The Humanity Points or Humanity mechanic in Lies of P is unique for a game in the Souls-like genre. As a hidden stat in the game, Humanity Points are what determine whether or not Pinocchio's ego has grown enough for him to lean toward being a human, or a real boy, instead of still just Geppetto's puppet. Pinocchio's Humanity Points can be increased in a variety of ways, and, while hidden, can still be checked through certain methods. Humanity Points are intrinsically connected to the game's Lie System, and both work together to inform the different Endings players can reach for the game.

  • For an in-depth guide on the Lie System, visit our page here.
  • For more information on the game's different Endings and how to get them, visit our page here.


Lies of P Humanity Points Guide

How to Check Humanity Points in Lies of P

Humanity Points are hidden stat points that show Pinocchio's transformation from a puppet into a real boy in the game. Having Pinocchio turn into a human will guarantee that players get the Rise of P Ending, which is considered to be the true ending for the game. However, Humanity Points are a mostly hidden mechanic and will have no visual numerical value that players can just pull up from a menu. Instead, players will be able to check through two indicators: the Portrait of a Boy, and by checking on Spring, Hotel Krat's resident furry companion.

Portrait of a Boy

The Portrait of a Boy is a Recollection Item that can be picked up from the Black Rabbit Brotherhood headquarters in the Malum District. After acquiring it, players can then give it to Geppetto, who reveals that it's a portrait of his late son. He'll hang it up in his office. This painting of his son who very eerily looks like Pinocchio himself has a strange feature wherein a long stick will eventually start to grow from where the nose is on the portrait, extending outward out of the painting and into the real world. Geppetto comments on this as some kind of phenomenon having to do with inanimate objects growing souls from within. For players, however, this long stick is an indicator of Pinocchio's humanity - the longer it is, the more Humanity Points they have gained.

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Spring is the orange cat that has taken refuge inside Hotel Krat. The feisty feline can be found pretty early on, strutting about in different spots inside the space confines of the hotel. When first approached, Spring will tend to be cautious and defensive and will hiss at Pinocchio if players try to interact with it.

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However, when Pinocchio accumulates enough Humanity Points, thereby becoming more and more like a real boy or a real human, Spring will recognize it and will grow more and more affectionate and familiar with Pinocchio as a result. Spring's reaction when you interact with it then becomes a good indicator of how many Humanity Points you have accumulated.


Acquiring the Golden Lie Weapon in Lies of P

The Golden Lie is a special Weapon in the game, which can also serve as a good indication of the player's current accumulation of Humanity Points, and so also whether or not they will get the coveted Rise of P Ending as they finish the playthrough. Once the player gains enough Humanity Points, the stick growing out of the Portrait of a Boy's nose, which sits in Geppetto's office, will turn into almost a plant-like figure. This is actually the very Weapon itself, the Golden Lie, which players can then acquire and use for themselves.

For more in-depth information about the Golden Lie, visit our page here.


How to Get Humanity Points in Lies of P

Generally speaking, Pinocchio gets more Humanity Points by doing more things that humans do as opposed to mere puppets. Whenever the player does anything to contribute to Pinocchio's Humanity Points, the game makes it very audiovisually apparent, with certain words showing up on the screen, as well as the sound of gears suddenly ticking in the background. At first, the words will allude to Pinocchio's internal parts as a puppet, like "Your springs are moving," and then it'll change to feeling his Ergo stirring, and then finally to either just feeling warmth or feeling his heart pounding, which are general representations of what it feels like to start having emotions for a puppet. Incidentally, this will also give you an indication of how your Humanity Points are doing, though definitely not as accessible as the methods indicated above.

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Lying in Lies of P

The philosophical theme of the game revolves around lying as a means of expressing being alive or living to the fullest as a human being. Lying seems to be the main thing that shows that you are not just a puppet, who will carry out orders without question, and will say things you are programmed to do unquestioningly and without fail. Therefore, it's no surprise that lying is also that which contributes greatly toward your Humanity Points in the game, hence the game's Lie System.

Lies of P Lie System

The Lie System is an intricate system that affects Pinocchio's state of being internally when he commits lies. According to lore, Puppets cannot lie. However, Pinocchio is a special one created by Geppetto. He can fabricate information on his own for a special reason and presently, there are no known repercussions to this, in terms of his status effects. When a dialogue scenario for this occurs, players will be shown the two choices that Pinocchio can respond with, and an indication that time is ticking will be presented while his heart beats and blurs everything else to illustrate the pressure. The Lie System will affect the branching paths of NPC Quests, and may even cause some of them to move Locations. As mentioned previously, lying will increase Pinocchio's Humanity Points.

lie system humanity points guides lies of p wiki guide


All Lie Scenarios in Lies of P

Below is a short list of all the Lie Scenarios in the game:

  • Alidoro in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library
  • Alidoro in Workshop Union Entrance
  • Antonia in Hotel Krat
  • Belle Asks about Her Partner
  • Discovering Sophia's True Location
  • Eugenie at Hotel Krat
  • Hotel Krat Entrance
  • Julian and His Wife
  • Polendina's Query
  • Relic of Trismegistus Telephone Call
  • Reunited with Geppetto in his Cell
  • Simon Asks about Sophia
  • Simon Manus at the Grand Exhibition
  • The Atoned in Moonlight Town
  • To Become a Real Boy or Not with Geppetto
  • Weeping Woman in Elysion Boulevard
  • Venigni Asks Who Caused the Puppet Frenzy


For in-depth information on the game's Lie System, and more details on this list of all dialogue scenarios where the system is implemented, visit our page here.


Listening to Records in Lies of P

Another way to get Humanity Points is by listening to Records. As the name suggests, Records are Items that are essentially music tracks that players can listen to. These can be acquired throughout the game as loot, but a few of them can only be acquired through completing Quests. To listen to them, players have to use the Record Player which can be found beside the Stargazer in Hotel Krat. Note, however, that you'll have to sit through and listen to the entire track to get Humanity Points off of it, and you cannot skip or cut it short.

Lies of P Humanity Points Recommendation

In general, it doesn't seem like telling a lie in absolutely all dialogue choice instances or listening to all the Records in the game is necessary for getting enough Humanity Points to get the Rise of P Ending. However, players are definitely encouraged to lie whenever they can, or whenever appropriate to how they want to embody the character and fully listen to at least all the Records they have before finishing the game.

Using Gestures in Lies of P

Finally, there is speculation that doing certain Gestures at appropriate moments and to the appropriate characters in the game will also result in gaining some Humanity Points as well, exemplifying Pinocchio learning how to express emotions through his journey and doing things as a human would, making him more and more human. However, unlike lying and listening to Records, there sometimes doesn't seem to be any indication like hearing Pinocchio's springs move or feeling warmth to show that you've gained Humanity Points, and neither is there any prompt for doing these actions aside from small random comments from NPCs here and there. Here's a list of Gestures that we know are awarded Humanity Points through the game's audiovisual cue:

  • Using the Pray Gesture in front of the one-winged angel statue right before the bridge leading to the St. Frangelico Chapel.
  • Using the Entreat Gesture in front of the alter in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel itself. It may not notify you of any change, but the option to interact with the alter vanishes.
  • This list will be updated as more are discovered.

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    • Anonymous

      I got the rise of p ending but still not enough humanity to get golden lie, so I was able to top off what I needed by listening to records but I was still the tiniest bit short, so I did the pray gesture at the one winged statue and that was the last bit I needed to get golden lie.

      • Anonymous

        Doing "Entreat" in front of the big Bishop statue in the Cathedral Chapel doesn't do anything for me, no Humanity message, can still interact with

        • Anonymous

          I really feel like this first sentence needs to be rewordedd: "Humanity Points or Humanity is a mechanic that's unique to Lies of P, especially for a game in the Souls-like genre."

          • Anonymous

            Really silly question: I’ve heard some people say that in addition to his hair changing, P also gets taller and/or his physique slightly changes. I’ve tried verifying this by changing shape, and l it doesn’t *seem* like he’s different. I wouldn’t think about this much, but I’ve seen this said at least 5 or 6 times now; it’s driving me crazy because I can’t see it.

            • Anonymous

              When you get the Someones Memory use the Show Off Clothes to the person who gave it to you and they’ll notice how much you look like someone.

              • Anonymous

                These points aren't hidden, BTW. Go to your stats screen and right next to the amount of ergo to level up, there is a heart/gear symbol and a number. I confirmed this represents humanity by checking before and after listening to a record.

                For reference, my humanity was 85 when I did the "Give her peace" option, and that triggered the white hair cutscene (and I was able to get the golden lie afterwards).

                • Anonymous

                  I got rise of p ending, grey hair with giving sophia peace, listened to all records but one, played golden piano, and did literally most sidequests but still locked out of golden lie. It seems i goofed up belles quest by killing guy on accident, i told one truth on accident (one to simon at the end), and then i didnt get pray emote. i went before and after nameless puppet but locked out so this sucks

                  • Anonymous

                    I mostly told the truth for the dialogue options and yet I still managed to get the Rise of P ending. I think I only lied twice, but also listened to a few of the records. Potentially, teaching that broken puppet in the swamp gestures can also contribute to the system.

                    • Stalkers promise makes Venigi say "we're all behind you", "Entreat" makes him give you a Vivid Ergo Fragment, he makes a short speech if you use "Clap"

                      Pulcinella: Stalker's Promise-he says "Do look after him, won't you sir"

                      Geppetto doesn't react to any gestures

                      • "Entreat" make Eugenie form an X with her arms, "Greet" makes her wave, "Stalker's Promise" makes her say "if any of your weapons need work bring them to me."

                        Antonia and Sophia Clap if you use "Stalker's Promise"

                        Sophia says "Please... be careful" if you use "Greet"

                        Polendina doesn't respond to any gestures

                        • Anonymous

                          You start to grunt in pain and breathe heavily while running/dodging the more humanity you have.

                          You also stop making springy sounds while moving.

                          • If you use the "Respect" gesture in front of Sophia she bows her head slightly.
                            If you use "Greet" on Antonia she waves back, but won't do it anymore once she switches rooms.
                            The "Sad" gesture seems appropriate in front of Antonia's wheelchair.

                            • Anonymous

                              Doing the "Show Off Clothes" Gesture while wearing the "Someone's Memory" outfit in front of Antonia gave me the "Springs are moving" message with all the other indicators.

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