boulevard to progress. Now that you've found Sophia, you can no longer level up at any Stargazer, and must instead return to her at Hotel Krat if you wish to do so. Before you leave, Sophia will hand over the Moonphase Pocket Watch. The large device next to Sophia is the Hotel's Stargazer, so interact with it while you're here to be able to fast travel to it in the future.

To the left of Sophia is Polendina, a Merchant selling a variety of useable items such as Consumables and Throwing Objects.

Next to Polendina is a doorway leading further left into the Hotel. Here you'll find Antonia, Lady of the Hotel. She doesn't provide any services, but when you speak to her for the first time, she'll give you the Someone's Memory Costume and Show Off Clothes Gesture. Wear Someone's Memory and use Show Off Clothes in front of Antonia, and you'll be rewarded with a Vivid Ergo Fragment.

To the right of Sophia, you'll find Eugénie in her small workshop. When you speak to her for the first time, she'll give you the Puppet String Legion Arm. You'll also be able to bring Weapons, both their Blades and Handles, to Eugénie whenever you want them upgraded or altered. If you ask her about it, Eugénie will point you towards the training grounds at the garden to your right.

For now the upper floor remains empty, and the two doors up here are locked. Whenever you're ready to progress, head out the door up the stairs behind Sophia. Through here, you'll read the Hotel's courtyard. Exit the double gates, and they will lead you to the Elysion Boulevard Entrance.

Lies of P Elysion Boulevard Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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Elysion Boulevard

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  1. Reach the Elysion Boulevard Entrance
  2. Interact with the Elysion Boulevard Entrance Stargazer
  3. Obtain the LADA F150 Frame
  4. Navigate the Rooftops
  5. Defeat the Elite Enemy
  6. Obtain the Life Amulet
  7. Interact with the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer
  8. Obtain Venigni's Krat Landmark Guide II
  9. Find the Dimensional Butterfly
  10. Obtain a Hidden Moonstone
  11. Speak to the Weeping Woman
  12. Speak to Toma
  13. Obtain the Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter
  14. Defeat the Mad Donkey
  15. Meet Geppetto
  16. Reach the Krat City Hall
  17. Interact with the Krat City Hall Stargazer
  18. Obtain the Broken Baby Puppet
  19. Complete the Weeping Woman's Quest
  20. Obtain the Puppet Destroyer's Amulet
  21. Defeat the Scrapped Watchman
  22. Complete Toma's Quest
  23. Speak to Geppetto at Hotel Krat


As you leave Hotel Krat through the door behind Sophia, you'll find yourself at the Elysion Boulevard Entrance. Head forward through the archway and continue forward to find the Elysion Boulevard Entrance Stargazer.

Head to the right of the Stargazer, then turn left at the corner and head through the archway. There will be a split in the path ahead. If you look to your left, you'll find a locked gate you can open later. Head down the right path. Turn right onto the main street to and at the end is a Chest with the LADA F150 Frame within it. Loot it, and head up the stairs to your right. At the top of the stairs, turn right into an alleyway and climb up the ladder.

You'll find yourself on some rooftops and balconies at the top of the ladder. When you turn the first corner, there will be a Puppet Butler waiting for you. After defeating it, make a beeline for the Puppet Marksman be running across the blue roof. If you continue to the left of the blue rooftop, you'll find a lock device you can interact with to open up a ladder shortcut back to the Stargazer.

Make your way to the right of the blue rooftop to progress. As you walk over the toppled sign, a tough puppet with a Top Hat will emerge from the apartment in front of you. Once it's been dealt with, enter the apartment ahead. Make your way up to the next floor and defeat the enemies.

When you're done with this room, approach the window and go across the bridge. Here, you'll be able to circle around to the left or the right. To the left are two more paths to go - one down the ladder right by the ledge, and another up the ladder further ahead. Start by heading down the ladder. Go to your left, past the spotlight. There'll be a Hidden Moonstone by an enemy at the corner. Turn the corner, and at the end you'll be able to unlock a shortcut back to a previous split by activating the lock device on the gate. Head back up the ladder you came from when you're done.

Make your way up the next ladder, then roll through the boxes on your right. Head forward to a makeshift bridge. For this next section, you'll have to deal with a few enemies while dodging attacks from the Grenade Puppet on the upper roof. Cross the bridge onto the next roof and turn right at the corner. Next, take the ladder ahead of you down, turn the corner once more and head down the stairs. Enter the apartment ahead of you to finally take cover.

When you've made your way in, continue forward into the bedroom. You'll find the Frozen Man's Letter on the sofa, which will give the Remembrance Gesture when read. Head out the door and cross the bridge. After the Brawler Puppet been defeated, loot the nearby chest for the Life Amulet. Continue forward into the next apartment, and you'll find the second Stargazer of the area - Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard.

In the room to your left, you'll find a Wandering Merchant and an electrified elevator. Back in the stargazer room, make your way through the doorway leading out and turn right. Up ahead, climb up onto the tiled roof ahead. Circle around the roof to climb up the ladder and pick up Venigni's Krat Landmark Guide II.

Head back down onto the tiled roof and walk towards the blue roof to find a Dimensional Butterfly. This butterfly in particular may drop a Hidden Moonstone. Cross the blue roof. Pass through the apartment ahead and climb down the ladder to the left. To your right, you'll find another ladder going up leading to the Weeping Woman. Speak to her to begin her NPC quest.

Make your way back down the ladder and head through the archway forward. Go to the left and head forward until you reach the corner. Start by unlocking a gate to the left to open a shortcut. Head down the stairs and turn right at the bottom. There will be a Hidden Moonstone and a narrow alleyway on the left, where you'll find another Hidden Moonstone

Return to the steps leading down from the shortcut gate, and this time head straight ahead from the gate. At the corner of the street, turn right and head forward to the next corner. Turn right again at the corner and you'll find a single lit window on the left. If you approach it, you can speak to Toma. Make your way further down the street and loot the Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter in the alleyway to the right. With that done, the area is cleared and you can return to the shortcut gate.

Out the gate, head straight ahead down the street. A Puppet Swordsman will burst out of the apartment doors to your left. Defeat it, then head in where it came from. Repair the elevator here and this will unlock a shortcut back up to the Wandering Merchant at the Stargazer. Head further forward and unlock the gate at the end. You'll find yourself at the Alchemist Bridge. Near the end, the boss fight against the Mad Donkey will begin.

After he's been defeated, you'll finally be introduced to Geppetto. For defeating the boss and speaking to Geppetto, you'll be rewarded with the Mad Donkey's Hunting ApparelMad Donkey's MaskKrat City Hall Key, the Enigma Assembly Tool, and your maximum number of Pulse Cells will be increased. Head towards the end of the bridge. Before interacting with the doors, turn left and look behind the carriage to find a Hidden Moonstone. Unlock the gates with your key and you'll be at the Krat City Hall.

Ahead, you'll find the Krat City Hall Stargazer. Activate it and turn left on the balcony above the stairs to find a locked gate. Head down the stairs, and continue forward until you reach a corner. Turn the corner and head up the stairs. From the top of the stairs, head into the alleyway on the left. You'll be able to unlock a shortcut back to the Stargazer at the end of the alleyway. Back at the fountain, head up the stairs. At the top, you'll have three ways to proceed - to the left, right, and straight ahead.

On the right, you'll find a broken down Puppet Brawler. Take it out and loot the Broken Baby Puppet. This doll can be returned to the Weeping Woman at Elysion Boulevard to complete her quest. When you speak to her you will be met with a Lie System scenario. Lie to her and you'll get the Feel Record. Head forward from the fountain to enter the City Hall.

Within the lobby of the building, you'll find a chest with the Puppet Destroyer's Amulet in an alcove on the left. Make your way up to the glowing blue basin at the top of the platform deeper in the city hall. You can activate the Crack's Calling to summon a Specter that will help you in the upcoming boss battle

As soon as you interact with the double doors, you'll face the Scrapped Watchman. Defeat it, and you will be rewarded with an Overcharged Storage BatteryBroken Hero's ErgoCoreQuartz, and Small Wooden Officer Puppet. You will also be able to activate a Stargazer in the middle of the arena - the Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer. Within the area, you'll find the Faded Whistle and Venigni's Guide. You won't be able to progress just yet and need to visit Geppetto at Hotel Krat to find the next way forward.

Before doing so, you can complete Toma's quest by using the Faded Whistle outside his window. He'll give you a Radiant Ergo Fragment for doing so.

Now that Elysion Boulevard has been cleared, Geppetto can be permanently found at Hotel Krat. You can find him in the furthest room in the middle of the top floor. When you speak to him, he'll point you towards Venigni Works and teach you how to use the P-Organ. You'll be given the Krat City Hall Courtyard Key. Teleport back to the Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer. Head into the building opposite to you, take a right, then head to the end of the corridor to reach the Workshop Union Entrance.

Lies of P Venigni Works Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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Venigni Works

workshop union entrance locations lies of p wiki guide 300px

  1. Reach the Workshop Union Entrance
  2. Pass through the small village
  3. Speak to Arlecchino, the King of All Riddles
  4. Obtain a Trinity Key
  5. Interact with the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer
  6. Obtain the Salamander Dagger
  7. Obtain the Belford Shock Cartridge
  8. Defeat the Elite Enemy
  9. Find the Dimensional Butterfly
  10. Obtain a Motivity Crank
  11. Reach the Workshop Union Culvert
  12. Interact with the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer
  13. Find the Dimensional Butterfly
  14. Obtain a Hidden Moonstone
  15. Navigate the flaming boulder tunnel
  16. Obtain the Fire Axe
  17. Speak to the Red Fox and Black Cat
  18. Unlock the Trinity Sanctum
  19. Obtain the Blue Blood's Tailcoat and a Quartz
  20. Defeat the Elite Enemy
  21. Obtain the Swordsmanship Master's Amulet
  22. Optional Boss: Puppet of the Future
  23. Obtain the Booster Glaive
  24. Optional Boss: Survivor
  25. Reach the Venigni Works Control Room
  26. Interact with the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer
  27. Speak to Lorenzini Venigni
  28. Obtain a Technique Crank
  29. Defeat the Elite Enemy
  30. Obtain the Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter
  31. Defeat King's Flame, Fuoco
  32. Interact with the Center of Venigni Works Stargazer
  33. Interact with Pulcinella
  34. Return to Venigni
  35. Speak to Pulcinella and Venigni at Hotel Krat
  36. Return to the Center of Venigni Works Stargazer
  37. Navigate the mines
  38. Obtain the Big Pipe Wrench
  39. Obtain the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  40. Defeat the Elite Enemy
  41. Obtain the Carrier's Amulet


When you emerge from the gates outside the Krat City Hall courtyard, you'll find yourself at the Workshop Union Entrance. Head down the stairs in front and to your right, and turn right at the corner. Make your way down two ramps, then head down the stairs on the left to proceed forward. Keep going until you get to a bridge. Before you cross it, turn right and head through the archway to find a ringing receiver. When you pick it up, you'll be speaking to Arlecchino, the King of All Riddles. He'll give you a classic riddle to which you have two answers - Human or Monster. If you answer 'Monster', Arlecchino will be disappointed that your answer was incorrect, but give you the Trinity Key anyway.

Head back and cross the bridge. Turn right at the end, then make your way up the staircase. At the top, you'll reach Venigni Works. Move forward by heading down the ladder in front of you. Descend the next ladder and activate the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer. Head up the stairs to the right of the Stargazer. From the top of the stairs, head into the room on the left and drop down through the hole. You can loot the Salamander Dagger, consisting of the Salamander Dagger Blade and Salamander Dagger Handle, from the safe. Unlock the door from this side and you'll be back at the Stargazer.

Head back up the stairs and this time, head straight through the doorway ahead. Turn left at the corner, and right at the next. At the end of the balcony area, you can pick up a Hidden Moonstone.

Enter the warehouse. Drop down to the lower floor and loot the chest at the end for the Belford Shock Cartridge. Make your way into the opposite side of the ground floor. Enter the room on the right, then enter the next room, where a chained up package will break the floor underneath it. Follow the package down, and you'll meet a new type of tough enemy, a puppet with dual Shields. Defeat it for a Legion Caliber.

Run up the stairs here and you'll encounter a Dimensional Butterfly. It will drop a Motivity Crank when defeated. Follow the metal platform, descending the stairs at the end. Run down the corridor and make your way down the ladder to activate the next Stargazer, Workshop Union Culvert.

Head into the red horizontal pipe straight ahead from the Stargazer. Note that this area is completely optional and can be skipped if you're not interested in obtaining extra upgrade materials. The water here is corrupted and will continuously inflict Corruption while you are standing in it. Turn left when you emerge from the pipe and head straight to the end. You'll find a Hidden Moonstone on the right and another Dimensional Butterfly that drops a Hidden Moonstone will also appear.

Return through the red pipe back to the Stargazer. This time, head to the left and up the stairs as you emerge back out the pipe. Be careful as you approach the tunnel as a large flaming boulder will continuously come crashing down from the right. As you ascend, you'll find some small ledges you can take cover in as you wait for the boulder to roll past. Time it right, and when it's safe, head right up the slope.

At the top of the slope, you'll find a shortcut gate to your right. Head through the gate. There will be a split in the path that goes right. This path leads back down to the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer. If you follow it halfway, you'll find a Hidden Moonstone. Backtrack back to the split and head forward from the shortcut gate. You'll find yourself outside and can trigger a shortcut ladder leading back to the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer.

Head back to the shortcut gate and continue moving towards the source of the flaming boulders. At the next safe zone on your right, a Blank Puppet will emerge from the wall. Take it out, but don't head into the hole yet. Continue to the end of the tunnel instead, and you can loot the chest for the Fire Axe and it's parts - the Fire Axe Blade and Fire Axe Handle

Return to the hole in the wall and head through. You'll get to a doorway leading outside. Here, this Game Progress Route will cover some optional areas where you can get some more upgrade materials, useful equipment, and an NPC interaction. If you want to skip this section, turn right when you exit the door and skip the next 4 paragraphs. For the optional content, turn left.

By the railing, you'll find the Red Fox and Black Cat. You can speak to them for some information on Lorenzini Venigni. If you picked up Venigni's Krat Landmark Guide II in Elysion Boulevard earlier, you can speak to the Black Cat about it, who'll then offer you the Ripped Venigni's Krat Landmark Guide III for 500 Ergo. Note that if you read this copy and speak to the Black Cat again, he'll tell you that the copy isn't a real volume and was written by him.

Head through the tunnel to the left to continue forward. Make your way down the corridor and when you emerge into another room, turn right to approach a large fan. At the end, look to your left left to find another set of hallways. There will be a door on the left about halfway through the hallway that you can unlock with the Trinity Key you obtained earlier from Arlecchino. Inside this room, you'll find a Quartz and the Blue Blood's Tailcoat in the safe on the right. Exit the room and turn left. Turn right at the corner to activate a shortcut ladder back down to where you fought the Shield Puppet earlier.

Head back to the room with the large fan and enter the red pipe. Turn left when you can, then move forward. As you approach the barricade, a Steampunk Puppet will smash through. When defeated, it will drop the Swordsmanship Master's Amulet.

You can unlock the shortcut gate here which leads back to the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer. Reach the end of the hallway to activate the lever on the machine. Interacting with the lever stops the flow of Corruption water in some areas of the factory. Backtrack all the way back to the Red Fox & Black Cat and return to the doorway that leads back into the flaming boulder tunnel.

Head up the stairs. There'll be a doorway to your right, ignore it for now but take note of it. Through the doorway ahead of you, you'll find a lever that you can activate to unlock a pipe shortcut leading back to the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer. Make your way across the pipes and go down the ladder. This lower section is the boss arena for the optional boss, Puppet of the Future. While you don't have to defeat it to progress, it drops one Quartz when defeated.

If you choose not to fight it, you can still loot the items in it's arena since it's very slow and note agile at all. In front of you and to the left in a cubby is a Hidden Moonstone. At the end is a chest with the Booster Glaive consisting of the Booster Glaive Blade and Booster Glaive Handle. Return back up the ladder going towards the Entrance Stargazer and take the pipe shortcut back to the other side.

Another optional boss can be found through the doorway we ignored earlier before activating the pipe shortcut. When you head through, you can go down the ladder on the right to fight the Survivor. If you're wearing the Blue Blood's Tailcoat when you speak to him, you'll get some unique dialogue. You may want to consider fighting this optional boss as it drops a Gesture you may need in a future NPC encounter, the Stalker's Promise. Additionally, he drops the Survivor's Mask and Survivor's Hunting Apparel when defeated. Open the doors at the end to unlock a shortcut back to the flaming boulder tunnel, then return up the ladder you took to arrive at this room.

Return to the pipe shortcut. Head through the doorway to the right. Continue forward until you reach the large room, then turn left to find a staircase going up. At the top, do a 180 and enter the room up ahead. You'll find Lorenzini Venigni and the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer. Speak to Venigni. He'll recognize you as Geppetto's friend and ask you to find Pulcinella, his butler puppet. When your conversation ends, you'll be given the Fear Gesture.

Exit the room and head to the end of the platform, but don't go down the stairs. Think of the platform you are currently on as the bottom left platform. Hop up onto the girder to the right. Walk over to the platform on the upper left. You'll be able to grab the Technique Crank at the end. Jump down to the center of the room and defeat the Steampunk Puppet patrolling the center. It will drop the Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter.

Make your way through the northern-most doorway and descend the steps. At the bottom, you'll find a Crack's Calling, a telltale sign that there's a boss up ahead. Whenever you're ready, interact with the large sliding door to begin the fight against King's Flame, Fuoco. After being eliminated, it will drop the High-powered Flame AmplifierKing's Flame Ergo, and Flame Grindstone. A Stargazer will also appear in the middle of it's boss room - the Center of Venigni Works Stargazer. Activate it, then interact with the burnt puppet slumped on the wall ahead and to the left.

Return to Venigni at the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer. He will confirm that the puppet you found is in fact his butler, Pulcinella, and will encourage you to return to the Hotel to recuperate and give him some time to repair Pulcinella. Though optional, you can follow his advice and return to Hotel Krat. When you get there, you'll find Venigni and a fixed up Pulcinella to the right of Sophia, in an alcove opposite to Eugenie's workshop. They will be here at the Hotel permanently after defeating Fuoco. Pulcinella is a Merchant, selling different Cranks used in altering Handles, and Defense Parts. Behind it, you can speak to Venigni to obtain the Grinder Modification Tool, an item that allows you to add special properties to your Weapon upon using the Grinder. If you speak to him again, possibly with the Fulminis Legion Arm equipped, he will add a function to the Venigni Craft Machine in the Hotel that allows you to upgrade any Legion Arm you have.

When you're ready to proceed, return to the Center of Venigni Works Stargazer. Make your way through the doorway straight ahead and head down the ladder. Continue forward, past an explosive barrel. Pass through the red pipe ahead and when you emerge out the other side, you'll find yourself in a different landscape. 

Head forward towards a mineshaft. Enter it and you'll encounter a barricade made of some crates and an explosive barrel. Trigger the barrel with your Legion Arm if it has a ranged attack, or throw a Throwing Object onto it to trigger it and destroy the barricade.

Continue past the second minecart and you'll eventually emerge into a large cavern. Circle around to the right and trigger the explosive barrel next to the narrow bridge. Cross the bridge and take the ladder to your right upwards. Up here, you'll be able to loot the Big Pipe Wrench, made of the Big Pipe Wrench Head and Big Pipe Wrench Handle, from the chest.

Explore the lower section of the cavern next by heading down any of the ladders. Starting from the section closest to the way you came in, you'll find a Hidden Moonstone by an explosive barrel. Approach the item on the other side of the minecart tracks and a Worker Puppet will smash it's way through the wooden planks. Head through the hole it creates to find the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

Exit the hole and turn left to progress forward. Before you're able to proceed, a Steampunk Puppet will come rushing at you. Defeat it to obtain the Carrier's Amulet. Head forward to exit the mines, and you'll make it to Moonlight Town.

Lies of P St. Frangelico Cathedral Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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St. Frangelico Cathedral

st frangelico cathedral chapel locations lies of p wiki guide 300px

  1. Reach Moonlight Town
  2. Interact with the Moonlight Town Stargazer
  3. Find two Dimensional Butterflies
  4. Obtain two Crescent Moonstones
  5. Obtain the Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter
  6. Speak to The Atoned
  7. Optional Boss: The Atoned
  8. Reach the Path of Misery
  9. Interact with the Path of Misery Stargazer
  10. Speak to Giangio to obtain the Cube
  11. Obtain the Belford Break Cartridge
  12. Reach St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel
  13. Interact with the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer
  14. Find a Trinity Sanctum
  15. Obtain the Black Cat's Amulet and the Monster Sweeper's Hunting Apparel when you have the Trinity Key
  16. Unlock the path to the Crafted Cryptic Vessel
  17. Obtain a Legion Plug
  18. Obtain a Crescent Moonstone
  19. Defeat an Elite Enemy
  20. Obtain a Quartz
  21. Reach the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library
  22. Interact with the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer
  23. Speak to Cecile
  24. Obtain a Legion Caliber
  25. Find a Dimensional Butterfly
  26. Obtain an Advance Crank
  27. Obtain a Crescent Moonstone
  28. Speak to Alidoro
  29. Obtain the Archbishop's Holy Mark
  30. Obtain the Workshop Union Strengthening Frame
  31. Complete Cecile's Quest
  32. Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus
  33. Speak to Venigni at Hotel Krat to obtain the Ergo Wavelength Decoder


After clearing out Venigni Works of puppets, you will eventually make your way to Moonlight Town. Continue further into the town by heading down the bridge left of the well. When you reach the middle of the bridge, the planks below you will give way and you'll drop into the ravine below. Head forward past a couple of explosive barrels. After going under the fallen tree trunk, two Dimensional Butterflies will appear, both dropping a Crescent Moonstone. Continue down the path and turn left in the underground area.

Exit the tomb and go up the slope on the left. Climb up the ladder to get to the other side of town. Head up the steps ahead. In the next hut to the left of the road, you'll find  the Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter from inside a chest.

Exit the building and head further up another set of steps. Continue to the end and you can speak to The Atoned. You will then be put into a Lie System Scenario. Whether you get this scenario or not may depend on if you defeated the Survivor at Venigni Works and obtained the Stalker's Promise Gesture. The Atoned will ask you if you are a Stalker, to which you can do nothing, or Lie and perform the Stalker's greeting. If you Lie, you will be given the Cable Railway Key and let through peacefully.

If you don't lie and do nothing instead, The Atoned will turn hostile. When defeated, she drops the Cable Railway Key and The Atoned's Mask. Use the key to unlock the cable train, then take it up to the Path of Misery.

Exit the cable train and interact with the Path of Misery Stargazer up ahead. Head towards the open gate and go into the shack up ahead at the turn. You'll fund a Hidden Moonstone within. Continue forward. You'll get to a split in the path - you can either go right, walking across a riverbed, or continue forward up some steps. Follow the riverbed all the way to a slope. At the top of the slope, turn left at the top of the slope and go through the doorway at the top of the steps. Continue forward and head up the next set of steps.

At the Angel Statue you'll have two main directions to go, through the closed double doors on the left or through the doorway leading back outside forward and slightly left.

Go through the doorway ahead first. Follow the path down until you reach Giangio, who will teach you about the Gold Coin Fruit and give you the Cube and a Recovery Wishstone. Look behind the statue afterwards to find a chest that contains the Belford Break Cartridge.

Return to the Angel Statue, and this time move towards the closed double doors. Cross the bridge, head up the stairs and open the door at the end to reach the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel.

Enter the building to find the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer up ahead. After you're done with this room, head through the doorway on the left where the oil trail on the ground is leading you to. Head down the ramp into the large hole in the floor, turning right when you can. Head down this hallway and near the end, you'll find a ladder going down on the right side.

At the bottom of the ladder, turn left at the corner. You'll emerge out into a tall room. The middle of the room is flooded with an acid that will inflict ticks of Decay as you stand in it. Run over to the other side as quick as you can and climb up the ladder on the opposite side.

At the top, you'll want to follow the wooden platforms and beams to the left side of this floor. After  you've crossed to the other side, climb up the ladder. Destroy the crates in the cubby on the left to reveal a hole in the floor. Drop down to gain access to the Hidden Moonstone to the left. Jump back over to the ladder when you're done.

Back up the ladder, look to your left again, but instead of dropping down the hole, walk across the thin wooden beam towards a Bloated Carcass. From the Bloated Carcass, continue to the right, and follow the thin wooden beams to a ladder. Descend down the ladder. Follow the passageway and turn left at the end. 

On the tracks ahead, an electrified boulder will come crashing down form the left. Go up the ramp and take refuge about halfway through, on the right between the two planks leaning against the wall. Let the boulder past and at the top of the ramp, look to the right of the spinning mechanism. Here, you'll find a ladder going up to a Trinity Sanctum that contains the Black Cat's Amulet and the Monster Sweeper's Hunting Apparel. The Trinity Key needed here can be found at Malum District.

Go the the left of the spinning mechanism this time. Go to the end and ascend some steps to the left. When you enter the next doorway, approach the opposite side of the room and a Bloated Carcass will burst out through the broken door. Head up the stairs through the doorway that the Bloated Carcass broke through. Keep going up until you reach a hallway. At the other end of the hallway, turn right to emerge back into the tall room.

Ahead, you'll see a large cog wheel blocking your way forward. Jump over to the next platform. To your right, push off the brazier from the platform to get rid of the acid on the bottom floor. You'll see that a new passageway also opens up down there, and if you go there later, you'll find the Crafted Cryptic Vessel. Jump over to the other side of the room.

Here, you'll have three ways to go - to the left, right, and past a gate ahead. Start by heading right to find a lever that you can pull to unlock a shortcut back here. If you look down off the ledge here, you'll also see a stationary wooden platform. Take it down to find a chest with a Legion Plug. After getting it, take the moving platforms back up to the lever.

Head back up the stairs and go up the ladder on the left at the end. Go all the way to the end to find a Crescent Moonstone by the wall. Progress through the closed gate down the ladder.

As you open the gate, you'll find an item on a corpse at the far end of a suspiciously large room. As you approach the item, a Mutating Carcass will drop down from the ceiling. After being defeated, it drops a piece of Quartz.

To proceed, head through the doorway on the right side of the room, next to the ladder. In the jailcell to the right is a chest containing a Krat Supply Box. Exit the jailcell and at the end of the room is an elevator that takes you down to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library.

At the bottom, alight the elevator and interact with the Stargazer just up ahead. Enter the doorway to the left. You'll find Cecile here and when you speak to her, she'll ask you to bring her the holy mark from the archbishop's quarters. Head back out to the Stargazer and head through the archway to the left.

Turn left at the corner and hug the left wall as pressure pad on the floor that will trigger a dart trap. When you enter the next room, you'll notice two holes in the floor - fall through them. Inside the chest in this underground area is a Legion Caliber. Make your way into the middle of the room and you'll find a pink Dimensional Butterfly that drops the Advance Crank.

After you finish looting the area, head out the doorway. Climb the ladder to the left and unlock the gate at the top to return to the upper floor. Run to the other side of the room this time, and climb up the stairs. At the end, you'll find a bridge. Past the bridge, go right and head down the stairs to find yourself in a new room. Up ahead past the altar is a Crescent Moonstone. Turn right and head towards the acid here that also inflicts Decay. There will be a doorway on the left when you wade through the acid.

When you enter this room, look to the left side of the room to find some stairs going upwards. At the top of the stairs turn right, and as you emerge into the room ahead with a golden globe, an Elite Carcass will come rushing at you. Defeat it, and you'll have two paths ahead of you - one up a staircase to the right and another into an elevator at the far end of the room.

Up the elevator, you'll find Alidoro the Hound. He'll ask you if you know of a safe haven. You will then be put into a Lie System Scenario where you can tell him about Hotel Krat or Lie and direct him towards Venigni Works. If you tell him the truth, he'll be grateful and give you a Fire Abrasive. No matter your answer, Alidoro will start selling his wares to you. If you lie to him, he will then be found in the room just above where you found the Salamander Dagger. You'll be put into another Lie System Scenario if you speak to him there, but no matter your answer, he'll eventually end up at Hotel Krat

Go back down the elevator and head up the staircase to the left. Go up the next staircase and go to the very end by the bookcases. Turn right and drop down onto the broken brick bridge under the archway. Cross the bridge to the other side and head through the doorway between the two statues. On the ground to the left of the desk, you'll find the Archbishop's Holy Mark. The safe behind the desk contains the Workshop Union Strengthening Frame.

Head out the room and back onto the brick bridge. Turn right about halfway through the doorway. Go to the left of the doorway and knock down the brazier here to remove the acid downstairs. Keep following the balcony and go down the ladder at the end. Interact with the chains next to the gate to open it, giving you a shortcut back to the Stargazer. You can take this opportunity to rest at the Stargazer to prepare for an upcoming boss, and to speak to Cecile. When you to the latter, you can hand over the Archbishop's Holy Mark.

Head back through the shortcut gate. Keep moving forward and head into the doorway to the right. You'll find a Crack's Calling by the wall to the left. When you're ready, interact with the double doors at the end to face Fallen Archbishop Andreus. This boss has two phases. After defeating both phases, you'll be given the Twisted Angel's Ergo. Activate the new Stargazer that appears in the boss arena, the Archbishop's Altar Stargazer.

If you return to Hotel Krat at this point, you can visit Venigni to receive the Ergo Wavelength Decoder after after a long conversation.

When you've finished business at Hotel Krat, return to the Archbishop's Altar Stargazer. Go through the archway straight ahead and turn left in the large room to find an elevator. Alight the elevator at the bottom and exit the building. When you cross through the gateway ahead, you'll find yourself at the Path of the Pilgrim.

Lies of P Malum District Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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Malum District

malum district locations lies of p wiki guide 300px

  1. Reach the Path of the Pilgrim
  2. Obtain the Smiling Bunny Mark
  3. Interact with the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer
  4. Obtain the Acidic Crystal Spear
  5. Find the Dimensional Butterfly
  6. Obtain the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  7. Reach the Tomb Slums Entrance
  8. Obtain the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  9. Obtain the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter
  10. Reach Hobbler's Bridge
  11. Reach Malum District
  12. Interact with the Malum District Stargazer
  13. Speak to the Red Fox & Black Cat
  14. Obtain the Crescent Moonstone
  15. Obtain the Arch Break Cartridge
  16. Obtain a Motivity Crank
  17. Defeat an Elite Enemy
  18. Obtain the Patience Amulet
  19. Obtain a Quartz
  20. Find the Dimensional Butterfly
  21. Obtain a Balance Crank
  22. Obtain the Bone-Cutting Saw
  23. Speak with Arlecchino
  24. Obtain another Trinity Key
  25. Obtain a Crescent Moonstone
  26. Speak to the Malum District Black Market Trader
  27. Obtain a Legion Caliber
  28. Defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  29. Obtain the Portrait of a Boy
  30. Obtain a Quartz
  31. Speak to Giangio
  32. Reach the Lost Flower Garden
  33. Find the Gold Coin Tree
  34. Speak to Geppetto at Hotel Krat
  35. Speak to Antonia at Hotel Krat to obtain the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Key


At the Path of the Pilgrim, walk down the road until you find a graveyard to the left of the path. Pick up the Smiling Bunny Mark from the tombstone in the middle, then leave the graveyard and interact with the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer further down the path. You'll see a locked gate that you can't interact with yet to your left. Take note of it, and head forward, down the slope. On the right, you'll find a Hidden Moonstone by a fire.

If you head forward, you'll get to a split in the path - one going left and the other going right down the riverbed. Head to the right, first. At the end, you'll find a chest with the Acidic Crystal Spear, made of the Acidic Crystal Spear Blade and Acidic Crystal Spear Handle.

Head back and go left at the split. Head down the slope going straight ahead. Continue forward, where you'll get to another slope curving right with a railing. On the right of the path is a lake with two items, one of them being a Hidden Moonstone. When you approach the middle of the lake, you'll find a Pink Dimensional Butterfly that drops a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

After you're done with the lake, continue further down the slope and you'll get to the Tomb Slums Entrance. Go ubti the he area to the left from the entrance. Continue onto the rooftops and cross the two bridges ahead. Don't head down the ladder, instead, follow the edge of the building and drop down through the hole in the ceiling. Interact with the locked gate to be able to get back outside. 

When you exit the room, there will be a lift to the left. At the top, you can unlock the locked gate here to unlock a shortcut back to the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer. Head back down the lift after you're done. Before leaving the building, you'll want to hop back onto the lift. Before reaching the top, leave the lift through the hole in the elevator shaft a few seconds after you hop on. On this upper platform, you'll find a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

Jump down and take the ladder to the left afterwards. Follow the path on the right to be in the area below the rooftops you were navigating earlier. An Axe-wielding Carcass will burst through the gates. It drop the Slum Shack Key when defeated, which can be used to open the small door opposite to the gate that was destroyed. Inside the small room, you'll find a chest containing the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter

Head through the broken gate. Make your way down the path and turn right at the corner. Up ahead is the Hobbler's Bridge. Past the bridge, you'll hear an announcement. Shortly after, an Elite Carcass will come out from the gate ahead. Head through the gate continue upwards until you reach a tower. Descend the tower, using the beams, wooden platforms, and broken stone floors to do so carefully.

At the very bottom of the tower, you'll find some writing on the wall that marks this area as Black Rabbit Brotherhood territory. Head through the tunnel ahead and up the stairs to find the Malum District Stargazer.

After activating the Stargazer, you can speak to the Red Fox and Black Cat standing nearby. They'll offer to team up to take out the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. If you accept, they will trail behind you, joining you in combat whenever the need arises.

Head up the alleyway between the two siblings and turn left at the corner. Follow the alleyway, until you find a ladder going up on the right. At the top here, you can find a Crescent Moonstone. Head back down the ladder and turn left at the corner ahead to enter the building ahead.

Enter the room to the right, then look to the right to find an item on the floor. As you approach it, you'll fall down through the floor downstairs. Turn the corner down here and head into the next room to find the Arch Break Cartridge in a chest.

Make your way out of the room to find a staircase going back upstairs. You'll find a locked door that will lead back into the room you fell through. Return to the lobby of the building, and head up the stairs right outside. When you exit through the doorway at the top, you'll be back outside. Turn right and head down the alleyway. If you agreed to work together with the Black Cat & Red Fox earlier, they'll stop following you at this point.

Head into the doorway at the other end of the alley. On the right side of the room is a Motivity Crank. Pick it up, then head down the ladder on the other side. Exit out the doorway on this lower floor. Head down the steps and defeat the Elite Carcass walking in circles around a fiery sign for the Patience Amulet. There will be Carcasses above you throwing projectiles at you that inflict Break, so try moving around as much as you can.

From the fiery sign, roll into the crates by the large doorway to find a chest with a Quartz. Afterwards, once again by the fiery sign head straight ahead, into the alleyway on the right. At the wall, look to your left to find a ladder going up. A Dimensional Butterfly will appear when you walk forward a bit. It will drop a Balance Crank when defeated. Continue to the left to find a chest that contains the Bone-Cutting Saw, comprised of the Bone-Cutting Sawblade and Bone-Cutting Handle.

Head back down the ladder you used to to climb up to this roof and while facing the wall behind you, head into the unexplored alleyway to the left. Through the rectangular doorway, climb up the ladder found here. You'll find another ringing receiver, similar to the one found at Venigni Works. Answer it to speak to Arlecchino, who'll once again ask another riddle. The correct answer is 'Candle', and if you answer correctly, he'll give you another Trinity Key that can be used to open the Trinity Sanctum back at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library.

After speaking with Arlecchino, head through the doorway to the right and go down the ladder. To the left of the ladder, you'll be able to unlock the shortcut gate back to the fiery sign. Continue forward and you'll find a Hidden Moonstone to the left of a staircase. Pick it up, then make your way upstairs. 

At the corner ahead, turn left and go up the next staircase. Continue forward, turning left at the corner. You'll have to ways to go - to the left or right. Start by heading to the left. A Dog Carcass will burst through the metal gates on the right, after which you can loot the Crescent Moonstone behind it.

Return to the previous split, and head down the path on the right this time. Enter the building ahead and turn right to go down some steps. Head up the steps on the other side of the room. Through the doorway ahead, you'll find the Monad Charity House Guide on a covered up sofa, as well as a shortcut door you can unlock that leads back to the Malum District Stargazer. Opposite to the sofa, you'll find a ladder going upwards. Take it to find the Malum District Black Market Trader. Before he sells his wares, you have to show him the Smiling Bunny Mark. Within the room, you'll also find a chest that contains a Legion Caliber.

When you're done, descend back down the ladder, head out the room into the main bar area and up the stairs to the left. Head out the doorway at the top to find yourself back outside. There will be a Crack's Calling ahead, signaling a boss fight past the metal gates.

Though the boss is named the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, this boss fight is in fact against the four main members of the brotherhood. Despite this, only the eldest, the big guy with a gas mask carrying the large sword, has to be defeated. You can focus on attacking him and largely ignore the sibling's attacks, or defeat the siblings to get them out of the fight early. 

After the Eldest has been defeated, you'll be rewarded with a Resplendent Ergo Chunk and the Taunt Gesture. Repair the Stargazer that appears to activate the Malum District Town Hall Stargazer.

Past the Stargazer, you'll be able to climb up some steps into the building ahead. In the room on the left, by the base of the stairs, you'll be able to interact with a painting of a young boy. Gemini comments on how similar the boy looks to P, and you'll obtain the Portrait of a Boy after the conversation. This item is important to getting a hidden Weapon later on in the game.

Head out the room. Behind the bar underneath the staircase, you'll find a chest that contains a piece of Quartz. Head through the doorway next to the bar and make it all the way to the end to find an elevator.

Take the elevator up, and you'll find Giangio. He'll tell you that he's found the Gold Coin Tree but wasn't able to pick the fruits off of it. After speaking to Giangio, interact with the closed doors on the left. You'll find the Gold Coin Tree within the Lost Flower Garden

At the Lost Flower Garden, head up the steps to the left of the tree to progress forward. A door will open up to the right leading back into Hotel Krat. Speak to Geppetto on the upper floor, and he'll direct you next to Rosa Isabelle Street. If you speak to him a second time, you'll give him the Portrait of a Boy. The portrait will then be displayed in his office, and you'll be given the Clap Gesture.

Visit Antonia in the west wing to ask for the key unlocking the way to Rosa Isabelle Street, and you'll be given the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Key. The doors leading to the Rosa Isabelle Street can be found in the east wing on the upper floor of Hotel Krat.

Lies of P Rosa Isabelle Street Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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Location Name

  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


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Lies of P Grand Exhibition Walkthrough Quick Navigation

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Location Name

  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


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Lies of P Barren Swamp Walkthrough Quick Navigation

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Barren Swamp

barren swamp loc lies of p wiki guide min

  1. Obtain the Resplendent Ergo Fragment
  2. Head to the nearest building
  3. Obtain the Venigni's Krat Landmark Guide IV
  4. Activate Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer
  5. Obtain Gemini's Iron Protection
  6. Defeat the large Puppet Worker ( Shovel )
  7. Obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment
  8. Obtain Belford Superior Insulation Converter
  9. Obtain Dim Ergo Chunk
  10. Obtain Dim Ergo Fragment
  11. Obtain Special Purification Ampoule
  12. Defeat the Clown Brawler Puppet
  13. Obtain the Legion Magazine
  14. Head to the wooden bridge
  15. Obtain Half Moonstone
  16. Obtain Attribute Resistance Ampoule
  17. Obtain Crescent Moonstone
  18. Obtain Star Fragment
  19. Obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment
  20. Obtain Special Resistance Ampoule
  21. Obtain Chains
  22. Obtain Star Fragment
  23. Obtain Recharged Amulet
  24. Unlock the Shortcut
  25. Speak to Alidoro
  26. Obtain Electric Blitz Canister
  27. Obtain Crescent Moonstone
  28. Obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment
  29. Obtain Attribute Resistance Ampoule
  30. Obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment
  31. Obtain Star Fragment
  32. Obtain Gemini's Emergency Protection
  33. Obtain Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  34. Activate the Barren Swamp Stargazer
  35. Talk to the Broken Puppet
  36. Head back to the Dumpsite
  37. Head to the Tower Entrance
  38. Obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment
  39. Obtain Live Puppet's Axe Blade
  40. Obtain Live Puppet's Axe Handle
  41. Obtain Sharp Pipe
  42. Obtain Half Moonstone
  43. Return to the Barren Swamp Stargazer
  44. Obtain Fable Catalyst
  45. Obtain Dim Ergo Fragment
  46. Defeat Dimensional Butterflies
  47. Obtain Stabilized Alchemical Booster
  48. Obtain Alchemical Booster
  49. Head to the nearby Shack
  50. Obtian Experiment Report of Order - Test Subject 890
  51. Obtain x1 Crescent Moonstone
  52. Defeat the Owl Doctor
  53. Obtain the Owl Doctor's Mask
  54. Explore the Larger Dumpsite
  55. Defeat the first Puppet of the Future
  56. Obtain Quartz
  57. Obtain Cluster Grenade
  58. Obtain Half Moonstone
  59. Obtain Resplendent Ergo Fragment
  60. Obtain Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  61. Defeat the second Puppet of the Future
  62. Obtain a Quartz
  63. Obtain Motivity Crank
  64. Obtain Sawtoothed Wheel
  65. Continue exploring the Dump Site
  66. Obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment
  67. Obtain Sharp Pipe
  68. Obtain Balance Crank
  69. Enter the Ravine
  70. Head to the Ravine
  71. Obtain Crescent Moonstone
  72. Obtain Fire Canister
  73. Obtain Star Fragment
  74. Obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment
  75. Obtain Legion Caliber
  76. Obtain Gemini's Iron Protection
  77. Obtain Special Resistance Ampoule
  78. Activate the Barren Swamp Ravine Stargazer
  79. Move on to the inner section of the Ravine
  80. Obtain Attribute Resistance Ampoule
  81. Obtain Advance Crank
  82. Obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment
  83. Obtain Half Moonstone
  84. Obtain Electric Blitz Abrasive
  85. Obtain Dim Ergo Chunk
  86. Obtain Half Moonstone
  87. Defeat the Mutated Bear
  88. Obtain Star Fragment
  89. Obtain Arch Disruption Cartridge
  90. Find the Cave's Exit
  91. Obtain City Longspear Blade
  92. Obtain City Longspear Handle
  93. Obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment
  94. Defeat Kid Puppet
  95. Obtain Leaping Amulet
  96. Obtain Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  97. Obtain Carcass Body Fluid Bottle
  98. Head inside the nearby tower
  99. Obtain Dim Ergo Fragment
  100. Activate the Gate Shorcut
  101. Destroy the cannon
  102. Traverse the series of long wooden bridges
  103. Activate the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer
  104. Defeat Green Monster of the Swamp Boss
  105. Defeat Puppet-Devouring Green Monster Boss
  106. Obtain Golden Ergo
  107. Obtain Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter's Ergo
  108. Activate the Barren Swamp Nest Stargazer
  109. Head to the cave
  110. Obtain Acid Canister
  111. Obtain Legion Magazine
  112. Obtain Attribute Resistance Ampoule
  113. Obtain Dim Ergo Fragment
  114. Obtain Frayed Notebook
  115. Obtain Saw Blade
  116. Obtain Bloody Letter
  117. Obtain Attribute Resistance Ampoule
  118. Activate Central Station Platform Stargazer


After taking the train from the Grand Exhibition Gallery, you will arrive at the entrance of the Barren Swamp. The train will stop at a small abandoned factory, which is where you should get off to reach the swamp entrance. Along the way, you'll come across a large empty room where you'll find a Resplendent Ergo Fragment. After that, you'll enter a puppet assembly room where you'll see many lifeless puppets. You can find Venigni's Krat Landmark Guide IV collectible on one of the tables. Once you have the collectible, head towards the nearest exit and you'll reach the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer. Activate it to start your journey. The path through the swamp is quite straightforward, but be sure to grab the Gemini's Iron Protection before heading into the inner section.

When you move forward, be careful of the Large Puppet Worker with a shovel. Quickly stagger it to gain the upper hand. After defeating it, continue along the path and eliminate the Puppet Dog. You'll find the Radiant Ergo Fragment nearby. Keep going and defeat another Puppet Dog and a Puppet with a Rifle near the carriage. Use the explosive barrel to your advantage. Open the chest to get the Belford Superior Insulation Converter. The only way to proceed is to follow the path ahead.

Be cautious in the coming swamp area as Puppets stationed on cliffs can fire rifle rounds at you. Quickly dash and follow the cliff pathway. Grab the Dim Ergo Chunk on the way. Beware of the Puppet Dog that explodes and deals significant damage as you go down to the lower levels. Collect items in the area. Avoid traversing on the Corruptive swamp terrain if possible but if you need to do so, make it quick. Get a Dim Ergo Fragment and an Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Proceed to the path after collecting both items.

Follow the path to a bonfire with loot nearby. Quickly grab the Special Purification Ampoule to avoid exploding debris made of puppet parts. Continue down the ravine-like path to find a Clown Brawler Puppet. Beware of its Electric Shock status and speedy rocket punches. Get Legion Caliber after eliminating this enemy

Follow the path until it splits. Take the right path, defeat the Puppet Riflemen, and get the Legion Magazine. Go back and cross the wooden bridge quickly. Inside the keep, defeat the Puppet Swordsman guarding the circular stairs. Grab the Half Moonstone nearby. If you want to explore the lower section, defeat the Large Puppet Worker for an Attribute Resistance Ampoule, Crescent Moonstone, and Star Fragment. You can also find a Radiant Ergo Fragment and Throwing Cell nearby.

To complete the section, head to the upper area and defeat x3 Puppet Swordsmen. Be careful not to fall. Collect the Special Resistance Ampoule and exit the keep. Grab the Chains before activating the switch for the mine cart. Defeat the Puppet Swordsman with a flaming sword and collect the Star Fragment. Grab the chest for the Recharged Amulet. Head back to the switch and activate the switch, the cart will move and slam itself into the barricaded wall. Destroying it afterward. This then unlocks a shortcut to the Barren Swamp Entrance where you first access the Stargazer in this area. Replenish your consumables if you want before proceeding.

We're headed to the Stargazer for the second time in this area. Once you get there, restock your weapons and supplies. After that, take the shortcut path and turn right towards Alidoro. You can speak to him if you want to buy Special Weapons. When you're ready to move on, cross the wooden bridge and pick up an Electric Blitz Canister. You'll encounter some enemies on the way, including x3 Headless Puppets and x2 Puppet Dogs. Be careful of the first Puppet Dog on the cliffs, as it might ambush you. Lure it away, then take care of the other enemies. Once you've defeated them all, pick up the nearby loot, which is a Crescent Moonstone.

Follow the path to a wide-open area with dead puppet bodies. Get Vivid Ergo Fragment near the tree. Be careful of enemies and cannon fire. Defeat x1 Blank Puppet and get Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Hug the left part walls and find x2 Blank Crawling Puppets. Pick up x1 Radiant Ergo Fragment.

Follow the swamp to a cave with an elite enemy, and defeat it to get a Star Fragment. Pick up a Gemini's Emergency Protection. Reach another Stargazer, and grab the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant nearby. Activate Barren Swamp Stargazer, and talk to Broken Puppet to activate a side quest. Refer to the Quests Page for more info. Tackle the dump site.

Return to the dumpsite and skip the enemies to reach the tower entrance. Use the exploding barrels to pre-emptively take out the x1 Puppet Swordsman and x1 Puppet Dog. Take the Radiant Ergo Fragment before climbing the ladder to the top of the tower. Defeat the puppet operating the cannon and get the Live Puppet's Axe Blade and Live Puppet's Axe Handle from the chest. Head back to the dumpsite and find a Sharp Pipe and Half Moonstone.

Return to Barren Swamp Stargazer by heading straight to the other exit. Along the way, defeat enemies on your left and watch out for a cannon on a tower. Collect Fable Catalyst and Dim Ergo Fragment, and look for x2 Dimensional Butterflies that drop Stabilized Alchemical Booster and Alchemical Booster. A shack is nearby.

Inside the Shack, get Experiment Report of Order - Test Subject 890 and Crescent Moonstone. Head to the lower part of the shack by accessing the ladder and defeat the Owl Doctor. Wait for him to attack first and then counter. After defeating him, get Owl Doctor's Mask.

After defeating the Doctor, explore the dump site. Take out the nearest Puppet of the Future, then head to the second and collect a Cluster Grenade, Half Moonstone, and Resplendent Ergo Fragment along the way. A Dimensional Butterfly will spawn nearby, that drops a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant. Defeat the second Puppet of the Future to get a Quartz. To enter the tower, spawn a Dimensional Butterfly, kill it, and get a Motivity Crank. Pick up a Sawtoothed Wheel near the gate.

Pick up a Vivid Ergo Fragment ahead. There's another loot guarded by two Blank Puppets on higher ground, get a Sharp Pipe after dealing with them. Spawn a Dimensional Butterfly nearby for a Balance Crank. Let's now enter the Ravine.

Follow the pathway from the Barren Swamp Stargazer to reach the Barren Swamp Ravine. Proceed carefully, as the layout can be confusing. As you move forward, you'll encounter the first areas of the ravine. Be cautious of Human Carcasses in this area. Pick them one by one slowly and you'll be safe. There will be two Human Carcasses at the start. After defeating them, you'll see two items to collect. One is on the lift and the other is nearby. Let's grab the closer one first. The loot on the opposite side contains a Crescent Moonstone. You can jump to the lift to reach the other loot, which is a Fire Canister. Once you have the item, jump to the next platform. Climb the ladder to find a Star Fragment in the open space below the locked Stargazer Shortcut. Return to the ladder you used to access the lower part of the structure. There's a wooden bridge near another shack, which is our next destination. Be careful, as the middle of the bridge will collapse. Inside the shack, you'll find a Radiant Ergo Fragment.

Follow the path, which splits in two. First, go left and cross the long wooden platform. Be careful with the enemies here due to the explosive barrels. Draw them to a safe spot and deal with them one by one. Once clear, open the treasure chest to find a Legion Caliber. Return to the split path and climb the ladder. This will lead you to the necessary Stargazer. You'll see a loot on a plank. Carefully hop to it, but be aware some parts may break. Obtain a Gemini's Iron Protection. Jump to the nearest platform to get back on track safely. Climb the ladder to the Stargazer shortcut once more. Notice another loot on the nearest lift. Hop on and get a Special Resistance Ampoule. Return to the original platform, go to the upper section, and finally, activate the Barren Swamp Ravine Stargazer to unlock the shortcut.

After restocking, let's move on to the next area. Return to the ladder and descend. We'll be going deeper into the Ravine. Go through the opening near the ladder. Once inside the cave, to your left, grab an Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Watch out for rolling debris and proceed carefully. Continue along the only available pathway. A Dimensional Butterfly will also appear and defeating it rewards you with an Advance Crank. To navigate safely, find hiding spots or cover along the narrow paths to avoid the rolling debris. Keep going and pick up a Vivid Ergo Fragment along the way. Wait for the debris to pass before moving forward. You'll come across two Human Carcasses on the cliffs along with a Dimensional Butterfly. Deal with them and obtain a Half Moonstone from the Butterfly. Follow the path and eventually find an Electric Blitz Abrasive.

A short distance away, you'll find a Dim Ergo Chunk to collect. Look across the cliff and you'll see a safe jump-down point to reach lower areas. Do so and you'll encounter a Dimensional Butterfly that drops a Half Moonstone. Follow the path to a spacious area where the cave exit is located. On your left, there's a Mutated Bear. Be cautious, it tends to charge. Time your attacks well and you should defeat it without much trouble. It'll drop a Star Fragment when defeated. Also, open the nearby chest for an Arch Disruption Cartridge. Return to the exit and spot a ladder on your right. This is a shortcut leading to the Barren Swamp Ravine Stargazer.

Go left and spot a shack with a lamp. Be cautious, an enemy will ambush you as you approach. Take out the Puppet with a propane tank, then open the chest for a City Longspear Blade and Handle. Leave the shack and grab a Vivid Ergo Fragment nearby. Keep following the path past the shack. Here, you'll face a tough opponent, the Kid Puppet. It's strong and has high HP, so plan your attacks and be patient. Watch out for its grab attacks, as they deal heavy damage. After defeating it, you'll get a Leaping Amulet and a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant. Don't forget to pick up a Carcass Body Fluid Bottle nearby.

Follow the path, which leads to the previously inaccessible tower. Inside, you'll find a Dim Ergo Fragment. On the lower floor, activate a switch to unlock the gate, providing a quick route back to a Stargazer if needed. Return to collect another Dim Ergo Fragment. Take the ladder near the tower entrance this time. You'll reach the second cannon and the Puppet operating it. Dispose of both. There's a ladder that takes you to the other side of the tower. Follow the straight path until you reach a series of long wooden bridges. Ignore the explosion from Krat Central Station for now and keep going. After the last wooden bridge, turn left and activate the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer.

We're nearing the end of this level, getting ready to face the main boss of Barren Swamp. Follow the path from the Stargazer to reach the boss arena. Before entering, consider summoning a Specter for an advantage in battle. Once inside, a cutscene will play. This Green Monster of the Swamp poses a significant challenge. It has high health and a range of attacks, including charges, rakes, and tentacle whips. What makes it particularly tough is its second form. After defeating its initial form, it revives using a puppet's body, becoming the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster. This form gains new moves like stomps and lunges and is notably faster. For detailed strategies on how to defeat this boss, refer to our Bosses page.

When you successfully defeat this boss, it will drop Golden Ergo and a Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter's Ergo. To continue, speak to Alidoro and he will give you his thanks for helping him complete all the special weapons. He also mentioned that he will see you back at Hotel Krat. After speaking to Alidoro, Activate the Barren Swamp Nest Stargazer before moving forward.

After speaking to Alidoro, you'll find a cave. Before heading to the lower levels, jump off the cliff to get an Acid Canister. Proceed along the path and face two Blank Puppets. Defeat them and reach a platform with a ladder. Descend and collect the nearest loot, a Legion Magazine. You'll face a tough enemy resembling a Muscular Woman Puppet, favoring melee attacks. Despite high HP, dodge its fast moves and you'll succeed. Upon defeat, it drops an Attribute Resistance Ampoule.

Continue forward, and you'll come across a Dim Ergo Fragment. Keep following the path until you reach a tunnel with iron doors. It's the only way to go. Proceed through the tunnel and climb the ladder at the end. When you reach the top, turn around 180 degrees. There's a secret area where you can find the Frayed Notebook collectible. Afterward, return to the ladder and this time, head in the opposite direction. As you move forward, an earthquake will be triggered.

After the split in the path, be aware that the water can cause Decay. Head left, traverse through the water, and find a Saw Blade at the end. Return to the starting point and go right. This will take you to a train car, leading to Krat Central Station. Be cautious of encountering many Carcasses. At the platform's end, near the train car, collect the Bloody Letter. Use the open train car entrance to cross to the other side. Inside, grab the Attribute Resistance Ample from the ground, but be mindful of a Carcass. Proceed to the station's inner section, where you'll hear a voice prompting you to investigate a phenomenon. Continue, and you'll eventually reach the Krat Central Station Platform Stargazer.

Lies of P Krat Central Station (Collapsed) Walkthrough Quick Navigation

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Location Name

  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


Description and Guided Information Goes Here

Relic of Trismegistus

main relic of trismegistus location walkthrough lies of p wiki guide 300px min

  1. Activate Stargazer: Relic of Trismegistus Entrance
  2. Obtain Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  3. Clear x3 Dimensional Butterfly
  4. Obtain Technique Crank & Star Fragment
  5. Clear Marching Band Puppet for Iron Wall Amulet
  6. Loot chest for Cursed Knight's Halberd
  7. Solve Arlecchino's riddle for The Chosen One's Trinity Key
  8. Boss Battle: Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  9. Activate StargazerRelic of Trismegistus Combat Field
  10. Speak to Alidoro
  11. Obtain Collectible: The Great Venigni and Pistris the Submarine
  12. Activate Submarine


After emerging from the elevators through the secret passage in Hotel Krat that led you down, activate the entrance Stargazer just ahead. Pick the Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant to the side of the elevator. Head down through the passage behind the waterfall and clear the Dimensional Butterflies in the area. Obtain Technique Crank & Star Fragment. Both will be on the ledges of the cliff. The star fragment will be on the ledge at the opposite slope where the fire projectiles will be. Be careful of the puppets in the area. Once you've taken the Star Fragment, you can go back and begin descending to the lower levels. You will be met with a Marching Band Puppet emerging from an archway. Defeat it to obtain the Iron Wall Amulet. Loot the chest in the area and it will contain a Cursed Knight's Halberd. When you are done here, head through the arch where the Marching Band Puppet emerged from. Continue descending down the slope. Keep left to find another telephone; Arlecchino's final riddle. Eventually, it will lead to a yes or no question.

 "Is Geppeto's creation a killer? CONFESS!"

  • Yes
  • No 

Answer "Yes" and will it give you The Chosen One's Trinity Key. Head back and take the other route to continue descending down. Clear the puppets in your way. There will be more fire projectiles in this area. Pick up the Vivid Ergo Crystal. Drop down to the lower platform and you will also find a Half Moonstone along with another corrupted fiend and a corrupted dog. There will be a chest down here with a Legion Caliber and a Half Moonstone on top of the singular pillar. Once you are done here, you can move on to the next set of stairs. You'll find a summoning pool leading up to the next boss area. Clear the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in a Boss fight. 

Once they're cleared you can activate the Combat Field Stargazer and move on through the next passage that will eventually lead to Alidoro. Speak to him then continue down the path until you reach the dock. Loot the collectible: The Great Venigni and Pistris the Submarine on the dock by the metal barrels and activate the lever to compete the area. This will trigger the next cutscene revealing the Submarine that will take you to the Black Seaside

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Black Seaside

black seaside arche abbey location gpr walkthrough lies of p wiki guide 300px1 min

  1. Speak to Sophia
  2. View all snow scenes
  3. Loot corpses
  4. Activate Stargazer: Black Seaside


The Black Seaside covers the area leading to the Arche Abbey Entrance. Players will need to visit a series of scenes moulded in the snow in order to complete this section of the game. After players disembark the submarine, a scene begins with Sophia and will receive a Resplendent Ergo Chunk. Continue to the next scene nearby while searching the area for bodies with loot. Each scene will appear in chronological order until the last scene which will glow in red. Once players have completed interacting and listening to all the scenes play out, the final scene should be located to a Stargazer nearby for the Black Seaside location. Continue walking ahead and you will soon enter the Arche Abbey Entrance Location. The Arche Abbey walls will be surrounded by Scorpion Tail Carcass and protected by incoming projectiles. Clear the way and make your way toward the walls. 


Arche Abbey Entrance

entrance arche abbey location walkthrough lies of p wiki guide 300px2 min

  1. Enter the Arche Abbey
  2. Loot the Wall
  3. Obtain Collectible: So Said Pistris II
  4. Defeat the Door Guardian
  5. Use the High-level Alchemist Badge
  6. Activate Stargazer: Arche Abbey Entrance
  7. Use the High-level Alchemist Badge again
  8. Ascend the scaffolding structures
  9. Loot: Venigni's Urgent Repair Tool, a Star Fragment and Special Resistance Ampoule 
  10. Cross the bridge 
  11. Loot the Chest: Veteran's Amulet
  12. Activate Stargazer: Arche Abbey Outer Wall


Upon reaching the Arche Abbey entrance, begin fighting your way toward the walls and up the stairs. This area will also be literred with bodies that can be looted for additional Dim Ergo Fragments Vivid Ergo Fragments, an Attribute Purification AmpouleGemini's Emergency Protection a Crescent Moonstone, a Shot Put and other Materials. A table on the outer entrance will have So Said Pistris II that can be looted as a collectible. Search the wall edges to pick up a Fable Catalyst and a Thermite. Once you're done with the surrounding area an exterior area, proceed up the stairs to enter the Arche Abbey. The top will lead into a chamber where a Bosses battle against the Door Guardian will begin. Defeat him to obtain the High-level Alchemist Badge required to open the next set of doors. Use the badge on the doors and activate the next Stargazer for the entrance.

Continue down the entrance path and ascend the stairs ahead to use the High-level Alchemist Badge and activate the submerged wooden platforms. Once you've used the badge to reveal the new bridges and platforms, head back down and cross them. Watch out for the different Carcass and more scorpion tail carcass in the area. Loot the scaffolding platform as you ascend the ladders and cross the bridges. You should be able to pick up Venigni's Urgent Repair Tool, a Star Fragment and Special Resistance Ampoule. Then up ahead, there will be a ramp leading down where you can press a button. Once you've activated the button, head back up and make your way toward the large set of stairs across the wooden platform.There will be a Saw Blade behind a spike barrier where the missile launcher is. Once this area is cleared, 

Climb the stairs and pick up the Cluster Grenade. Clear the enemies on the bridge and begin crossing. Loot the chest in the middle of the large bridge to obtain the Veteran's Amulet. Continue crossing and take the ladder to the right up. This will lead you to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. 


Arche Abbey Outer Wall

outer wall arche abbey location gpr walkthrough lies of p wiki guide 300px4 min

  1. Loot: Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant 
  2. Clear out Decay Fog and Carcass
  3. Loot: Acid Abrasive & Carcass Body Fluid Bottle 
  4. Loot Collectible: Bundle of Old Letters
  5. Clear Dimensional Butterfly for Full Moonstone of the Covenant
  6. Loot Venigni's Urgent Repair Tool 
  7. Unlock Shortcut
  8. Loot: Shot Put
  9. Loot: Special Purification Ampoule
  10. Loot Collectible: First Discovery, Camille
  11. Loot Chest: Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade
  12. Activate Gap Platform with High-level Alchemist Badge
  13. Loot Chest: LADA F350 Frame
  14. Unlock Shortcut
  15. Loot: Acid Canister & Electric Blitz Abrasive
  16. Loot: Fable Catalyst and Resplendent Ergo Chunk
  17. Loot Gemini's Iron Protection & Legion Caliber
  18. Use The Chosen One's Trinity Key
  19. Speak to Arlecchino: Obtain Alchemist's Cape & Quartz.
  20. Speak to Test Subject 826: Obtain Happy dialogue
  21. Clear Dimensional Butterfly for x1 Full Moonstone
  22. Interact with Black Cat: Obtain Black Cat's Mask


Continue through the corridor where the Outer Wall Stargazer was activated. Turn out to the outer wall ledges and there will be a carcass and a Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant you can loot. Drop down to the lower and clear the Decay fog by destroying the spores. Defeat the carcass in the area and loot Acid Abrasive & Carcass Body Fluid Bottle

Take the ladder on this level up into a room with a pile of books and pick up a Bundle of Old Letters. Continue to the next room and a Dimensional Butterfly will appear which will drop a Full Moonstone of the Covenant. Clear and Loot the Chapel and surrounding rooms for Venigni's Urgent Repair Tool before taking the stairs to the next area. You can then turn right toward the outer ledges and follow the ledges back. It will lead you towards an unlockable door that will take you back to the Outer Wall Stargazer so you can use this doorway as a shortcut to this area. Unlock the door and head back to where you turned out. 

Head back to where you took the stairs up from the chapel and head straight this time to reach the altar. Pick up the Shot Put, then continue up the stairs. There will be a room to the left with a Special Purification Ampoule you can pick up. Go back out and head straight this time to pick up a Collectible: First Discovery, Camille at the corner by the bookshelves. Continue up the stairs and clear more Scorpion tail carcass. Enter the next room and loot the chest to obtain Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade. Then take the next exit and you'll find your way outside. 

From the outside, you may see more loot on the lower floor. You can drop down from the platform ahead to pick up  Special Resistance Ampoule and a Full Moonstone of the Covenant. You can then make your way back up to where you were and take the stairs instead. This will lead you to a large gap with a badge symbol on the ground. Turn around and there will be an entryway heading back in with another set of stairs. There is a trap on the wall that will extend forward, so wait for it to retract. Make your way all the way up and finally, there will be a base platform where you can use your High-level Alchemist Badge. This will extend the platforms below filling in the large gap. Drop down to a ledge. There will be a Gemini's Iron Protection you can pick up. 

Now, you can also cross the gap. Watch out for missiles. Clear the enemies and loot the chest as you progress to obtain: LADA F350 Frame. Continue forward till you reach the area with a missile launcher, a set of stairs heading down and a ladder leading up. You should be able to see a button from here. Make your way down to the button and press it to release the ladder to the activated stargazer so you unlock a new shortcut. You can also loot an Acid Canister & Electric Blitz Abrasive on the ledges where the button is when you drop down on the beam. 

Once you've unlocked the shortcut, make your way back up and to where the missile launcher was and take the ladder all the way up. This will lead you to a room with arches. Loot the Full Moonstone across by taking the left path. Watch out for traps. Then take the route on the right to find the stairs heading to the lower level. Loot the Fable Catalyst and Resplendent Ergo Chunk and watch out for the Enemies on this floor. 

Then hit the button to the lower floor. Loot Gemini's Iron Protection & Legion Caliber ont his floor before dropping down to the lowest level. This is where you will find the door where you can use the The Chosen One's Trinity Key. Answer  Arlecchino's riddle to gain the Alchemist's Cape and a Quartz. Then exit and locate the elevator. There are two elevators on this floor. One in the main area and one in a corridor across. This will lead to Test Subject 826 where you can exhaust his dialogue and gain the Happy gesture. After this interaction, he will move to Rosa Isabelle Street once you defeat Laxasia the Complete. You can travel there from any Stargazer to continue his questline and access his Merchant stock. 

Once you are done here, go back and take the other elevator up. Hit the button on this floor to drop the ladder. Clear the Dimensional Butterfly on this level to gain a Full Moonstone. Take the next set of stairs and loot the Electric Blitz Canister. Speak to Black Cat. Give him a Gold Coin Fruit to gain Black Cat's Mask and avoid a fight or refuse and fight him for the mask.


Arche Abbey Broken Rift

broken rift arche abbey location gpr walkthrough lies of p wiki guide 300px6 min

  1. Loot Gemini's Emergency Protection
  2. Ascend on the Wooden Lift
  3. Activate StargazerArche Abbey Broken Rift
  4. Loot Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant,  Fire AbrasiveAttribute Resistance AmpouleHalf Moonstone
  5. Loot: Dim Ergo Crystal 
  6. Push the button to release Ladder
  7. Loot Chest: Mechanical Cryptic Vessel.
  8. Pull the Lever to raise the gates
  9. Head to the newly opened area
  10. Loot:  Special Purification Ampoule
  11. Defeat the Elite Puppet Monkey
  12. Clear Dimensional Butterfly for  Balance Crank.
  13. Push the button to release Ladder
  14. Clear  Dimensional Butterfly for Half Moonstone
  15. Loot: Half Moonstone
  16. Loot Chest: Red Fox's Amulet
  17. Loot Chest: Quartz
  18. Deactivate Spikes
  19. Loot Carcass Body Fluid Bottle
  20. Take Elevator
  21. Activate StargazerArche Abbey Prayer Room


When you're through with the interaction with Black Cat, take a left through the next corridor and loot the area underneath the wooden lift outside for Gemini's Emergency Protection. Then take the lift to the next Stargazer: Arche Abbey Broken Rift. Take the lift. Loot the Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant  and take the stairs up then loot the Dim Ergo Crystal and an Electric Blitz Canister on the upper floor accessed via a ladder. There is a button at the end of the path to release the next ladder. Clear the Jester Puppet on this level then loot the chest for a Mechanical Cryptic Vessel.

Take another set of stairs up and pull the lever on this floor. Loot the Star Fragment at the end of the path. Now make your way all the way back down to where the scene showed the gates lifting and enter the newly opened room. Loot the  Special Purification Ampoule. Defeat the Puppet Monkey to clear the way to the ladder. Take the ladder up. There will be another Dimensional Butterfly that will drop a Balance Crank. Clear the enemies in the area and mak your way through. Take the stairs and loot the Half Moonstone and release the button creating a shortcut to the Broken Rift Stargazer.

Take the Resplendent Ergo Chunk and continue to make your way up to the highest platform which will then lead to the next area where you start descending. Clear the way and another Dimensional Butterfly will appear that will drop Half Moonstone. Loot the Half Moonstone and continue to descend. Loot the rest chest for Red Fox's Amulet. Continue through the wooden structures then take a ladder down and loot the Full Moonstone. Turn into a room with falling spikes. Cross the path and loot the chest at the end for a Quartz. Then pull the lever to deactivate the spikes on the way back. Follow the stars up and clear the enemy that will bust through the walls. Take the ladder up and loot the Carcass Body Fluid Bottle. Take the elevator in the room to ascend to the Arche Abbey Prayer Room where a new repairable Stargazer will be. Repair the Stargazer and Summon a Specter if needed in this room for the next boss fight. 


Arche Abbey Upper Part

upper inside arche abbey location gpr walkthrough lies of p wiki guide 300px3 min

  1. Defeat Laxasia The Complete
  2. Activate Stargazer: Ascension Bridge
  3. Cross Bridge
  4. Let Sophie live or Give her Peace
  5. Activate Stargazer: Arche Abbey Upper Part- Inside
  6. Loot: Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant 
  7. Loot: Half Moonstone
  8. Loot: Special Resistance Ampoule & Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  9. Loot: Cat Dust and Special Purification Ampoule
  10. Loot: Full Moonstone
  11. Interact with Red Fox: Obtain Red Fox's Mask 
  12. Free Geppetto
  13. Activate StargazerArche Abbey Upper Part - Internal Bridge
  14. Loot: Sharp Pipe
  15. Loot Chest: Assassin's Amulet
  16. Loot: Star Fragment
  17. Loot: Advance Crank
  18. Loot Chest: Legion Caliber
  19. Loot: Dim Ergo Crystal
  20. Loot: Acid Abrasive and a Balance Crank
  21. Loot CollectibleSo Said Pistris III


Enter the next room after activating the prayer room Stargazer to face Laxasia The Complete. Clear the fight and activate the next Stargazer. Speak to Sophia and decide her fate. Loot the  Half Moonstone then move on to the next ara. It will lead to a corridor. Clear the enemies here then loot the Full Moonstone of the Covenant. Activate the next Stargazer around the corner for the Arche Abbey Upper Part - Inside. Take the spiral staircase up and enter the room. Loot the corner for a Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant then take the stairs up and clear the area here. Loot the Half Moonstone in the corner before moving on. Enter the next area through the arch and loot the base of the stairs for a Dim Ergo Crystal. Clear the area and pick up a Special Resistance Ampoule closer to the stairs and another Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant next to the next set of stairs as you leave.

Up ahead is an enemy with a chest containing a Quartz. Clear it and take the left and loot the  Fable Catalyst by the brazier before entering the next archway. here will be a Half Moonstone at the base of the stairs you descended from. Take the next set of stairs and then the ladder to the upper floor. Loot the Full Moonstone of the Covenant then continue up the stairs and pick up Gemini's Emergency Protection.

As you progress, you will be on the upper levels. Be careful not to fall while clearing enemies. Continue on and pick up the Cat Dust and Special Purification Ampoule. Follow the ledges and it will lead back to another opening to the inner side of the tower. Take the ladder up loot the Full Moonstone by the crates and take the ladder across down back to the Stargazer. Unlock the gate to access this shortcut from the stargazer. Head back up via the same elevator and continue to the stairs that will lead you to the Red Fox. Your enounter here depends on your interactions with Black Cat and she will automatically be hostile if you chose to fight him. To avoid a boss battle, give her the Gold Coin Fruit when she requests. Otherwise, face her in battle. You'll get the Red Fox's Mask and be able to pass through the next set of doors either way. 

Head through the next door to the row of cells. Go all the way to the end to find Geppetto and Venigni's Urgent Repair Tool. Unlock his cell and speak to him. You can choose to Lie here when prompted. 

Was I a trustworthy father to you? 

  • Yes (Lie)
  • No

Use the Arche Abbey Passageway Key on the door next to his cell and it will lead you to the next StargazerArche Abbey Upper Part - Internal Bridge. Loot the Sharp Pipe at the other end of the metal platform past the Stargazer. Then go back and follow the ledge to the chest that will contain Assassin's Amulet. Continue down the path and clear the enemies on the floor as you continue. Continue heading up and release the ladder at the top. Look down where the ladder leads and there will be a metal platform in between the level of the stargazer. This will have a Star Fragment. Continue down the path. Loot the metal ledge for an Advance Crank

Cross back to the inner area and climb he stairs. Continue across the metal beams heading forward then cross the bridge heading to the outer area. There will be a chest here containing a Legion Caliber. There will be a Dim Ergo Crystal for you to loot as you reach the metal platforms. Check each corner at the edges where the metal platforms stick out and you can pick up an Acid Abrasive and a Balance Crank. The archway at the end of the path will lead to a chapel. Loot the CollectibleSo Said Pistris III at the altar. There will also be a Vivid Ergo Crystal outside in the small balcony area connected to the chapel. Exit the chapel through the next archway.


Arche Abbey Cradle of the Gods

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  1. Activate StargazerCradle of the Gods
  2. Loot: Simon Manus's Confession
  3. Defeat Simon Manus, Arm of God
  4. Defeat Simon Manus, Awakened God
  5. Descend to Under the Abyss
  6. Activate Stargazer: Under the Abyss
  7. Interact with Geppetto
  8. Give or refuse to give Geppetto your heart
  9. (Optional) Defeat the Nameless Puppet


Exit the Chapel and continue up to the next Stargazer for the Cradle of the Gods just next to the boss Summoning pool for summoning a Specter. Head out where the red carpet leads before you enter the Boss area to obtain Simon Manus's Confession. When you're ready, head up the stairs to face Simon Manus, Arm of God (Awakened God) for 2 Boss Phases before moving on. Once he is defeated, you will obtain the Fallen One's Ergo and the Arm of God.

After this interaction. you can now stand in the center of the Cradle of the Gods, in the center of the circle of symbols and choose to go down when prompted. Activate the last Stargazer: Under the Abyss. Speak to Geppetto. Your interaction will determine the Ending.

Geppetto requests that you hand him your heart.

Give me your heart, son.

  • Give your heart
  • Refuse

To Achieve the Real Boy Ending, agree to hand over your heart. Refuse and you will need to face another Boss Battle against the Nameless Puppet. View the Endings Guide to see all the conditions of each ending. If you refused, your final task will be to defeat the Nameless Puppet. It will have 2 Boss Phases. After the fight or the interaction with Geppetto. the Ending scene will play out. 


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