Legion Arms in Lies of P is a special equipment used by Pinocchio in combat. The Legion Arm is a prosthetic arm that provides Pinocchio with special moves that he can use when fighting against hostile characters. The Legion Arm consumes a unique MP that is designated for the Legion Arm and it can only be replenished by consuming a certain consumable item or by resting at a Stargazer. There will be more than five Legion Arms that can be found in the game, and players will need to explore various areas within Krat, open vaults, and even discover secrets to acquire a new Legion Arm.

Best Legion Arms in Lies of P

Legion Arms each have their own unique strengths and features. One can be found to suit each playstyle or may even inspire new combat approaches once equipped. 

  • Classic Sword and Shield - Aegis: To regain a sense of the classic souls-like combat weapon combo- a sword and shield, players can opt to equip the Aegis which acts as a shield and allows players to block stronger attacks from large Bosses and Enemies. Offensive features can then be added later on upon upgrade. Unless you perfect the second level the third level will be useless, perhaps I was using it incorrectly/poorly but I could never pull off the counter without the parry.
  • Strategic Combat - Deux Ex Machina: The Deux Ex Machina provides a less aggressive attack option and allows players to assume a strategic position since the effects of this arm are not immediate. Deux Ex Machina gives players the ability to plant mines that blow after a time limit. Players will need to anticipate the enemies' position and adjust their own position accordingly in attempts to lure opponents within the area of effects to optimize damage output with the Deux Ex Machina. This is a slow progression weapon, meaning, you may be able to set traps but you will be going quite slow while doing so.
  • Ranged Attacks - Falcon Eyes: Fans of ranged attacks can opt for the Falcon Eyes which is essentially a cannon that can fire powerful bullets at a distance for those who do not prefer to run head-first into the heat of battle. This has a downside of stepping back while using so be careful if you want to use it while on a beam or near a ledge as each shot will pull you backward.

falcon eyes effects legion arms lies of p wiki guide 300px min 2 min

  • Dynamic Combat - Puppet String: This allows you to pull enemies in from a distance to do a fatal backstab attack. Take a step forward and get the timing right to achieve these fatal attacks. Also, when fully leveled, you can do an immense set of damage while flinging yourself into the air. It does have an excellent stun ratio on large enemies causing superior stagger or fall and damage. The launch attack will also fully stagger allowing you to close the gap for a fatal attack preparation. It is a quick-to-kill and risky Legion Arm. There are drawbacks as you can rarely get knocked out of the air (Rifleman Puppets especially) or launch yourself into an attack, but that can be avoided by dodging after hooking an enemy with the second level. It does have issues with groups of enemies because of the stunning unless you have level two and dodge to where there isn't an enemy to get in your way then you can usually kill the group with the third-level launch attack. Stairs (so much for the high ground Obi-Wan), walls, or even minute debris or lips will stop you from finishing your launch so BE READY to guard, dodge, or attack. Sometimes it doesn't function correctly but I'd say the benefit outweighs the risk as you learn to use it.

How to Switch/ Modify and Upgrade Legion Arms in Lies of P? 

Players can Switch Legion Arms at any activated Stargazer point. They can be upgraded to have more potent effects or increase their stats. Since they have limited uses and are used as secondary equipment, players will need to restore them once in a while between uses to continue using them by resting at a Stargazer. If there is no nearby Stargazer, players can also save up specific items to restore the Legion arm without having to visit a Stargazer.

How to gain Legion Arms in Lies of P?

Players will be able to use their Legion Arm at the start of the game, beginning with the Left Arm of Steel which can perform powerful melee punches. Legion Arms can be obtained by progressing through the game and speaking with NPCs. Eventually, players will be able to Craft and modify Legion Arms.  

Legion Plug is needed to craft Legion Arms, which can be done at the Venigni Craft Machine. Consume Legion Calibers to modify Legion Arm. 

What are Legion Arms?

Legion Arms are a secondary Weapons Feature aside from your main-hand weapons which usually comprise of combination of a Blade and a Handle. Each Legion Arm will have a unique ability that can be modified or upgraded to enhance its effects. 

Legion Arm is a special equipment that is equipped on the left arm. Each Legion Arm has its own combat ability. 

Legion Arms can be modified into all sorts of forms.  

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Are there Different Legion Arms?

From executing a powerful strike — to charging and releasing a short-range electric shock that briefly stuns enemies, a flamethrower arm that allows Pinocchio to burn enemies that are caught within the flame, transforming Pinocchio's left arm into a mini cannon that shoots out an explosive cannon shell that burrows into the enemy and eventually explodes, as well as a Legion Arm that allows Pinocchio to shoot out a wire (just like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat), providing Pinocchio the ability to pull enemies towards him or fly towards the enemy.

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The Legion Arm is surely a unique weapon for Pinocchio to use in combat and gives the character justice for being a customizable mechanoid puppet. It is important to note that each Legion Arm can be upgraded by using a material called Quenching Stones, and by doing so, upgrading a Legion Arm will unlock more effects, increased stats, and additional abilities. And of course, equipping a certain Legion Arm will temporarily modify Pinocchio's stats such as improving his attributes and adding more weight to his frame.


Lies of P All Legion Arms

Lies of P All Legion Arms Comparison Table
Lies of P All Legion Arms Gallery


Lies of P Legion Arms Table

Name Weight ATK Type Ability Scaling Description
aegis legion arm lies of p wiki guide


Physical ATK: 105+92

Motivity: B

Technique: B

Advance: D

A Legion Arm that can block enemy attacks with your left arm. When it receives a blow, the embedded device explodes and deals damage to the enemy. Pulse Cells were invented with the idea of converting external impact into accumulated energy. The Aegis is the Workshop Union's creation that explored this principle most aggressively.

deus ex machina legion arm lies of p wiki guide
Deus Ex Machina


Physical ATK: 115+96

Motivity: A

Technique: C

Advance: -

A Legion Arm that can install a motion-sensing landmine. When the landmine is buried in the ground, it explodes upon enemy detection. Originally, this explosive device was created to blast bedrock. Once used by laborer puppets, it has been repurposed as a butcher of puppets' armors.

falcon eyes legion arm lies of p wiki guide
Falcon Eyes


Physical ATK: 120+68

Motivity: C

Technique: A

Advance: -

A Legion Arm that fires armor-piercing shells from a distance. The launched shells explode soon after they land. A drill-style bombshell designed to pierce sturdy armor of puppet effectively. Human bodies were unable to withstand the recoil.l.

flamberge legion arm lies of p wiki guide



Fire ATK: 42+39


Motivity: C

Technique: D

Advance: A

A Legion Arm full of burning flames. When its muzzle is opened, it burns the enemies before you. Flames inflict more pain on those with blue blood. This may be because it makes them remember when they were once human.

fulminis legion arm lies of p wiki guide


Electric Blitz ATK: 150+153  

Motivity: B

Technique: D

Advance: B

A Legion Arm that holds powerful electricity. It accumulates Electric Blitz and discharges an electric shock. Lightning has been interpreted as God's authority and fury since ancient times. Now, God's fury descends to the earth, and it is being used to destroy steel monsters.

left arm of steel legion arm lies of p wiki guide
Left Arm of Steel



Physical ATK: 120+85

Motivity: B

Technique: B

Advance: -

Left-hand parts made of metal. It throws forward strong punches. Left-hand parts made with exquisite detail. They do not have special powers. Geppetto's name is faintly engraved on them.
pandemonium legion arm lies of p wiki guide



Acid ATK: 50+39


Motivity: D

Technique: C

Advance: A

A Legion Arm that fires a sticky acidic substance. It corrodes enemies that step into the wide pool of acid it creates. A Legion Arm that collects Carcass corpses to extract their acidic body fluid. It is not yet known why bodies corrupted by Ergo produce this corrosive substance.

puppet string legion arm lies of p wiki guide
Puppet String


Physical ATK: 69+50  

Motivity: C

Technique: A

Advance: D

A Legion Arm that can release a wire. It can be strung around an enemy to drag it toward you or to move you toward it. Stalkers devised a tool that increases their mobility during combat with puppets. The wire instantly narrows the distance between one and one's enemy, but it cannot guarantee one's safety afterward.

Lies of P All Legion Arms Gallery

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