Crafting and Upgrades in Lies of P is a relevant game feature in most Souls-like games where players can level up, improve, and forge various aspects in the game. This feature allows players to create their own set of items using a combination of Materials collected, as well as upgrading certain equipment such as Weapon Blades and Handles. This page covers the crafting materials required for certain items and equipment, how to begin or unlock the crafting and upgrading feature if required, and what items can be crafted or upgraded through this method.

Crafting & Upgrade Progression in Lies of P

Lies of P is heavily inspired by FromSoftware titles thus, it is expected that most of the mechanics from the past Soulsborne titles can also be found in the game. From character progression to weapon upgrades, one can see the DNA of a Soulslike game right off the bat. This page covers almost all of the essential features that a player should know, especially when starting the game. Know how to level up Pinocchio to be stronger in general, determine how to upgrade weapons, and know more about the unique arsenal of Legion Arms, or dive in and determine the benefits of P-Organ System provides.

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Lies of P Crafting and Upgrades Guide

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Leveling in Lies of P

To succeed in the game, it is vital that players keep their character properly leveled up, as demonstrated by the examples of Bloodborne and Dark Souls or the Soulslike Genre in general. Paying attention to increasing P's Stats works in the same manner as leveling him up. This means that every stat that players increase also increases Pinocchio's level. The very same staple mechanic of the genre. Items like Pulse Cells, and Equipment such as Legion Arms and Weapons are great avenues to focus on however, the core progression of Pinocchio lies in his current level or stats.

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Not only does having more stats increase the protagonist's combat prowess, but knowing the effectiveness of each Stat is a must as it defines the player's build. We have dedicated a page explaining how each Status affects Pinocchio. To access it, please click the image leveling header above or click here to be directed to the page.

What is Ergo in Lies of P?

Ergo is a currency that is available in the game for players to acquire through various means. With Ergo, players can purchase new equipment, materials, and services from merchants that will help them in their journey through the game. The currency is essential in the game as it provides players with the ability to upgrade and enhance their gameplay experience. Ultimately, the amount of Ergo a player possesses can be used to level up Pinocchio by allocating additional Stats.

How To Level Up in Lies of P?

Stargazers are a crucial element in the game. They are broken devices and players need to approach and interact with them to restore the device. This process is not an easy feat, as players may face challenges, such as enemies or environmental obstacles before finding and activating one. Upon activating a Stargazer, players can take advantage of a handful of features such as fast-traveling however, we would like to focus on Leveling. Players can level up Pinocchio by interacting with Stargazers with the use of accumulated Ergo after defeating enemies. Players can use it to add stat points to their desired stats to increase their combat prowess.


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What is P-Organ in Lies of P?

The P-Organ in Lies of P is an upgrade system that enhances stats and grants effects for Pinocchio. It has various categories, like strengthening the Pulse Cell, expanding Fable Slots, granting Quick Recovery, and more. On each node, players can select an empty slot and choose abilities from their pool. Socketing skills require Quartz currency. Once all slots are filled, players unlock the general bonus ability or skill of the selected node. The system allows players to take advantage of the P-Organ's higher Phases to gain better or stronger skills once they fully unlock at least two nodes of a certain phase. 

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How to Access The P-Organ System?

Once players emerge victorious in the battle against the Scrapped Watchman located in Krat City Hall, they will soon come across Gepetto's workshop, situated on the second floor of Hotel Krat. Players can access the P-Organ System by interacting with Gepetto's specially designed chair once the dialogue concludes.

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P-Organ Abilities in Lies of P

To excel in the game, it is crucial to know how to acquire new abilities, which can be earned by utilizing Quartz - a valuable resource throughout the game. Once you have accumulated Quartz, you must use it to slot an ability on a node in P-Organ, a key feature that allows you to customize your character's abilities. There is a vast array of Ability selections and these abilities are categorized under Attack, Survival, Ability, and Item Type. Each has its unique effects.

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Possible P-Organ Upgrades

The P-Organ System grants various upgrades that drastically improve P's combat prowess. There is a handful of upgrades to choose from that heighten or define character builds, providing another layer of customization. Here are some of the examples of the P-Organ Upgrade Nodes that players can take advantage of. These are just samples and it is worth noting that we have made a dedicated page explaining how P-Organ works. Click the image P-Organ Image header above or click here to visit the page.


Ability Name Effect
Increase Pulse Cells 1 Increases the maximum number of Pulse Cells uses.
Add Amulet Slots 1 Increases the number of amulet equippable slots.



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Weapon System in Lies of P

Weapons in Lies of P play a pivotal role in Pinocchio's journey. This is the main factor that determines the protagonist's overall combat prowess. The stronger the weapon, the higher the chances that players may overcome their adversaries. Lies of P added a twist on the said weapons. With that being said, it is expected that the whole Weapon System has its depth that players need to understand and explore to fully utilize this feature. For a detailed explanation of this feature, we have dedicated a page for Weapons. Click the Weapons Logo above or click here to be directed to the page.

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What is Weapon Assembly in Lies of P?

Weapon Assembly is a must-know feature in Lies of P that enables players to disassemble a weapon and mix and match Blades and Handles. Each type of Blade and Weapon Handle corresponds to unique stats and traits making them viable in both niche and viable situations. Thus, it is recommended that players need to be creative and observe every one of them to exploit its advantages. 

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Upgrading Blades in Lies of P

In Lies of P, upgrading Weapon Blades is a must for players who want to empower their Attack Power. This feature is accessible only after reaching Hotel Krat and speaking to Eugénie. Normal weapon Blades can be upgraded up to +10, and each level requires a certain amount of Ergo and different types of Moonstones (Hidden Moonstone to +3, Crescent Moonstone to +6, Half Moonstone to +9, and Full Moonstone for +10.)

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Altering Weapon Handle Basics

In addition to other weapon upgrades, Eugenie allows players to modify weapon handles, altering their properties based on the player character's default abilities. Each alteration can upgrade a handle's properties and grade; however, if the player is not satisfied with the stats given by an alteration, they can use a Balance Crank to reset the upgrade. This feature is a must if a player desires to tailor their weapons according to their builds.

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What Are Special Weapons in Lies of P?

In Lies of P, Special Weapons commonly known as Boss Weapons are unique equipment that players can get by exchanging a special type of Ergo from a defeated boss. Note that special weapons cannot be disassembled but can be upgraded using resources. Boss weapons feature unique Fable Arts and designs that have some connection to their boss, either a similarity to the weapon they use, a thematic parallel, or a lore connection. Special weapons are upgraded using Dark Moon Moonstones of the Covenant and Full Moonstones of the Covenant.

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Two Dragons Sword


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Holy Sword of the Ark



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What are Legion Arms in Lies of P?

A Legion Arm is a crucial piece of equipment in P's arsenal for combat. It serves as a prosthetic arm that provides Pinocchio with powerful movesets to use against hostile characters. But it's important to note that the Legion Arm consumes a unique MP called Legion that can only be replenished by consuming a recovery item that replenishes Legion or resting at a Stargazer. For more information regarding Legion Arms, click the image header above or click here to be directed to the page.

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How to Get More & Modify Legion Arms?

As players traverse the City of Krat, they will eventually find extremely valuable parts from the chest that can eventually be crafted as new Legion Arms. These materials are called Legion Plugs, which can be acquired from chests scattered across the City of Krat while Legion Calibers are being used to modify Legion Arms. Legion Calibers drop from defeating Elite Enemies. A handsome reward for those who dare oppose these perilous enemies.

Changing Legion Arms in Lies of P

There are a lot of Legion Arms in Lies of P and players who manage to craft and acquire a handful of Legion Arms, can change it on the fly by accessing a Stargazer or accessing the Venigni Craft Machine in Hotel Krat near Eugenie's workshop. It is a must to know each Legion Arm's strengths and weaknesses for players to take advantage of this unique arsenal in combat.



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Upgrading Pulse Cells In Lies of P

Pulse Cells are essential consumables in the game Lies of P. They serve as a quick and easy way for players to restore their health during intense battles. The inventory menu is an important tool to manage these items, and players can efficiently track their Pulse Cells under the Usable Items tab. Having the Pulse Cells alone is not enough since players can further increase their efficacy and total number of usage. It is an absolute must to upgrade these cells, especially for beginners.

How to Upgrade Pulse Cells in Lies of P?

Upgrading Pulse Cells in Lies of P can be done by accessing the P-Organ System. This is one of the strong factors why players should pay attention to the P-Organ System. Not only players can acquire powerful combat-related upgrades such as additional dodge mechanics, increased Stagger Window, acquiring an additional Belt Slot, but Pulse Cells upgrades are also can be taken advantage of. Players have the option to increase the number of Pulse Cells that they can carry and also improve its overall efficacy, to the point that having it is a must.

Nodes Effect Phase
increase pulse cells 1 phase one node p organ lies of p wiki guide
Increase Pulse Cells 1
Increases the maximum number of Pulse Cells uses. 1
increases pulse cells 2 phase two node p organ lies of p wiki guide
Increase Pulse Cells 2
Increases the maximum number of Pulse Cells uses. 2
enhance pulse cell recovery 2 phase three node p organ lies of p wiki guide
Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 2
Enhances the recovery effect of the Pulse Cells. 3



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What Are Grindstones in Lies of P?

Grindstones are an indispensable tool for the Grinder, especially when equipped with a Grinder Modification Tool. While repairing the weapon's durability, the Grindstone provides several temporary effects that can significantly improve its performance, including dealing damage with acid, electric blitz, or fire and enhancing guard performances, critical attacks, and stagger attacks. With Grindstones, the Grinder transforms into a powerful weapon capable of unleashing devastating attacks and defending against the most formidable enemies. Another feature that players need to take advantage of, as it can dramatically improve Pinocchio's overall damage output.

How to Get Grindstones in Lies of P?

As soon as players begin the game, they are equipped with the Grinder tool. However, in addition to the Grinder, players have the option to purchase Grindstones from various merchants, such as Pulcinella at the Hotel Krat. These Grindstones can also be obtained by defeating bosses, providing players with an extra edge in their gameplay.


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