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The magic of the Blue Fairy resonates around this mechanism called the Stargazer.

Stargazers are checkpoints in Lies of P. The Stargazer is a key feature of the many locations of the game since it grants various effects, customization, and progression when used. Stargazers are normally found as broken devices that are engulfed with a blue aura, and players will need to approach and interact with them to restore the device. Just like any Souls-like game, the Stargazer functions just like how Bonfires worked in the Dark Souls series.


Can feel the power of Ergo here.


Stargazer Effects In Lies Of P

Using an active Stargazer grants the following effects:

  • Fully restores Pinocchio's health
  • Refills Pulse Cells
  • Common Enemies around the area respawn.
  • Fable slots do not replenish when using a Stargazer.
  • Upon death, respawns at the last Stargazer used.
  • Players cannot use a Stargazer if they are in combat near it or if an aggro'd enemy is around the stargazer.
  • After activating a Stargazer, players can freely teleport between each activated Stargazer, allowing them to travel quickly between the game's locations. Any events or NPCs at a Stargazer's locations will be noted when hovering over it in the teleport menu.


Stargazer Menu Options in Lies of P

By activating and using a Stargazer, players can choose the following actions from the Stargazer's menu option:

  • Teleport to another Stargazer: Travel to another activated Stargazer, anywhere on the map.
  • Level Up: Players can use resources to upgrade Pinocchio's stats.
  • Switch Legion Arm: Players can change the secondary weapon of Pinocchio, this prosthetic arm called the Legion Arm.
  • Assemble Weapons: Mix and Match different blades or handles to forge a new weapon based on your preference.
  • Switch Grindstone of Grinder: Equip or change Grindstones for the Grinder item.
  • Switch the Cube's Wishstone: Equip or change Wishstones for the Cube item.
  • Use Storage: Sort out your inventory, move any unwanted items from your belt or pouch to the storage box, or take out any items from the box and move them to Pinocchio's stash.



Stargazer Locations in Lies of P


Malum District

Grand Exhibition

Barren Swamp


Relic of Trismegistus

Arche Abbey

  • Black Seaside
  • Arche Abbey Entrance
  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall
  • Arche Abbey Broken Rift
  • Arche Abbey Prayer Room
  • Ascension Bridge
  • Arche Abbey Upper Part - Inside
  • Arche Abbey Upper Part - Internal Bridge
  • Arche Abbey Cradle of the Gods
  • Under the Abyss


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