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Summon a Specter to aid you in a difficult battle.

Specters are Summons in Lies of P. A Specter or Summon are AI-controlled characters that specifically aid you during a fight against a boss. In a traditional souls-like game, you can summon other players or be invited to support each other in exploration or before fighting against a formidable foe. Lies of P has a similar mechanic but it doesn't have an online feature to send out a request to other players.

  • As of Patch, the HP and damage of summoned Specters in boss battles were increased but the drop rate of Star Fragments has decreased.


How do I Summon a Specter in Lies of P?

  • Summoning a Specter is only possible if you find a "Crack's Calling" or a "summoning pool" outside a boss area. This is helpful to identify if you are about to fight against a main or strong boss the second you see a Crack's Calling next to the entrance of the boss area.
  • Summoning Specters requires the player to use x1 Star Fragment, a material that is consumed to call forth these phantoms. Upon using one at a Crack's Calling, the Specter will appear in the boss area as you enter.
  • Your first encounter with using or finding a Crack's Calling is before you enter the boss area of the Scrapped Watchman in Krat City Hall.


Specter Information for Lies of P

  • Specters are helpful as they can draw the attention of the boss, allowing the player to attack while it is focused on the Specter.
  • If the boss you are fighting drops Ergo that can create a Special Weapon, then the Specter you summon will be using that weapon when you fight it. Bosses without special Ergo will have the Specter default to the Seven-Coil Spring Sword.
  • Specters do not have infinite health, when their HP bar reaches zero, they will disappear, and you'll have to use another Star Fragment at a Crack's Calling to summon them if you need to go for another round against the boss you died to.
  • The "Crack's Calling" is only available for main boss battles. The Summoning Pool is not located in different sections of an area, instead, it is only found by the entrance of the main boss area. In particular, the Nameless Puppet does not have a Crack's Calling and must be fought alone.
  • You can only Summon ONE Specter that will aid you in battle.
  • There is no limit to summoning a Specter if you retry, as long as you have enough Star Fragment material to use in your inventory.


How do I Find Star Fragments?

  • Star Fragments can be located in many ways, such as loot in chests, common drops from killed enemies, obtained as a reward for completing a quest, given by NPCs, and can be purchased from a certain Merchant, Giangio.


Specter Items in Lies of P

There are various items that players can use to alter or empower the Specter with various effects and buffs. You'll find a list of all the related Items that can be used for the Specter in Lies of P.




Available Specter Summons in Lies of P

Below is a list of Main Bosses where Players can summon a Specter before entering the boss area.

scrapped watchman profile boss lies of p wiki guide
Scrapped Watchman

Location: Krat City Hall

Closest Stargazer: Krat City Hall Courtyard

king's flame, fuoco profile boss lies of p wiki guide
King's Flame, Fuoco

Location: Venigni Works

Closest Stargazer: Center of Venigni Works

fallen archbishop andreus profile boss lies of p wiki guide
Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Location: St. Frangelico Cathedral

Closest Stargazer: Archbishop's Altar


black rabbit brotherhood boss lies of p wiki guide profile1
Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Location: Malum District

Closest Stargazer: Malum District Town Hall

king of puppets boss lies of p wiki guide profile
King of Puppets

Location: Estella Opera House

Closest Stargazer: Estella Opera House Stage

romeo king of puppets boss lies of p wiki guide profile
Romeo, King of Puppets

Location: Estella Opera House

Closest Stargazer: Estella Opera House Stage


uit gallery thefanaticvictor p2
Champion Victor

Location: Grand Exhibition

Closest Stargazer: Grand Exhibition Conference Room

green monster of the swamp boss boss lies of p wiki guide profile
Green Monster of the Swamp

Location: Barren Swamp

Closest Stargazer: Barren Swamp Nest

puppet devouring green monster boss lies of p wiki guide profile
Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

Location: Barren Swamp

Closest Stargazer: Barren Swamp Nest


black rabbit brotherhood boss lies of p wiki guide profile4
Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Location: Relic of Trismegistus

Closest Stargazer: Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field

laxasia the complete boss lies of p wiki guide profile
Laxasia the Complete

Location: Arche Abbey

Closest Stargazer: Ascension Bridge

simon manus, awakened god boss lies of p wiki guide profile
Simon Manus, Awakened God
(Arm of God)

Location: Arche Abbey

Closest Stargazer: Arche Abbey Cradle of the Gods

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    • Anonymous

      im a little on the "Specters seem too good" stance but also on the "these bosses are exhausting and i dont care to die 20+ times learning whats a fake out, whats a grab, and whats a 20 hit never ending no recovery mega combo" side of things

      maybe the Specter should have been a complete fleshed out mechanic actually where you could invest upgrades into them and customize their gear. that way the feeling of a powerful helpful ally felt earned.

      but then again i could just throw 20-30 various bombs and junk buckets at bosses too.

      • Anonymous

        Imagine using the npc to play this masterpiece , this is not elden ring the combat in this game is actually deserving of mastering .

        • Anonymous

          If a boss is challenging you, keep trying to beat it solo.

          If you're not having fun with a boss, use the spectre and feel no guilt.

          This is a game. An electric toy. If something isn't giving you enjoyment, then use whatever you want to move onto the next thing.

          • Anonymous

            I'm happy they increased the HP of the Specters after the patch. Before the patch, the AI would not dodge Fuoco's AOE attack which made him almost useless during this fight. Now, we were both able to do significant damage and I was able to beat him! Woo!

            • Anonymous

              Just an fyi: NEVER waste gold fruit on the spectre revival cube.. as it only refills their hp a tiny bit & they just get 1 hit asap.

              Rather, use the cube that recovers some of the spectre's hp; this will heal about 50% of their hp.. which is huge, especially later on when you can possibly get multiple cube uses per fight.

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