New Game Plus, New Game +, or NG+ for Lies of P is an unlockable game component where players can start a new game after meeting the requirement of finishing the main campaign at least once. In most cases, playing in New Game Plus allows players to start the main story of the game from the beginning while maintaining some elements that you've acquired during your first playthrough such as Player Level, Unlocked Skills, Discovered Items, Resources, Equipment, and more. However, not all key factors of the game will carry over such as Key Items that require the player to complete certain points of the game.

The New Game Plus or NG+ page features relevant information such as various aspects of the game that are carried over to this game mode, helpful information regarding the conditions that must be met in order to unlock New Game Plus, as well indicating the different attributes of the game that changes the overall experience. This page covers relevant information and guides for the New Game Plus mode for NEOWIZ Games and Round8 Studio's Lies of P.


Lies of P New Game Plus

What Carries Over to New Game Plus?

Here are the following assets that carry over to a New Game Plus cycle in Lies of P:

What doesn't Carry Over to New Game Plus?

If you start the next playthrough, you won't be able to continue the current playthrough and the following items will not be inherited:

  • All Collectibles except for Records.
  • Key Items and Recollection items that are used for Quests and main story progression
  • Krat Supply Boxes
  • Venigni Collections

Gameplay Changes in New Game Plus

At the beginning, after P awakens and before you open the train door to enter Krat Central Station, the worktable will now change to "Geppetto's Tools" where you can "Switch Legion Arm", "Modify Legion Arm", and "Activate P-Organ". This only happens in NG+ since in the initial playthrough, interacting with the table provides the player the option to choose their starting class by selecting a Combat Memory.

Does the World Reset in New Game Plus?

Yes, just like in any other Souls-like games, the world resets when you start an NG+ cycle. This means you will have to start from the beginning, to progress the story and unlock extra features and NPCs along the way. And since Lies of P features 3 endings, it's highly recommended to choose different options or outcomes to achieve a different conclusion of the game.

Can I Respec my Upgrades in New Game Plus?

Upon starting a new playthrough, you'll find yourself at the beginning of the game where P is awakened by the blue fairy, Sophia. As you gain control of P, the game will prompt a message if you want to reset the P-Organ. By choosing "OK", it will reset all the upgrades and you'll regain the total number of Quartz you've spent.

Additionally, new loot will be available such as improved versions of Defense Parts, and more. These new items are found as loot inside chests, possible drops from killed enemies and bosses, and purchasable from Merchants.

Other Changes in New Game Plus

We'll be listing down the following changes that take effect when you start an NG+ Cycle:

  • P acquires more Ergo from killing Enemies and Bosses
  • Additional Phases unlocked for the P-Organ
  • Increased Health and Damage Inflicted by Regular Enemies and Bosses
  • Upgraded or +1 versions of certain equipment items (for example: Defense Parts, Amulets, and more) now drop from enemies, found inside loot chests, and are available in Merchant inventories.
  • At the beginning section where P awkanens, you'll have the option to reset your P-Organ upgrades and reacquire the total number of Quartz spent.
  • The work desk at the end of the train car where you initially choose your Combat Memory or Combat Style changes into a table with Geppetto's Tools. Interacting with it allows the player to (1) Switch Legion Arm, (2) Modify Legion Arm, or (3) Activate P-Organ to unlock abilities and add passive upgrades.


Lies of P All Exclusive New Game Plus Items

Upon starting a New Game Plus cycle, there will be additional Records that unlock in NG+. Additionally, some +1 variations of Defense Parts, other equipment, and materials also become available. If you are looking for guides on how to unlock all of the endings for Lies of P, please visit our Endings page.

Lies of P All New Game Plus Records



Lies of P All Normal Amulets

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    • Anonymous

      For my NG+ playthrough I did an Advance build.

      I used the Electric Coil Stick against puppet enemies, the Black Steel Cutter against carcasses, and the Acidic Crystal Spear against humans and alchemists. I didn't change the blade or handle on any of them. And my main arm was the Puppet String.

      It was fun and easy. I never struggled in any area and all of the bosses were a piece of cake. I'd recommend giving this a try.

      • Anonymous

        Aegis is actually broken. As long as you hold out the shield, if you spam L1 you will ALWAYS get a perfect guard. This "exploit" is a SUPER HUGE HELP against Namless, especially that crazy phase 2 fury attack, or any multi-hit attacks.

        • Anonymous

          I'm on NG+ and unable to beat Nameless Puppet even at level 256 right now. I missed it on my 1st playthrough. I've tried multiple youtubers advice and I'm beat. I'm a get gud playter and the darks souls were easy for me but this boss is shredding me.

          • Anonymous

            Im quite sad the lore collectibles ( books and notes) do not carry over to new game plus... i had a few I was planning on reading later... oh well... wiki or find them again...

            • Anonymous

              It seems the enemies' damage caps at NG+2, so you don't have to worry, this isn't gonna be as terrible as the other Soulslikes' NG+7, thank God.
              NG+2 isn't the final scaling for Ergo drops, though. I've heard Ergo drops cap at NG+4, so the farming gets easier and easier as long as you proceed with NG+ until +4.

              • Anonymous

                Another change in NG+: You have acces to the Gold Coin Tree as soon as you reach the Hotel. Giangio isn't here yet, but you cann acces his services at the door.

                • Anonymous

                  Golden lie on my first playthrough.
                  7 record. I’ve only tell the truth 2 time, the other time only lie and have my heart beating wildly
                  Moreover i can hug the cat at krat hotel

                  • Anonymous

                    I got the Golden Lie weapon in my first playthrough not even doing all lies. I basically just went for what I thought were the most "ethical" options, choosing only white lies, and got it near the end of the game.

                    • Anonymous

                      I am in NG +2 and so far I have unlocked 2 hole new Tiers of P-Organ upgrades, phase 6 and phase 7. Phase 7 has some interesting ones, one that reduces your weight classes so from 60% and under you will be considered Light instead of Mid. Another is the ability to Block Fury attacks normally.

                      • Anonymous

                        In NG+ you can understand the puppet talking in various boss fights. There was only hieroglyphs in the first run

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