Lore for Lies of P covers information related to the story, setting, and the world of the game. It consists of details regarding the game's origin, central locations, and the game's culture, including beings and characters that co-exist within the world of NEOWIZ Game's Lies of P. Lies of P is a dark retelling of the story of the famous puppet, Pinocchio, and it is set in a Belle Époque Era in Europe around the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century. As Pinocchio, you must help him find his creator, Mr. Geppetto, and guide him through an unrelenting journey of becoming a human being. This page covers information regarding the lore and setting for Lies of P.


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Lies of P Lore

Lies of P is inspired by Carlo Collodi's work, whose story focuses on the message that teaches young children to be honest, brave, and loyal. Lies of P is similar to that and darker. The main character, who we all know as just P, is also a puppet much like Pinocchio in the original story. Puppets were created in the city of Krat using the Ergo that was discovered beneath the city. Alchemists were able to harness its power and soon, the puppets were all over Krat bringing prosperity, peace, and advancement.

The puppets are guided by a Grand Covenant that prevents them from attacking humans and lying. However, the peace didn't last long as the puppets began retaliating due to an unknown force. They started attacking humans and things got out of control. P was then created by Geppetto to end the disaster that had befallen their city and this is how the adventures of P will begin.

In the game, it is revealed that despite being based on the Adventures of Pinocchio, P isn't actually Pinocchio. In one of the interactions with Gemini, the cricket reveals that the story exists in the game, and there is a character who is very much obsessed with the fairy tale of a mischievous wooden puppet becoming a real boy through his adventures. 


The Story & Setting of Lies of P

Find Mr. Geppetto. He's here in the city.

Lies of P is set in the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century of the Belle Époque Era in Europe within a city called Krat. The city of Krat was once a beautiful place but has now become lost and turned into a living hell that is filled with unspeakable horrors due to a deadly plague. Krat is featured as a grim city where multiple automatons now roam almost every part of the center, from the streets, rooftops, alleyways, and within buildings. As you start your adventure in Lies of P, you play as the puppet mechanoid Pinocchio who awakens in an abandoned train station not knowing where he has come from and what his purpose is. As we all know the famous fable of Pinocchio, Mr. Geppetto carved a wooden puppet named Pinocchio and was visited by the Blue Fairy who granted Mr. Geppetto's wish by transforming the puppet into a living being, that being said, Pinocchio sets forth into reaching his goal of becoming a real boy.

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Lies of P is inspired by its original story but it is now being told in a dark and gritty way that will leave an unforgettable experience. In Lies of PPinocchio does not know who Mr. Geppetto is but one thing he knows as he reads the note that was left for him is that he must find Mr. Geppetto, and throughout his journey, he will learn about his identity, his capabilities, his purpose, and ultimately reach his goal of becoming a real human being, but it is up to you on how you will guide Pinocchio. Will you be true to yourself and show the people of Krat Pinocchio's true nature or will you lie and do whatever it takes for Pinocchio's dreams to come true?

It depends on the choices you make. Truth or Lie?

Lies of P is loosely based on the original fable of Pinocchio, and in the game, we will see a reimagination of gritty and authentic versions of characters whom we know of, as well as the addition of some new cast. Mr. Geppetto is heavily featured in promotional images and trailers, as well as what seems to be the Blue Fairy and a reenvisioning of the animated film's antagonist, J. Worthington Foulfellow also known as Honest John, will he be the main antagonist of the game or will he be the Patches for Lies of PPinocchio will also have to deal with a group who seems to know about his true nature and is looking forward to being able to capture the mechanoid puppet and brand him as the "Liar".

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Lies of P revolves around Pinocchio's adventure but as you explore the city of Krat, you will encounter various NPCs whom you can choose to interact with and help. This is where the unique Lie System comes into place, your actions and your choice of answers during conversations will heavily affect the player's gameplay and ultimately affect the ending of the game. Will you lie or will you tell the truth? — the choice is entirely yours to make.


Lies of P Inspiration

The story of Lies of P is inspired by the Italian writer, Carlo Collodi's work called The Adventures of Pinocchio, commonly known as just Pinocchio. The story is about an impoverished elderly woodcarver by the name of Mister Geppetto who is also the creator of Pinocchio. In the book, Geppetto visits a carpenter called Antonio to ask for scrap wood for a marionette that he's working on. Antonio happens to be working on a wooden leg for a table but is having trouble with a wooden block. Antonio tells Geppetto that he stumbled upon a talking wooden block and decided to give it to him out of fear.

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Mister Geppetto happily brings home the extra piece of wood and decides to make a puppet out of it and earn money from it. In the process of carving the puppet, which we will come to know as Pinocchio, it manages to kick Geppetto and shows early signs of mischievousness. The moment Mister Geppetto finishes his work, the first thing he does is teach Pinocchio how to walk. Then, the puppet runs away and into the town, leaving his creator behind. 

The townspeople would soon notice Pinocchio and see his weird figure. Geppetto is known in their community to be indifferent towards children, so when they found Pinocchio, the local officers thought to catch and imprison Mister Geppetto for treating the boy poorly. Pinocchio would be left alone and be his usual mischievous self. During this time, he will encounter characters such as the talking cricket, that will warn him about the misery that comes with laziness and disobedience. Pinocchio doesn't seem to think much of what the cricket just said, and he accidentally kills it, as he throws a hammer toward its direction. 

Later on, Pinocchio will encounter puppets Harlequin, Pulcinella, and Signora Rosaura. They all call out to him, and this will anger the master puppeteer called Mangiafuoco. The master will burn off the feet of Pinocchio as he pleads and cries out to be freed. During this time, Mangiafuoco learns of Geppetto's poverty and this will result in Pinocchio being released and receiving 5 gold coins from the master. This will make Pinocchio a target of the Fox and Cat duo, who will pretend to be harmless creatures but in reality, they are bandits. They plan on tricking and robbing him of the 5 gold coins given by the master puppeteer.

The ghost of the talking cricket will continue to appear and try to persuade Pinocchio to come home and give the coins to Geppetto instead of taking them to the duo. However, Pinocchio just ignores the meddling of the ghost cricket and he eventually gets caught by the Fox and the Cat. This encounter will lead to Pinocchio running into a white house and meeting a young fairy with blue hair.


Lies of P Characters and References from the Original Story

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Discussion of in-game characters and references from the original story beyond this point.


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The Talking Cricket from the original story is represented by Gemini. A cricket residing in a lantern who will guide and speak up as momentous events happen around P. Gemini is also referred to as Monad's Lamp which provides light and is helpful when locating Dimensional Butterflies. The lamp is worn by P on his belt and will be with him to serve every step of the way. In the original story, the cricket was seen as more of a meddlesome creature instead of the helpful one that we're getting in the game.

Mister Geppetto is also represented in the game, albeit having a different background. In Lies of P, Geppetto isn't exactly a poor and elderly woodcarver like in the original, but instead, he created the Puppets from the powerful stone found beneath the city of Krat and he is also referred to as the father of Puppets. Their similarity begins with them being the creators of P and Pinocchio, but the characters have different goals and aspirations.xxx

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Sophia is another character that may be possibly referenced from the original story. The Adventures of Pinocchio tells of a fairy with blue hair, which matches the features of Sophia in the game. Sophia is a major character and is vital to the game's story. Sophia plays many important roles like communicating with P, and increasing the power of Ergo, among many others.

The Fox and Cat duo is also represented by the Red Fox and Black Cat as siblings who are vital to the game's progression. They will be visible throughout the game and you will find yourself interacting with them, much like in the original story. The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is another possible reference from the original story where several rabbits presented a coffin that seemed to collect Pinocchio's body when he refused to take the medicine from the fairy. There are also other characters that originated from The Adventures of Pinocchio, like Pulcinella and Antonia (Antonio the Carpenter). 


The Lying Puppet: Pinocchio in Lies of P

The possible biggest reference present in the game is the Lie System. In the original story, Pinocchio is directly affected by the lies he's telling. His nose grows visibly longer each time he comes up with a lie and this will be explained by the fairy after she asks Pinocchio about the gold coins. The fairy will then call on a flock of woodpeckers to chip at the elongated nose of Pinocchio. In Lies of P, the main character has both characteristics of a human and an advanced puppet. This phenomenon is still present in the game but is presented in a Lie System event.

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The main character will find several instances where he can tell the truth or come up with a lie. Your choices during these events will affect the ending of the story including the rewards that you get from each interaction. Unlike the other puppets, P was created by Geppetto with the ability to lie. Which is why the security measure placed in Hotel Krat in the beginning was far too easy for P to bypass given his condition. The Lie System is a timed event which requires you to choose between two options presented. Each time P fabricates a lie, he gains Humanity Points that will determine if he can become a real boy or not.

This lying effect will be further represented in the game through the Portrait of a Boy, a painting of a young boy which eerily looks like P himself. As players progress and become more human, a stick grows out of its nose which extends outwards. Geppetto, the man who calls himself P's father, will comment on this as some kind of phenomenon having to do with inanimate objects growing souls from within. For players, however, this long stick is an indicator of P's humanity - the longer it is, the more Humanity Points they have gained.

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