Endings for Lies of P features information and guides to achieving possible different conclusions, there are three different endings you can unlock in the game. In Lies of P, game developer NEOWIZ has confirmed that the action Souls-like game will have multiple endings since it features a Lie System that will affect different aspects of the game such as NPC interaction, Enemy encounters, and more. Your choice of telling the truth and lying will contribute points to Pinocchio's Humanity which rack up and affect the outcome of the story.

In this Lies of P Endings Guide, you can find the relevant information that you'll need to acquire a specific finale you want to achieve — for a detailed guide on completing locations or areas, please visit our Walkthrough page or for a summarized recommended progression path, check out the Game Progress Route page.

Unlockable Trophies Related to the Endings of Lies of P:

  • Gold Trophy - Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After
  • Gold Trophy - Free from the Puppet String
  • Gold Trophy - Rise of P
  • Silver Trophy - The First Puppet
  • Silver Trophy - Pianist of Krat
  • Silver Trophy - Golden Melody
  • Bronze Trophy - The Story of One Father
  • Bronze Trophy - The Story of the Blue Butterfly


Lies of P Endings Guide

Lies of P All Endings
Lies of P All Lies and Truths


Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After

real boy ending lies of p wiki guide


Conditions to Unlock This Ending

To unlock or achieve the bad ending "Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After", progress the game until you reach the final area of Arche Abbey and defeat the final boss: Simon Manus, Awakened God. Once you've beaten him, ride the lift to reach the "Under the Abyss" and give the P-organ to Geppetto.

NOTE: No matter what choices you make when it comes to lying, telling the truth, or even deciding Sophia's fate, you'll end up with this ending if you give P's heart to Geppetto when he asks.

If you want to unlock extra achievements/trophies, before you run a new game cycle, head to Geppetto's Study in Hotel Krat. Read the letter that is on his desk to unlock "The Story of One Father" achievement and then interact with the piano on the ground floor of the hotel to acquire the "Pianist of Krat" trophy/achievement.



Free from the Puppet String

free from the puppet string ending lies of p wiki guide min


Conditions to Unlock This Ending

  • When meeting Sophia in her room near the end of the game, choose to leave her alive OR have low humanity. If you choose to give her peace but have low humanity, the following cutscenes will not include your hair changing color.
  • Defeat Simon Manus, Awakened God.
  • When Geppetto asks you to give your heart, choose the option to "Refuse".
  • Defeat the Nameless Puppet.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to leave Sophia alive and achieve this ending, you must have a low level of Humanity before interacting with Sophia in her room.

Defeating the Nameless Puppet unlocks the "The First Puppet" and "Free from the Puppet String" Achievement/Trophy.


Rise of P

rise of p ending lies of p wiki guide


Conditions to Unlock This Ending



LoP How to Unlock Rise of P Ending

To unlock or achieve the true ending "Rise of P", the vital condition throughout your playthrough is to acquire a high level of Humanity before you talk to Sophia at her true location in Area 11 after defeating Laxasia the Complete. There are various ways to add points to P's humanity by (1) Listening to Records at Hotel Krat and (2) selecting certain dialogue options.

P's Humanity is divided into levels where it shows a different message which will help you identify if you have been accumulating enough Humanity Points. The Humanity Level and the message that is associated with it are as follows:

  • Level 1: Your Springs are Reacting
  • Level 2: The Ergo is Whispering
  • Level 3: You Feel Warmth
  • Level 4: Your Heart is Pounding

You won't have to worry about Level 4 early in the game because this message only appears later after you've chosen "Give her Peace" during your interaction with Sophia at her true location in Area 11.

WARNING: Do not choose "Let her Live" when speaking to Sophia at her true location. This will automatically lock you out of unlocking the Rise of P Ending and you'll need to start again. Our goal by the time you interact with Sophia by choosing "Give her peace" is to trigger a cutscene where the color of P's hair changes to grey, which means you have gained enough Humanity and you are on the right track to achieving this ending. If P's hair doesn't change color, then that means you did not accumulate enough Humanity Points and you'll need to start over. Just to be sure, if you haven't been listening to the records you've acquired, make sure to listen to each one from start to end to gain some Humanity.

Here are the following interactions we've done in our playthrough that contributed to P's Humanity:

  • Whenever you get a new record, listen to it (from start to end) using the gramophone at Hotel Krat.
  • Area 2 (Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard): Answer "She's a Cute Baby" when you give the Broken Baby Puppet to the Weeping Woman during the quest, "Find my Baby".
  • Area 2 (Krat City Hall Courtyard): Your first encounter with Arlecchino by answering his riddles through a phone. Choose the option "Human".
  • Area 4 (Moonlight Town): You must defeat the Survivor mini-boss first at the Workshop Union to acquire the Stalker's Promise gesture. When you speak to The Atoned stalker standing next to the cable railway in Moonlight Town, choose the option "Give the Stalker's Greeting".
  • Area 4 (Path of Misery): You must acquire the Pray gesture first. When you have it, use the action in front of an altar with a statue of an angel with one wing on its right shoulder blade. See our Cecile or Return the Archbishop's Holy Mark page for the NPC's questline.
  • Area 4 (St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel): When you first meet Alidoro, lie to him by choosing the option "Venigni Works". Fast-travel to Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer after defeating Fallen Archbishop Andreus to find him there and then lie to him again by choosing "Elysion Boulevard".
  • Area 5 (Malum District): Look for the phone and answer another riddle of Arlecchino with "Candle".
  • Area 6 (Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert): Help Julian the Gentleman and finish his questline "Find My Wife's Belongings". When you return to Julian, answer him with "I saw the Message she left, saying she loves you".
  • Hotel Krat: This interaction with Polendina only becomes available after you complete the questline of Julian the Gentleman and defeat the King of Puppets and Romeo King of Puppets. You need the Wedding Ring from Julian, so make sure you select "I saw the Message she left, saying she loves you" to acquire it. Go back to Hotel Krat and speak to Polendina near the fountain. Simply pick "Show the Wedding Ring".
  • After defeating the King of Puppets and Romeo King of Puppets and clearing Area 6, speak to Antonia in Hotel Krat and choose the dialogue option "Of course".
  • Area 7 (Grand Exhibition Gallery): Find Belle and speak to her.
  • Area 7 (Grand Exhibition Gallery): Look for the phone and answer another riddle of Arlecchino with "Egg".
  • Area 7 (Grand Exhibition Gallery): Defeat Champion Victor and when speaking to Simon Manus, choose "Hope of a cure".
  • Hotel Krat: After completing Area 7, speak to Polendina to learn about Antonia's illness and he'll ask you to speak to Giangio to ask for a cure. Speak to Giangio and give him a Gold Coin Fruit in exchange for the cure. Go back to Polendina and choose "Use the cure'.
  • Hotel Krat: After completing Area 7, speak to Eugenie to receive the Four-fingered Clove that you need to give to Alidoro who you'll find in the Barren Swamp of Area 8. After giving the glove, report back to Eugenie and choose "He was happy".
  • Hotel Krat: After completing Area 8, return to the hotel and speak to Antonia to acquire Humanity Points. This will only work if you get the cure and tell Polendina to "Use the cure".
  • Area 9 (Krat Central Station Street): Look for the phone and answer another riddle of Arlecchino with "Ergo".
  • After completing Area 9, go back to any phone used to communicate with Arlecchino, and when you speak to him choose "No" when he asks "Is Geppetto's creation a killer? CONFESS!" To learn more about Arlecchino and his riddles, please visit his page.
  • Upon clearing Area 9 and speaking to Antonia where you'll find the hotel to be attacked, speak to Belle to start her questline "Find my Partner". Complete it and when you report back to her, choose "He was killed in action fighting a puppet".
  • Defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Area 10 and speak to Venigni at the hotel. Choose "I couldn't hear" when he asks what or who was behind the Frenzy. It's important that you speak to him again after you answer to acquire the King of Puppets' Message. Next, use the hotel's stargazer and choose "Play the King of Puppets' Message".
  • Area 10 (Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field): Follow the linear path and you'll find "Alidoro". Speak to him and choose "Attack Alidoro" twice. Have Venigni decipher Alidoro's Cryptic Vessel and then speak to Eugenie. For this dialogue, choose "I think he was just a talented Stalker".
  • Area 11 (Black Seaside): When you first arrive here make sure to examine all of the statues. It's most likely that the only one that counts that adds up to Humanity is interacting with the one near the stargazer with an orange glow, but just to be sure, we recommend examining them all.
  • Area 11 (Arche Abbey Outer Wall): Open the last Trinity Sanctum where you'll find Arlecchino. Speak to him and choose "Human" when he asks if you are a puppet or a human being.
  • Area 11 (Arche Abbey): When you speak to Geppetto who's locked in a prison cell, he'll ask if he was a trustworthy father to P, choose "Yes".

Progress the game's story until you reach the Ascension Bridge, defeat Laxasia the Complete, talk to Sophia in her room, and choose the option "Give her peace". If you've acquired enough humanity, a cutscene will trigger that shows P's hair color changes to grey and the message "Your Heart is Pounding" will display after the cutscene. Continue through the main story until you reach the final boss at the Arch Abbey Cradle of the Gods and defeat Simon Manus, Awakened God.

Proceed to the final area "Under the Abyss", talk to Geppetto, and do not give him your Heart. This will trigger a boss fight against the Nameless Puppet. Simply defeat the boss to complete the game, and unlock the true ending. You'll acquire the "The First Puppet" trophy/achievement if you defeat the Nameless Puppet for the first time, including the "Rise of P" trophy/achievement.

After the credits roll, go back to Geppetto's Study in Hotel Krat and pick up the letter on his desk to read The Blue Butterfly's Letter. This will unlock the achievement/trophy: "The Story of the Blue Butterfly".

Lies of P All Truths or Lies Dialogues


Hotel Krat Entrance

lie11 system lies of p wiki guide min min min

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Human
  • Truth: Puppet


When the player reaches Hotel Krat for the first time, Sophia, an NPC who directly influences our protagonist will request Pinocchio to lie for her to get through to the hotel. According to lore, Puppets cannot lie however, Pinocchio is a special one. He can fabricate information on his own for a special reason. The only clear answer to this is the lore mentioned that Geppetto made him special compared to the other puppets.

Following the events in Hotel Krat, Pinocchio needed to lie for him to pass the hotel's defensive mechanism. Pinocchio informs the machine that he is human and not a puppet. Shortly after the lie, the springs will begin to "react", making a clear indication that lies do influence him. The machine accepted the answer willfully as regular Puppets can't lie. Pinocchio will be able to enter Hotel Krat and be welcomed by Sophia.

Otherwise, if you say "Puppet", the door will remain closed and you will not be allowed to enter Hotel Krat. You will have to try again and choose 'Human' as there is no other way to get inside Hotel Krat.


Weeping Woman in Elysion Boulevard

lie8 system lies of p wiki guide min min min

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: She's a cute baby.
  • Truth: That's a puppet.


When Pinnochio reached the Petrification Disease Quarantine Zone at Elysion Boulevard. He will stumble upon a woman who's yearning for her child. Later on, she will ask Pinnochio to embark on a quest to find her child in Krat City Hall. Krat City Hall is the last area in the Demo and players can locate the said area by defeating the Mad Donkey mini-boss.

Ultimately Pinocchio found the missing child and discovered it was a puppet. He went to give the puppet back to the concerned woman and the system will require the players to choose an answer. Pinocchio will have the option to tell the woman the following answers, "She's a cute baby." or "That's a puppet.". When you choose the first option " She's a cute baby." which is an obvious lie, the phenomenon will occur.

The woman will give you a music record that you can play and listen to in Hotel Krat and when the music stops, another lie phenomenon will occur. On the other hand, if players choose the " That's a puppet. " option, the woman will weep and accept the truth. She will give you a Vivid Ergo Fragment and Feel as a reward.



The Atoned in Moonlight Town

the atoned lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Give the Stalker's greeting
  • Truth: Do Nothing


As you arrive at the Train Station, a creature called The Atoned will ask you if you are trying to go up. They will also warn you that the cathedral has changed and is off-limits. In order to pass, they will ask you to prove your identity. The Atoned will then ask you if you are a Stalker. Stalkers are a key group and they have members all over Krat.

If you choose to do nothing, then they'll tell you that only the worthy may pass and you will now fight them. The Atoned is a powerful boss that wields a hammer head. Do not be fooled by their slender frame as they can move swiftly and close distances with a single movement. Successfully killing The Atoned will reward you with a Cable Railway Key and The Atoned's Mask.

However, if you choose to lie to The Atoned, they will acknowledge you and tell you that they are as good as dead, after losing everyone they have loved. They will go on to tell you that they don't have the right to stop someone as determined as you. They will wish you a safe passage and will hand over the Cable Railway Key.


Alidoro in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

meeting alidoro lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Venigni Works
  • Truth: Hotel Krat


When you reach the rooftop of St. Frangelico Cathedral, you will encounter Alidoro who has been on a search for other survivors and admits that it has been quite lonely. He informs you that he is currently seeking refuge-- looking for a place to crash. Tell him the truth and choose Hotel Krat. He will reward you with Fire Abrasive, and he will also offer to show you his items for sale.

Additionally, Alidoro will reveal that he collects "Rare Ergo" and you can exchange this type of Ergo with him for Weapons or Amulets.

However, if you lie to Alidoro here, he will still give you the Fire Abrasive, but he wouldn't be keen on opening up about his items for sale. Then, you will find Alidoro again in another location, see the section below.


Alidoro in Workshop Union Entrance

alidoro alternative lie system guide lies of p wiki 300px

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Elysion Boulevard
  • Truth: Hotel Krat


If you choose to lie during the first meeting with Alidoro, you will find him again at the Workshop Union Entrance. Alidoro knows that you lied to him the first time but expects you to have a shred of decency. He asks again one more time if you know of a safe place. If you tell him the truth, he will tell you that he will take another chance on you. If you choose to lie to him again, he will still eventually end up in Hotel Krat, but he will be unhappy dealing with you, possibly locking you out of trading goods.


Julian the Gentleman

1 lie system alternative scenario lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: I saw the message she left, saying she loves you
  • Truth: I've never seen that happen before


After defeating the White Lady in Rosa Isabelle Street, you will find a gentleman by the name of Julian. He is standing next to the Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert Stargazer. He will ask for your assistance in retrieving his late wife's belongings, saying that he was unable to reach her through the flames. You can find his wife's body after crossing the bridge, then walk down the stairs. You will realize that the wife is a puppet, but you still retrieve the belongings and bring them back to Julian.

Now, he will ask you a question "Who ever heard of a human and puppet in love?" If you choose to lie, he will grieve the loss of his wife saying that her words are everything to him. He will hand over the Wedding Ring and a Sad Gesture if you choose to do this. However, if you choose to tell him the truth, he will say that it's what everyone says and he will give you 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment.


Antonia in Hotel Krat

2 lie system alternative scenario lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Of course.
  • Truth: There's nothing left.


After defeating the King of Puppets, return to Hotel Krat and you will find Antonia looking up at a painting of her young self. She will then ask you, "Do I still have a flicker of the beauty captured in that portrait?" She will praise Geppetto for teaching you good manners and tells you that she hopes that you're making good memories on your own. After this event, P will feel the gears reacting inside of him after telling a lie.


Polendina in Hotel Krat

3 lie system alternative scenario lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Show the wedding ring (Available if you lied to Julian the Gentleman)
  • Truth: There's no such puppet


Right after speaking to Antonia, look for Polendina at the counter, but you will not find him there. Instead, grab the letter from the front desk and head out to the garden where Polendina seems to be troubled. He will ask you "Can a puppet and a human fall in love?" If you hand him the ring, he will go on to say that an unbelievable love exists, with a wedding ring as its symbol. However, he says that he doesn't have the intention of telling her. By choosing to lie, you will receive 1x Gemini Iron Protection.

If you choose to tell him the truth, he will say that he already knows it and perhaps, what he wanted to hear was a sweet lie. He will thank you for the clarity, however, he says that he is sure that the love he feels for Lady Antonia is real. Either way, he will still reward you with 1x Gemini Iron Protection.


Simon Manus at the Grand Exhibition Gallery

simon manus grand exhibition lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Hope of a Cure
  • Truth: Monsters


After defeating Victor, you will meet Simon Manus who will commend you for defeating such creation. He will then ask your opinion now that you have seen the place with your own eyes. "What do you suppose our cure has created here?"

If you choose to tell him the truth, he will tell you that you are short-sighted just like Geppetto, your father, and that you tell the truth, just like everyone else. He claims to understand the Petrification Disease on a different level ahead of everyone else. Despite your differences, he will still give you the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key.

If you lie to Simon and tell him that it's a hope of a cure, he will tell you that he's surprised and did not expect P to be as rational as they are. He will commend P for being open-minded enough to hear about the Petrification Disease. Either way, Simon Manus will still hand over the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key.


Eugenie at Hotel Krat

eugenie hotel krat lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: He was happy
  • Truth: He was angry. He said the gloves were rubbish


After you get the Four-fingered Glove from Eugenie and give it to Alidoro in the Barren Swamp, you can go back to Eugenie to report on how he felt about it.

If you choose to tell her a lie, she will be overjoyed, noting that she designed the glove keeping in mind that Alidoro supposedly lost a finger when protecting her when the Workshop Tower collapsed. You will receive 1x Fire Abrasive

If you choose to tell the truth, she will be puzzled as to why the Four-fingered Glove didn't suit Alidoro, as he was supposed to be 4 fingered, and cant have just grown back a finger. She will warn you against Alidoro and ask you to keep surveillance. You will receive 1x Electric Blitz Abrasive


Relic of Trismegitus Telephone Call

relic of trismegitus lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: No
  • Truth: Yes


The King of Riddles is changing his ways, and instead of Arlecchino giving you riddles to solve, he will now ask you a question. He tells you that the next one is a black and white, a no or yes. The question is: "Is Geppetto's creation a killer? CONFESS!"

If you choose to answer Yes, he will reward you with The Chosen One's Trinity Key.


Venigni asks who caused The Puppet Frenzy

venigni hotel krat lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: I couldn't hear
  • Truth: Geppetto caused the Puppet Frenzy


P was able to bring the Ergo readings back to Venigni. As the playback was recording, the voice was heard addressing a man named Carlo and revealed that all puppets are bound to the Grand Covenant. He shares that the first law is that Puppets must follow their Creator and, as he is about to reveal the name of the Creator, the sound becomes inaudible to Venigni but not to P. He claims that there were static noises but P was able to hear the name of the creator-- Giuseppe Geppetto, the man who caused The Puppet Frenzy. 

Venigni will then ask you if you were able to hear it and will ask you who the Creator is. If you choose to tell him the truth, Venigni will accept it. He urges that it is now important more than ever to save Geppetto so they would know the truth about why he did it.


Belle asks about her partner

belle hotel krat lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: He was killed in action fighting a puppet
  • Truth: He became a monster


If you spoke to Belle in the Hotel Krat, she will ask you if you would look for her friend who was last seen at Grand Central Station. During one of your trips, you will find her partner named Atkinson who has been infected by the disease.  The man will ask you a favor to tell Belle that he died as a soldier and give "Atkinson's Letter" instead of the harsh truth that he became infected and turned into a monster.

Once you return to the Attacked Hotel Krat, Belle will ask you if you have heard from her partner. If you choose to lie, the usual phenomenon will occur and your body will react to it. Depending on your current progression, you will be able to experience warmth.

Belle will reward you with an Electric Blitz Canister and Why.


Reunited with Geppetto in his Cell

geppetto jail cell lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices:

  • Lie: Yes
  • Truth: No


As soon as you reunite with Geppetto after he was taken away, he will tell you that Simon has gone completely mad. He says that Simon plans on becoming a god by using a tremendous amount of Ergo that he has collected. He would want you to stop Simon from achieving this and before doing so, he will ask you if he was a trustworthy father to you. If you choose to tell him Yes, then he will respond by saying that he now has the courage to carry on because of you. He will ask you to end it all and come back to his side.

The usual phenomenon will occur, yet again, P will feel warmth.


Simon Asks About Sophia

simon manus arche abbey lie system lies of p wiki guide

Dialogue Choices: NOTE - which answer is the lie depends on what you chose to do with Sophia upon finding her in the Abbey

  • Lie: I liberated her from Arche Abbey
  • Truth: I gave her peace


After you defeat Simon in battle, he musters up the will to talk to you. He tells you that he is envious of you, of how Sophia is willing to turn back time to save you. He goes on to say that he would like to hear your thoughts and he will then ask, "What have you done to Sophia?" You will have two options here, which depend on how you handled Sophia's request in the Ascension Bridge. You will get the same response regardless if you choose to tell him the truth, or a lie. He will respond that he supposed that it was what she wanted. He claims that her pure heart was a tonic for his pain and he tried to use the power to hold her, even though in the end, he couldn't.

As Simon's life fades away, his final words are to warn you of Geppetto.

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    • Anonymous

      So of you can pick up the cat your hair will turn Grey giving her peace? Still have the riddler guy to lie to. Also fight black cat or give him a gold coin fruit? Rewards the same,

      • Anonymous

        I'm still on the fence on if I should tell her. He was just another stalker or her brother...
        The guide also misses the point at wich you beat the boss in the cave he drops a record you get humanity from. Do you still acquire the same amount of humanity if you tell her it was her brother?

        • Anonymous

          You can miss at least 3 lies. I messed up Antonia and Polendina's dialogue and also told Geppetto no, but I still got level 4. Don't think there's much more room to mess it up, however. Heart was pounding only when I freed Sophia.

          • I just don't get why Geppetto calls the nameless puppet a "real boy". A cadaver stuffed with puppet parts is a poor excuse for a revived son, especially when he already made another better puppet. What was the point of removing the heart from one puppet to another?

            Also, it was said that the arm of god, note that it's a left arm, was an ingredient, but after the ending we still have our old a legion arm...

            • Anonymous

              For The FREE FROM THE PUPPET STRING ending you still need enought humanity to refuse.
              Even if you never did a thing in The run, with a couple of records, The last memory in red at beach, Arlecchino riddles and Julian and weeping woman quests, you can get enought (and probable more of what it really needs) humanity to refuse G.

              I did this in NG++ for my last ending

              • Anonymous

                I have no idea if missing this would have any bearing on which ending you receive or if it's totally unrelated, but I figured it may be worth mentioning since at least one person (me, the idiot) missed it during my first playthrough and had a strange outcome.

                In my first run, P's hair did not change after giving Sophia peace even with level 3 humanity. I refused Geppetto, as well. I ended up with FFTPS. However, I started NG+ and eventually discovered that I somehow completely missed the Saintess of Mercy statue (original respec area) door that can be unlocked after Champion Victor's fight.

                Also, level 4 humanity with the "your heart is pounding" message CAN be achieved before you reach Sophia's body in the Abbey.

                • Anonymous

                  I went straight into NG+ instead of getting the letter in Geppetto's study. Looks like I have to play 4 times now

                  • Anonymous

                    Some of the choices in this game just don't make sense at all or this guide doesn't make sense

                    The choice with tthe ring with Polendina - if you have seen the love between a puppet and a human, then telling there is no such thing should the the LIE. The guide says it's truth. But also in the same paragraph is says "By choosing to lie, you will receive 1x Gemini Iron Protection". What. Th. ****.

                    How does it make any sense? You straight up LIE about there being no love and the game takes it as truth? I just can't,

                    • Anonymous

                      Note on this part.
                      "Area 10 (Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field): Follow the linear path and you'll find "Alidoro". Speak to him and choose "Attack Alidoro" twice. Have Venigni decipher Alidoro's Cryptic Vessel and then speak to Eugenie. For this dialogue, choose "I think he was just a talented Stalker"."

                      This is not entirely correct. ANY of the dialogue choice you choose for Eugenie would give you +2 humanity but in a different manner. Both choice will give you +1 through the disc it gives you (different disc depends on the choice). The choice above would give you another +1 because its a lie, but the choice to tell her the truth will still give you +1 due to its outcome. An outcome that in my personal opinion is a better ending for her quest line

                      • Anonymous

                        I was just so damn close to getting the rise of p ending,But i choose the "Let her live option" instead of giving her peace

                        I don't think i have enough patience to play this game for a third time.

                        • Anonymous

                          So where the Golden Lie is concerned, I lied for every interaction except the first meeting with "Alidoro" and listened to every record as I got them. After freeing Sophia I returned to the hotel to see if I could get the weapon. Unfortunately, it was fully grown but had not begun to glow. However, I remembered that I forgot to pray at the statue and there was one more record that I haven't gotten yet, so once I prayed and listened to the last record, I sat at the Stargazer and returned to the weapon to find it glowing. I believe it was after the third time I got the message stating, "Your heart is pounding" that it started glowing. So I was able to get the Golden Lie before releasing Geppetto. Unfortunately, I wasted all my upgrade materials on other special weapons that I never use lol so I have to wait to fully upgrade it. But I do like it's moveset.

                          • Anonymous

                            -Level 3 Humanity
                            -Gave sophia peace
                            -Refused Geppetto
                            -FFTPS ending

                            I dont know if I got white hair because I changed P's shape to his short hair.

                            • Anonymous

                              Got Rise of P ending on first run
                              Gave peace to Sophia
                              Had Humanity
                              Did not have all records
                              Fought Nameless

                              • Anonymous

                                There is a secret 4th ending!!! It is where P goes nuts and changes his name to Pistachio. He really comes out of his shell. He marries a giant walnut lady and they keep trying to have kids but it just results in a string of miscarriages and they commit sudoku together. Awesome ending.

                                • Anonymous

                                  "Free from the Puppet String" doesn't seem to require letting Sophia live though. i've watched Asmongold playthrough, he 'gave her peace' and also said that to Simon, yet he got this ending.
                                  Maybe the only actual requirement is lower humanity? His was at level 3.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    With the Dark Souls games I got all endings in one playthrough using cloud saves. Sounds like I can't do that with Lies of P. Oh well, at least I have incentive to do NG+.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I just wasted fking HOURS doing a whole play through telling the 'truth' because apparently i need "low" humanity to get "rise of the P" ending - however, with low humanity you are NOT given an option to refuse geppeto at the end, "resfuse" is literally not even an option you can pick.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Wow, got rise of p on my first playthrough, neat, didn't get enough humanity for the weapon from the portrait though, RIP

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I don't think you need low humanity to get the freed from the puppet strings achievement. In my NG+ playthrough, after answering "I liberated her from the arche abbey" to Simon's question I knew I had high humanity when the screen read "your heart is pounding". I even got the golden lie prior to doing this on the same playthrough.

                                          The ONLY thing I did different from my first playthrough (in which I got the "rise of p" achievement)was let Sophia live instead of giving her peace.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            ah man, I almost got the good ending... I was thinking, maybe I wont give her peace yet, maybe I can just free her after the big boss is dead, and if I cant, I can give her peace later, I dont have to be hasty about it.... but I did....you cant give her peace anymore and get locked OTL.... oh well, new game plus.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Isn't EUGENIE's last choice about his brother also counted as Lies vs Truths paths?
                                              This has bothered me so much since I encounter the bug around her story that the talking oder in my truths round messed up "The Story of a Stranger Girl" trophy.
                                              I'm not sure if the choice about gloves affect the last one or not, which may require a complete new NG+.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Man this information including guide to get Golden Stick. This item requires you have to lie all conversation that you can. So yes if you just want rise of p ending you don’t need to follow all of this but if you need golden stick in one playthrough, you need to follow this guide.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I got the Rise of P ending even though I told Simon Manus that "I gave her peace", so it isn't a core requirement for the ending; just another Humanity event. The important things are that you Give her peace and then refuse to give your heart to Geppetto and fight Nameless Puppet.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I suspect that you can gage your level of humanity by the length of P's nose on his portrait in Gepetto's workshop.
                                                    1. No leaf= Real boy
                                                    2. Leaf= Free Puppet
                                                    3. Gold leaf= Rise of P

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      FREE FROM THE PUPPET STRING
                                                      1. Try to tell the Truth as much a possible. Avoid getting to much humanity, but get enough to get the "Refuse" choice at the end.
                                                      2. Keep Sophia alive and DON'T "give her peace"!
                                                      3. Refuse to give your heart and defeat the nameless puppet.

                                                      Congrats! You got the Ending!

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I told all lies except for 4 and i still got the rise of p ending & Golden lie :
                                                        1- told Venigni that the name was Geppetto.
                                                        2- told Eugenie that the hound was her brother ( she gave me a record that i listened to ).
                                                        3- told Geppetto "No" when he asked about being trustworthy.
                                                        4- told Simon that i gave Sophia peace ( I gave her peace )

                                                        I bought & listened to an extra record from the merchant in Malum district ( before the brotherhood fight ) when i first met him.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          The ending you get is based on the amount of Humanity you have. If you tell the truth the whole time you get locked out of being able to refuse at the end.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            To get the “true” ending isn’t necessary to give a specific answer to Manus; I have the other option from the one described in the guide and got the Lies of P ending anyway.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              The information here is wrong.

                                                              I believe FREE FROM THE PUPPET STRING and RISE OF P have similar approach but except the humanity. RISE OF P requires you to have high humanity so when Geppetto die, you cry, thus he know that you care about him and say you are good son.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                I did a 100% truth playthrough (answering riddles wrong and everything) and can say your only option for an ending will be the bad/normal ending of Real Boy.

                                                                YOU NEED ENOUGH HUMANITY FOR THE OPTION TO REFUSE GEPETTO TO APPEAR.

                                                                So all the mainstream guides still have it wrong. In short:

                                                                Free from puppet string - choose to let Sophia live then have enough humanity and refuse Gepetto.

                                                                Rise of P - choose to give Sophia peace instead, then have enough humanity to refuse Gepetto.

                                                                I don't know what that threshold is to "have enough" but having full humanity (aka lying alot, listening to records etc) only really matters for obtaining the Golden Lie special weapon.

                                                                Interesting to see which mainstream guide will finally get it correct. But this FAKE NEWS about a BS "Truth" playthrough to obtain one of the two "Good" endings needs to be abolished ASAP!

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  You should NOT tell Simon that you freed her from Arche Abbey. This is bad advice. You should tell him that you freed her.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    I got the rise of p ending even though i gave sophia peace and told simon that i gave her peace. could it be that you get the rise of p ending as long as your hair color changes after the sophia interaction and refusing geppetto? so its only linked to humanity?

                                                                    • I gave Sofia peace and told Magnus that I've given her peace by mistake but I still got the Rise of P ending after refusing to give my heart to Geppetto and defeating the Nameless Puppet. But I was already human before I fought Magnus, at least I think so because I could pull out the weapon from the image. So I think if you get the weapon before the Magnus fight you'll get the Rise of P ending no matter what you tell Magnus, as long as you refuse to give your heart.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I did everything for the rise of p ending, except i didn't give the medicine to Antonia, yet i still got both the ending and the golden lie weapon

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Hey folks, I'm really not sure what I've been doing wrong when it comes to getting the Free From the Puppet String ending. I've done three separate playhtroughs, two on NG+ and one on NG, telling only the truth and rushing through as fast as possible so as not to waste time. When I get to Under the Abyss, the option to refuse to give Geppetto my heart is not present. I'm getting really frustrated and am wondering how to get that option to appear.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            The Simon Manus dialogue is not mandatory. I've just finished my first playthrough and got Rise of P ending while telling SM "I gave her peace".

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              i gave her peace and told simon i gave her peace and still got that ending and Golden Lie weapon, i think as long as you have alot of humanity you can get Rise of P ending

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                You don't have to make sure to choose "I liberated her from Arche Abbey" after defeating Manus to unlock the Rise of P ending. I choose "I gave her peace" and still got the Rise of P ending on my first playthrough after giving Sophia peace.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  So I got to the end and the only option I could select was to give him my heart. Reduse did not even show up. Anybody know why?

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    > You won't have to worry about Level 4 early in the game because this message only appears later after you've chosen "Give her Peace" during your interaction with Sophia at her true location in Area 11.

                                                                                    I saw "Your Heart is Pounding" first time when I spoke with Arlecchino. Second time I saw this when I've listened 9th Antonia's Memory of Beach record. And I don't interact with Sophia. So it's not true to claim "this message ONLY appears later..." I think we need to correct this sentence.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      3 Ending:

                                                                                      Bad Ending: REAL BOY: THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER
                                                                                      Decision: Give Geppetto heart

                                                                                      Good Ending: FREE FROM THE PUPPET STRING
                                                                                      Decision: Sophia "Let her live" & "Refuse" to give Geppetto your heart

                                                                                      Best/True Ending: RISE OF P
                                                                                      Decision: Sophia "Give her peace" & "Refuse" to give Geppetto your heart

                                                                                      Lie and truth do not matter for your ending, only Sophia and Geppetto's choices matter. Lying, emotes, listening records and correcting on quizzes give humanity. Which will unlock the golden lie weapon only.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        "Choose to only Tell the Truth during Lie System Scenarios" is completely incorrect for the "Free from the Puppet String" ending. In fact, I was able to get it on NG+ after lying at pretty much every opportunity throughout the game, while even receiving the Golden Lie. The only thing that seems to be integral for this ending is choosing to let Sophia live once you find her in the tower.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          I didnt complete everything, told mostly lies but not all, only had 6 records but listened to them all and gained humanity twice. I did NOT play the piano, nor did I even fight simon and I could pluck the golden lie. It is based strictly on your humanity. After my hair turned grey and I put butterfly girl out of her misery, it was enough to get the weapon.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Here's a few things I've learned from 4 playthroughs
                                                                                            - Telling Lies doesn't always gives you more humanity points, there are select situations where telling the truth makes you more human than lying does
                                                                                            ^ (This is the most important one, since most guides tell you to tell truths or tell lies which is wrong for gaining/not gaining humanity)
                                                                                            - Listening to records on subsequent playthroughs doesn't give you humanity points unless you collected them on that specific run, which you can tell if you see a record with the box covering the left half of the record, that means if u play that record you'll gain humanity points
                                                                                            - Listening to NG+ gold records doesn't give humanity points
                                                                                            - You don't need to tell all lies or all truths, each time you do a "human" act you gain humanity points, and if your hair turns grey after Sophia, you gain access to humanity endings. And if you told a few lies but almost all truths (puppet like) then you'll gain access to the free from strings ending
                                                                                            - Doing all 5 riddles is a great way to gain humanity, and answering riddles correctly on a truth run can ruin your run by making you gain humanity

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              So I told like 80% lies and 20% truth (requisition for Rise of P ending), choosed "Let her live" and "I liberated her from Arche Abbey" (which are the requisitions for Free From the Puppet String ending) options for Sophia, also delivered the Portrait of a Boy (requisition for Rise of P ending), do I unlock Rise of P or Free From the Puppet String if I refuse to give Geppetto the heart?

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                I read that at the end in the post-credits scenes at the end of Rise of P someone says that Pinocchio has the key to immortality.
                                                                                                I also asked others if Pinocchio lives or dies in the ending of Rise of P, everyone said that Pinocchio does live in this ending. I also asked if in this ending Pinocchio is still a puppet or if he became human, some said that Pinocchio became human and others that he is still a puppet because (this is what I understood from the comments):

                                                                                                The game will have a second part so Pinocchio will continue to be an immortal puppet.
                                                                                                Pinocchio was able to continue using ergo after Geppetto's death, Pinocchio revived Sofia using part of her ergo, not all of it. That's why Pinocchio remains an immortal puppet
                                                                                                Furthermore, it is impossible that Pinocchio, who is an immortal puppet built by Geppetto, could have become human just by using part of his power to revive Sofia.
                                                                                                Furthermore, there is no way that Pinocchio, who is an immortal puppet built by Geppetto, could have become human just by using some of his power to revive Sofia.

                                                                                                Is Pinocchio still an immortal puppet in the ending of Rise of P?
                                                                                                If Pinocchio became human in this ending, would he still be immortal?

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  If you get to the Rise of P ending, do NOT go to new game plus until you read (actually open the item) Sophia's letter. I got Rise of P but I didn't get the Story of the blue butterfly even though I picked up her letter, I just didn't read it...

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Do you have to leave Sophia alive for the Free ending? What if I just tell a bunch of truths and don't become human but put Sophia out of her misery?

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Yeah defently dont need all lies/records to get the Golden lie.
                                                                                                      #spoiler# I get my hair white after let rest sophia.
                                                                                                      Reach where Geppeto is prisioner and lie to him telling that he was a trustfull father.
                                                                                                      Back to the hotel and the weapon was already there for me, even after defeat Simus or the puppet boss.

                                                                                                      Didnt even lisent the sophia record and skiping 3 lies during my playtrough (one by mistake, and it cost me a gesture and so a queart for quest #9 ...... T^T)

                                                                                                      A little tip to get extra humanity, pray at the statue in the Cathedral before the bridge once you have the gesture "pray" (you get it reading the Cecile note). Is the anything i did to get extra humanity i think . . . (also didnt fight black cat or red fox, but my string dosnt get warmed so i think it dosnt count)

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        The truth/lie system is only one aspect of the game that determines the ending. You can lie all game, but if you do other things that make you human then you'll edge towards the other ending. You should honestly play this game twice: once however you want (and cop whatever ending you get by refusing), and again but being picky about what you do to get the other ending.

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          Didn't get an option to refuse to give my heart to Geppetto in the end, I wonder if it's because I ignored couple of sidequests hm

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            I really don't get REAL BOY Ending.
                                                                                                            Why Geppetto son have artificial arm? Is it his son?
                                                                                                            Or is it P who actually was resurrected by Hand of God from Simon Manus in some form of perfect puppet?
                                                                                                            If it's P for what reason he comes to Geppetto and why blood on his cloth? Did he slay Geppetto son and he is next?

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              i learned that truths and lies hold no real bearing on the ending i did a massive mixed bag depending on the situation, it seems the only things that matters is maxing out your humanity(i think) and lisetning to 5 or more records all the way threw and giving sophia peace and of course telling dear old pops to screw off. afterwards you revive her in a puppets body

                                                                                                              • I could be wrong, but shouldn't the image being used for "Free From the Puppet String" be on "Rise of P" instead? From what I've seen of the endings, FFtPS ends right when Geppetto dies, while RoP continues on to the scene with Sofia.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  Each ending has its own name (REAL BOY/FREE FROM THE PUPPET STRING/RISE OF P) and story:
                                                                                                                  1.-In one Geppetto kills Pinocchio by taking his heart and uses it to revive his son.
                                                                                                                  2.-In another Pinocchio refuses to give his heart to Geppetto but still dies when he revives Sofia.
                                                                                                                  3.-In the last Pinocchio refuses to give him his heart and Geppetto sacrifices himself so that Pinocchio lives but Geppetto tells him that he is a useless puppet. This is the only ending in which Pinocchio lives in the end and I understand that he is immortal (he does not die of old age).

                                                                                                                  How do I get the last ending where Pinocchio lives and what is the name of ending 3 where Pinocchio lives?
                                                                                                                  I know the ending where Geppetto kills Pinocchio is called REAL BOY but I got confused with the rest. What are endings 2 and 3 called?

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    do you actually have to collect all records? or is it just records that you have gained so far - would this be enough?

                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                      Alidoro will still show up at the hotel even if you lie both times, the Cathedral encounter and the Venigni Works encounter.

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