Combat Memories or Combat Styles in Lies of P are premade archetypes or classes for Pinocchio. By choosing a combat memory, Pinocchio will have a preset of items as well as stats, and each combat memory caters to a different type of playstyle. However, as players progress through the story and level up, they are free to choose how to build their version of Pinocchio based on the player's playstyle, and this includes upgrading the various stats and equipment. This page covers a list of all the available Combat Memories (Combat Styles) featured in Lies of P.


Lies of P All Combat Memories

Path of the Cricket: Balance

path of the cricket balance combat memory lies of p wiki guide 270px

A balanced combat style with both
power and speed.

Starting Weapon Set: Puppet's Saber

Default Attributes
Vitality 9
Vigor 7
Capacity 8
Motivity 9
Technique 9
Advance 7
Default Base Stats
HP 283
Stamina 109
Guard Regain 55
Weight Limit 64.2
Physical ATK 110
Physical Defense 78


Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

path of the bastard dexterity combat memory lies of p wiki guide 270px

A quick and nimble combat style for striking the enemy's weak spots.

Starting Weapon Set: Wintry Rapier

Default Attributes
Vitality 8
Vigor 12
Capacity 7
Motivity 5
Technique 11
Advance 6
Default Base Stats
HP 262
Stamina 134
Guard Regain 50
Weight Limit 61.2
Physical ATK 99
Physical Defense 74


Path of the Sweeper: Strength

path of the sweeper strength combat memory lies of p wiki guide 270px

A heavy combat style that cuts down enemies using great physical strength.

Starting Weapon Set: Greatsword of Fate

Default Attributes
Vitality 11
Vigor 5
Capacity 11
Motivity 11
Technique 5
Advance 6
Default Base Stats
HP 323
Stamina 96
Guard Regain 65
Weight Limit 73.3
Physical ATK 123
Physical Defense 80



Lies of P Gamescom Demo Combat Memories

Path of Crickets: Balance

path of crickets balance combat memory lies of p wiki guide

 A sword fighting style, well balanced with strength and speed. The starting weapon is a Sabre.

Default Attributes
Vitality 11
Vigor 8
Tenacity 9
Capacity 9
Motivity 11
Technique 11
Advance 9
Default Base Stats
HP 303
Stamina 120
Guard Max HP Regain 145
Max Weigh Capacity 76.4
Physical ATK 121
Physical Defense 80


Path of the Bastards: Agility

path of the bastards agility combat memory lies of p wiki guide

 An agile sword fighting style that focuses on catching enemies off guard. The starting weapon is a Rapier.

Default Attributes
Vitality 9
Vigor 14
Tenacity 9
Capacity 9
Motivity 6
Technique 16
Advance 5
Default Base Stats
HP 265
Stamina 157
Guard Max HP Regain 133
Max Weigh Capacity 72.5
Physical ATK 90
Physical Defense 80


Path of the Sweepers: Tenacity

path of the sweepers tenacity combat memory lies of p wiki guide

 A sword fighting style that splits enemies with sheer strength. The starting weapon is a Clockwork Smasher.

Default Attributes
Vitality 12
Vigor 7
Tenacity 12
Capacity 10
Motivity 16
Technique 6
Advance 5
Default Base Stats
HP 321
Stamina 101
Guard Max HP Regain 151
Max Weigh Capacity 82.0
Physical ATK 149
Physical Defense 85

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    • Anonymous

      After replaying game multiple times I will say ever since patch path of the bastard is the strongest and most versitile starting build no matter what you are going for (unless its strength (aka motivity) handles specifically). Not only in 1.5 do you get the new broken weapon which naturally scales with technique (dex), rapier is pretty great too, especially when combined with different blades.
      Even when you prefer big and slow hard hitting weapons in souls games, you dont need to put them on motivity handles, just put the biggest blade on a good technique handle, which you can get both pretty quickly in the game too, overall technique has the biggest variety of avaiable weapons for it whether you want to go for crits/stagger/parry/pure damage.
      As for Advance, most advance weapons barely scale with dex or str, but many of them have side scaling with dex too, either way for that build you just pump stats in advance and dex/str don't matter that much.
      In early game 12 starting vigor is pretty great too as you will basically have all the stamina you need for the entirety of the game with that much (Id say 12 is the sweet spot).

      • Anonymous

        Cricket makes for a decent pure advanced focused build with it having the highest out of all of them (for some reason)
        Cricket is fine but not good if your a min/max addict

        • Anonymous

          The cricket class is less efficient for a quality build than both sweeper and bastard, because it puts an extra point into advance, that you likely won't use. I guess just pick based on starting gear?

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