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  • Combat: Learn about the basic and advanced combat mechanics for Lies of P
  • Controls: Features the layout of the default keys and controller for each platform the game is available on.
  • FAQs: Discover various frequently asked questions on other aspects of the game that are raised by the community of the game.
  • New Game +: Read about the NG+ information of the game, what happens after you beat the game once and what changes are applied.
  • Bosses: Explore a compendium of all the Bosses encountered in the game, which includes boss information and guides on how to defeat each one.


Lies of P New Player Help Guide


Combat Overview
Things You Should Know


Basic Combat Overview

Lies of P: Basic Combat Features

Lies of P features the basic combat mechanics such as the normal attacks with a bladed weapon, Pinocchio can block incoming attacks where you take less damage or if guarding at the right time triggers a perfect guard that doesn't inflict any damage and with a high possibility of destroying the enemy's weapon. Each weapon type such as a light or heavy weapon will trigger different moves whereas Pinocchio can execute a flurry of attacks or swing heavy blows when wielding a large weapon. In this section, we will be exploring basic combat mechanics, and the majority of it was derived from staple Souls Combat design with minor differences.

Equipping Weapons in Lies of P

Players can swap between two equipped weapons from the Weapon slots Menu. Press Right on the D-Pad to switch between them.

equip weapon tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Each Weapon has a distinct Blade and Handle with their own unique Fable Arts. Fable Arts can be considered the game's Weapon Skills. They use up Fable Slots, with each art using up varying amount of slots. Players can recover Fable Slots by continuously attack enemies with their Weapons.

fable arts tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Pulse Cells in Lies of P

Pulse Cells replenish Pinocchio's health. Take it as your Flask of the Crimson Tears from Elden Ring or Vials from Bloodborne. In Lies of P, there's a clever way to restock this restorative item. Dealing consecutive attacks to targets will charge your Pulse Cells. Upon completely filling the Pulse Cell's Charge Gauge, players will be able to produce one Pulse Cell. At the start of the game, players are allowed to stock up with three Pulse Cells which later on can be improved by exploring the P-Organ System.

pulse cell tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Locking On Targets in Lies of P

We cannot stress how important this is in Lies of P. Locking on to targets will give players a focused point of view against targets and enable players to fix their attack direction onto their desired target. This is one of the best strategies when dealing with regular enemies, especially when fighting bosses. 

On Xbox, click the Right Stick to toggle Lock On & Off. Players can switch their Lock On target by moving the Right Stick while it's pressed down.

lock on tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Basic Attack Combinations

In Lies of P, pressing the normal attack continuously, Pinocchio will do a basic attack combination, effective in dealing successive hits to targets. Charge attacks on the other hand are hard-hitting blows that can stagger enemies and quickly raise their Groggy Points (Stagger Points in Souls). It is worth noting that Dash and Roll Attacks are also available in the game making combat fluid and accessible especially for Soulsborne veterans.

Dying in Lies of P

Whenever the player dies, they will drop all their Ergo on the spot they died on. Interacting with their Death Ergo will allow players to reclaim their lost Ergo. If you are killed before being able to retrieve your Death Ergo, the amount of Ergo you can recover decreases.

death ergo tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

When dying in a boss room, the Death Ergo can be found at the entrance to the boss arena instead of at the exact place the player character died at.

upon dying in the boss area tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Specters in Lies of P

Before fighting a boss, you will have the opportunity to summon a Specter by using a Star Fragment at the Crack's Calling next to the boss arena. These Specters will help you fight the boss in combat, and will disappear after you've vanquished the boss.

specter tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Fatal Attacks In Lies of P

Fatal Attacks are usually strong attack combinations that can be executed when an enemy is completely staggered. Bloodborne and Dark Souls players know this as Visceral Attack or a Critical Strike. It is a solid strategy in Lies of P to stack inflict Groggy points to enemies and stagger them ultimately and deal with Fata Attacks. Groggy/Stagger points can stack up if Pinocchio continuously deals multiple hits or charge attacks to his enemies or Perfect Blocking enemy attacks on the other hand. Lastly, Fatal Attacks perform the same as backstabs.

Face a Staggered Enemy then press Right Bumper on an Xbox controller to perform a Fatal Attack.

fatal attack tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Groggy Status & Stagger in Lies of P

Groggy Status, also known as Stagger, is an indicator that an enemy can be staggered. When the Groggy Status procs, the enemy's HP bar will flash with a white border, signaling players that this certain enemy is ready to be staggered right at this point. As previously mentioned, to stagger enemies, Pinocchio should inflict his target with a Charge Attack and watch his targets be staggered and be opened to Fatal Attacks.

staggerable tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Sneak Attacks in Lies of P

Sneaking and Back Stabs are still viable strategies in Lies of P. Like in Souls games, players can sneak past their enemies and perform a Back Stab. This a solid strategy if you want to clear out enemies one at a time and save you the hassle of getting overwhelmed. Enemy placement is Lies of P are represented decently however, expect multiple enemies stationed at key points, keeping their player on their toes.

Humanity Points & Lie System

Lies of P is inspired by the familiar story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet given life by the Blue Fairy, and Pinocchio who learns that he must not tell lies or he will suffer the consequence of his nose growing in length as he continues to lie. Since Lies of P is a re-envisioning of Pinocchio's story, it's no surprise that the game will feature a Lie System that will play an important role throughout your overall gameplay.

It is still yet to confirm how exactly the Lie System will work in Lies of P, however, developers NEOWIZ has given some insight that the player's actions and choice of answers in dialogues will contribute to the Lie System. A good example is when you are given a choice to answer in a conversation. As showcased in a gameplay video, it shows Pinocchio approaching a hotel entrance and is asked "Who are you?". Pinocchio is then given a timed choice to answer truthfully or simply lie.

By choosing to lie, Pinocchio gains Humanity Points which rack up and affect the outcome of Pinocchio's story, thus, having multiple endings in the game. Apart from that, your choice of telling the truth or lying will simply change Pinocchio's interaction with NPCs, the type of enemies he will encounter, and what seems to be even more that will affect the player's gameplay experience.

Humanity Effect in Lies of P

It is speculation at this point that the higher the Humanity Points that Pinocchio has, the more added bonus stats he can attain. Lies of P is heavily inspired by Soulsborne games and the majority of its mechanics are derived from the same staple designs. In Dark Souls, the higher the player's humanity points are the more raw stats that the player can have. If this can be observed as well in Lies of P, this will be a great advantage in combat, as more stats are always welcome. Pinocchio will surely perform better in combat in general and conquer his adversaries.

Guarding & Perfect Guards in Lies of P

Players can block enemy attacks by pressing the Left Bumper on an Xbox to guard. On a successful Guard, players will be able to take reduced damage at the expense of some Stamina. The amount of damage mitigated will become Guard Regain, and while players have Guard Regain, attacking enemies will gradually recover HP. Guard Regain will be lost over time.

guard tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Perfect Guarding in Lies of P is one of the best strategies for fending off attacks. Sekiro players know it as Perfect Parries. To perform a Perfect Guard, players must time their guards to block an attack right before it is about to hit. In Lies of P, Perfect Guards will only consume stamina and not damage the player if they manage to execute it. However, the is one big caveat to this. A high skill ceiling is required to master the timings of Perfect Guards, especially for beginners. Grasping this skill will give anyone huge advantages against regular enemies and bosses as Perfect Guards breaks enemy weapons in Lies of P, protects Pinocchio from Fury Attacks, and make enemies Groggy/Staggerable.

perfect guard tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Dodging in Lies of P

Another way to avoid enemy attacks is by dodging. This can be done by pressing B on an Xbox Controller. While not Locked On to an enemy, pressing B will cause the player character to dash in the direction they are going to, whereas while targeting a specific enemy, the player character will perform a dodge action, continuing to face their target as they do so.

dodging tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Fury Attacks in Lies of P

Sekiro players will find this familiar as players are unable to guard normally from Fury Attacks or dodge them. Fury Attacks will make them glow with a reddish aura. A distinctive way of presenting this type of attack. There is only one way to survive Fury Attacks. They cannot be dashed or dodged away from, nor can they be guarded. Only countering them with Perfect Guards will help you avoid fury Attacks.

fury attack tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Lies of P Weapon Durability

One of Lies of P's unique combat mechanics is Weapon Durability. Each hit with a weapon will decrease it's durability. A weapon with low durability will have it's attack lowered, and at zero durability, the weapon will break completely. Durability can be restored using a Grinder, but after a weapon breaks, it cannot be restored. Keep an eye on the durability gauge to avoid breaking your weapons.

weapon durability tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Special Grindstones can be equipped through the Stargazer or through Venigni. These grindstones grant your weapon special effects when used, but can only be used once before it needs to be refreshed again, either through reviving or visiting a Stargazer.

special grindstone tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Advantages of Belts in Lies of P

Belts can be effectively utilized in combat. Players can have instant access to their set items in their belts anytime they wish to use them. In the heat of battle, it is not advisable to go through your bag and use items. Thus, belts are the perfect solution to this. It is worth noting that Throwables, lanterns, and augmenting items can be set in Pinocchio's Belt.

use belt tutorial combat lies of p wiki guideuse an item from the extra bag tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Levelling up in Lies of P

The first time you encounter a Stargazer in Lies of P, you will have the opportunity to Level Up using Ergo, increasing your chosen stats. After you reach the hotel, Sophia will take care of levelling you up.

level up tutorial 2 combat lies of p wiki guidelevel up tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Managing Weight in Lies of P

Each piece of Equipment equipped will increase the the player character's carry weight. As the weight of your equipped items increases, Movement speed and Stamina recovery is decreased. Reach you weight limit, and your speed is drastically reduced. Weight Capacity can be increased when levelling up to increase the weight limit of items you equip.

manage weight tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

Things You Should Know in Lies of P

Getting Started

See our About page to learn about the general concepts and ideas of the game. Take your time in understanding the game's controls, mechanics, and user interface. Understanding the fundamentals of the game is crucial for your progression. You can then visit the Combat Memories page which is the Classes page so you can select a class that's suitable to your playstyle. You can then refer to our Walkthrough page for an overview of the recommended routes you can take as you proceed through the game.

Will there be Multiplayer/Co-op in Lies of P?

Unfortunately, Lies of P will solely focus Single Player content and its narrative will revolve around Pinnochio's journey. As mentioned by Choi Ji-Won, the game director, during an interview held at Gamescom 2022: "Since it is our first Souls-like game, we didn't consider adding a Multiplayer or Online Co-op feature since we didn't want to take away the joy and experience of the player to challenge themselves in Lies of P. However, if given the chance and if the opportunity comes knocking on our door, we will consider adding a multiplayer or online co-op feature."

What are Legions Arms?

The Legion Arm is a prosthetic arm that provides Pinocchio with special moves that he can use when fighting against hostile characters. The Legion Arm consumes a unique MP that is designated for the Legion Arm and it can only be replenished by consuming a certain consumable item or by resting at a Stargazer.

iron fist legion arm lies of p wiki guide

There will be more than five Legion Arms that can be found in the game, and you will need to explore various areas within Krat to find secrets, open vaults, and even defeat certain Bosses to acquire a new Legion Arm. As you progress through the game, each Legion Arm can be upgraded to unlock more effects and strengthen it with the use of an upgrade material called a Faded Quenching Stone.

Weapon Customization

All weapons in Lies of P are divided into two components, the Blades and the Handles. As you explore the city of Krat, you will discover various Weapons which can then be dismantled and combined with other blades or handles. The weapon-making system in Lies of P enables customization of Pinocchio's primary weapon, mirroring the nature of Pinocchio himself as a puppet with customizable mechanical attributes. So how do Weapons exactly work in Lies of P? You will find different weapons, by default, which are already combined as a singular instrument. For example, the Last Honor, a heavy sword that features its designated Blade and Handle — and this can be dismantled and you can swap out its blade or handle to combine it with another handle or blade.

weapon combinations primary weapon homepage lies of p wiki guide 1080pxfable arts weapons homepage lies of p wiki guide 1080px

You can also upgrade each individual blade or handle to max out its stats. With this, the possibility for weapon combinations is endless, this will affect the weapon's name, stats, attack behavior, and Fable Arts. Each weapon in Lies of P will include its Fable Art. Fable Art is similar to how Ashes of War works in Elden Ring, a weapon skill that is bound to a unique weapon. Fable Arts consists of unique moves or skills one when Pinocchio draws out his weapon or when upon guarding. The use of Fable Arts requires a certain number of Fable Slots which is the equivalent of an MP bar.

Swap Gears and Frame on the Fly

The Gears and Frame in Lies of P refer to the specific Armor pieces and primary Accessories designed for Pinocchio's equipment. With Pinnochio being a mechanoid puppet, you can equip various armor pieces for his Gear and primary accessories for his Frame. Each of these items contributes to enhancing Pinocchio's attributes and provides unique effects when equipped. So far, we've learned that the Gear and Frame systems are divided into three sections, with Pinocchio's Frame having three slots known as Lining Parts, Frame Parts, and Joint Parts.

gear frame equipment homepage lies of p wiki guide 1080px

This feature further enhances the game's customization aspect, giving you the power to mold your unique version of Pinocchio depending on your playstyle. Equipping and changing Gear and Frame parts is easy as you can swap them on the fly by accessing the Equipment screen via the Menu. Apart from Pinocchio's Gear and Frame, he also possesses a Belt and a Pouch, allowing you to equip a diverse array of secondary accessories and items. This feature lets you quickly interchange items provided they are equipped on your Belt and Pouch.

Lie Wisely

In Lies of P, a new feature called the Lie System is introduced and it is an intricate system that affects Pinocchio's frame internally when committing lies. Interacting with the NPCs requires Pinocchio to interact with them with answers that will determine their quest progress. As mentioned, we can observe the same manner while progressing in the main quest.

humanity and lie system homepage lies of p wiki guide 1080pxlie2 system lies of p wiki guide min

This system plays a huge role as it can dictate both minor and major events and alter the player's path. It is worth noting that every time Pinocchio tells a lie, an observable confirmation occurs, and his frame ******es. It is possible that after articulating a certain amount of lies, you will receive certain thresholds that inflict Pinocchio with negative status effects. These ailments often decrease your raw stats or bind them to a debuff.

What is the P-Organ System?

The P-Organ further enhances Pinocchio's effectiveness in combat and provides customization for different playstyles. It is also an upgrade system that enhances additional stats and grants various effects for Pinocchio. There are various categories on each node such as Strengthening the Pulse Cell, Expanding Fable Slots, adding a Thorn Shield, granting a Quick Recovery for Pinocchio if he is knocked down, and many more. You can access the P-Organ by interacting with Gepetto's special chair.

p organ9 lies of p wiki guide min

On each node, selecting an empty slot, various effects and abilities will be shown. These abilities are categorized under Attack, Survival, Ability, and Item Type. You can select two types of abilities within your pool and socket them on each node. It is worth noting that socketing a skill requires a currency called Quartz. When two abilities have been socketed, the general bonus ability or skill of the node you selected will be unlocked as well.

p organ4 lies of p wiki guide min

It is worth noting that when a player managed to unlock the nodes of the Phase 1 Skill Tree, the system then will allow them to take advantage of the Phase 2 Skill Tree. This straightforwardly works, the latter Phases will likely provide better and unique abilities.

Destroy mechanoid puppets in style

In Lies of P, you will have the option to extensively customize Pinocchio's combat equipment, including his distinctive Weapons, Legion Arms, Gear Parts, and Frame Accessories. Additionally, they can alter Pinocchio's attire with various costumes. However, these costumes are purely cosmetic and have no impact on Pinocchio's stats or abilities, they solely modify his physical appearance by changing the clothes he wears.

costumes homepage lies of p wiki guide 1080px

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      Early game: build a long fast swinging weapon, this will stunlock any early game puppets and will chip away at the first few bosses you meet, jam 20 HP stat as fast as you can this isn't dark souls it soft caps super fast

      Boss strategy: bloodborne dodge and chip away, until the relatively easy early game bosses go down, their attacks should be telegraphed and iframes are generous no reason to try parry spamming this isn't Seikiro

      Midgame: build a dmg powerhouse weapon, at this point you're going to want to figure out what your dmg stat is for scaling and jam 40 in it. Pick an arm that matches, and equip the highest physical resistance frame you can find.

      Boss strategy: Now you can dps bosses down, brotherhood gank fight you can focus down the smaller brother while the phantom keeps the big guy busy, then return to laying the smackdown on him, I got him first try

      Endgame: By now you should have all the dmg and hp you need, and mobs have started to catch up with your output. Feel free to focus on miscellaneous stats like getting all the stamina you need, or equip load, plus minmax your p organs.

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