Gold Coin Tree

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Pick a fruit to make exchanges with various NPCs and Merchants 

Gold Coin Tree in Lies of P grows the Gold Coin Fruit which is a Material that players can use to exchange for different items from various NPCs and Merchants. The Gold Coin Fruit is a valuable material and while some NPCs might want it in exchange for their items or services, there are only 2 locations where the Gold Coin Tree can be found.


How to Unlock the Gold Coin Tree in Lies of P

Players will first hear about the Gold Coin Tree from Giangio, who can be found by a winged angel statue down the path to the left of the one-winged angel statue (the angel statue's right) on the Path of Misery.

Speaking to him will reveal that he is looking for the Gold Coin Tree to make a cure for his Petrification Disease. Giangio gives you Guillaume's Ballad to read about the discovery of the Gold Coin Tree.

Later after defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, players can find Giangio after taking the elevator up from the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout. Speak with him to find out he found the Gold Coin Tree through the doors to his right but is unable to pick the fruit as it burns him to go close to the tree. Players can pick the fruit and head back to Giangio to exchange for a Star Fragment or Wishstones.

After unlocking the Gold Coin Tree from the hideout, players can go through the hallway where they see a clay bust, turn right and a secret passageway will unlock bringing players back to Hotel Krat. Players can now access the tree at the Lost Flower Garden in the Hotel Krat. The Lost Flower Garden can be found opposite Geppetto's office through a hallway. To the right of the tree is a room where players find  Giangio's carrier where players can exchange Gold Coin Fruit for a Star Fragment or Wishstones.


How to Use Gold Coin Fruits in Lies of P


 Lies of P Gold Coin Tree Information

  • There is a timer for how long it will take for a fruit to ripen, each fruit will take roughly 9-10 minutes and can only grow a maximum of 8 fruits. Players can go to a Gold Coin Tree or a Stargazer to check on the timer and how many fruits have ripened. The timer will only run when the game is active.
  • There are Special Materials called boosters that players can gain by purchasing from Polendina or through exploration. These boosters increase the growth speed of the fruits, so players will have to interact with the tree to inject it with the boosters. There are 3 boosters in different sizes so using the largest one will lengthen the effect for a longer time period.

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Gold Coin Tree Items in Lies of P

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