Accessories are a category of equipment in Lies of P. Accessories are secondary equipment that compliments the Frame parts and Weapons that Pinocchio equips, Pinocchio has a Belt and a Pouch where he can equip various secondary accessories and items. This feature allows Pinocchio to swap items quickly, as long as it is equipped on his Belt and Pouch. There are various accessories in the game such as for mobility, triggering effects, combat, and many more that modify combat encounters. This page covers a list of all the Accessories featured in Lies of P.

What are Accessories in Lies of P?

Accessories refer to the extra clothing Pinnochio wears on his head. This can range from helmets to masks in Lies of P. These are also purely used for styling and aesthetic purposes of your character.

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Are the Accessories purely for Headwear in Lies of P?

Currently, the available accessories in Lies of P are only headwear. We'll keep this page updated if accessories for other parts of the body of your character appear or are discovered.

Do Accessories Affect Stats in Lies of P?

Accessories in Lies of P also do not affect your stats in the game. These are purely used for style and cosmetics so that you won't have to worry which set of clothing or accessory looks good on your character.

How to Change Costumes in Lies of P?

Changing your costume in the game is simple, and you can do it anytime! Just head over to the main menu, and then the equipment menu, and there, you'll find a special section, the Costume tab. It's as simple as clicking on it, and you can swap out your costume instantly. So, whenever you feel like giving your character a fresh new look, remember that this quick and easy option is in the main menu under equipment.

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All Accessories in Lies of P

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Name Description

black cats mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
Black Cat's Mask

The mask worn by the Black Cat. It has an internal device that supports fading eyesight. Before the boy who had lost his sight closed his eyes for the last time, he thought of how he had lied that he was her lost younger brother, and how much he wished that it had been the truth.

mad donkeys mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
Mad Donkey's Mask


The mask worn by the Mad Donkey. It is the mask of one blindly seeking the truth. The madman wanted to find the real truth. Blinded by his stubbornness, he failed to see the approach of death.

mask worn by those preparing for the festival accessory lies of p wiki guide min
Mask worn by those preparing for the festival

Mask worn by those preparing for the festival on a summer night. This is a special commemorative mask for people enjoying the festival earlier than everyone else on its eve. The workshop also distributed special commemorative masks when it introduced the Parade Master in anticipation of the approaching Grand Exhibition Parade. The following is a quote from an unnamed masked person. "To all those who have come to Krat, I bid thee a chilly and captivating parade."

mischievous puppets parade hat accessory lies of p wiki guide min
Mischievous Puppet's Parade Hat

The hat of the mischievous wooden puppet that Venigni made for the parade. This hat is worn by those who truly know how to enjoy a parade. "This piece understands the aesthetics of naughty children. Wear this peaked hat and think of someone who would pull a prank on you!"

- Lorenzini Venigni, while judging the prize winner of the Krat's Naughty Child Contest.

owl doctor's mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
Owl Doctor's Mask

The mask worn by the Owl Doctor. It is the mask of one who had a name up until his final moments, but was forgotten in the end. The Alchemists' merciless experiments pushed him to his limit. In his pain, he denied reality and escaped into delusion.

red foxs mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
Red Fox's Mask

The mask worn by the Red Fox. It is a mask of the aristocrats, crafted with sophistication and refinement. After turning her back on her house, her sole interest was her younger brother she had found on the streets. She had sensed the boy's guilt long before, but she accepted him as her sole family.

robber weasels mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
Robber Weasel's Mask

The Robber Weasel's mask. It may look ridiculous and unimpressive, but its ability to instill fear in the dark is unmatched. The robber believed she could escape the city once the next empty house was ransacked. She never imagined that this would be her last excursion.

survivors mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
Survivor's Mask

The mouse mask worn by the Survivor. It reeks of sewage and fear.  Rookie Stalkers usually wear the animal masks decided by superiors. Perhaps this was even what had blessed the youth's fate.

the atoneds mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
The Atoned's Mask

The old dog mask worn by The Atoned. It reeks of regret from failing to save people. Instead of guiding people to refuge, she took them to the land of the dead. Having fled from incomprehensible death, the Stalker vowed to live the rest of her life in repentance.

the great venignis glasses accessory lies of p wiki guide min
The Great Venigni's Glasses

Glasses of the highest quality designed and made by Venigni himself. They are exactly the same as the glasses Venigni is always wearing. "To succeed, you must first change your outlook of the world. You too can pursue the world that the eyes of Krat's richest man sees!"

-A marketing line for The Great Venigni's Glasses

the white ladys mask helmet lies of p wiki guide 75px
The White Lady's Mask

The pigeon mask worn by the White Lady. The bird lost her voice, but dreamed of the blue skies instead. That day was a tragic accident for all sisters. The girl who lost her golden voice became a Stalker instead of an opera singer.


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