Materials are a category of Items in Lies of P. Materials are separated into Special Materials and Upgrade Blade Materials, special materials are mainly for the Gold Coin Fruit as it is considered one of the game currencies, while the upgrade blade materials are mainly for upgrading the players' weapons. Players can obtain these materials through various means such as regular exploration, purchasing from Merchants, or loot from enemies. This page covers a list of all the Materials that are featured in Lies of P.


What are the Materials in Lies of P

There are a total of 5 types of materials but they are separated into 2 categories. Special Materials and Upgrade Blade Materials, these Items can be found in the Inventory menu under the Materials Tab.

Special Materials

Special Materials are Items that players can use to benefit them in terms of combat as well as increasing the speed of growth of the Gold Coin Fruit.

The Star Fragment helps players in times of need in combat when they need aid, using the Star Fragment summons a Specter to assist players during combat if they need help with attacking or distracting the Enemies or Boss.

The Boosters are to help speed up the growth of the Gold Coin Fruit, players will normally have to wait 10 minutes until they can pick the fruit again but using the booster will help speed it up if players will need it for a quest, to purchase from Giangio, or if they need to reset their level, P-Organ, or Legion Arm at the Saintess of Mercy Statue.

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How to Acquire Special Materials in Lies of P

Players can acquire these special items mostly by purchasing from Merchants, they may be able to find some through exploration in Krat as well. Polendina has most of the Boosters while Giangio has the Star Fragment

When players have boosters, they may use it on the Gold Fruit Tree to then gain a Gold Coin Fruit, so that they can exchange it with Giangio to gain a Star Fragment.

Upgrade Blade Materials

Upgrade Blade Materials are Items that players can use to enhance the performance of their Weapons from Eugènie in the Hotel Krat. There are items that can only be used for specific weapons such as Cranks, Moonstones.

Cranks are used for enhancing the performance of the Handle, allowing players to be able to customize it to their playstyle or to encourage players to try out different playstyles.

Moonstones are used to enhance the performance of the Blades, this also allows players to customize the stats of their Blades to their liking. There is also a different type of Moonstone which are Moonstones of the Covenant which are used to enhance and upgrade Special Weapons only.


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How to Acquire Upgrade Blade Materials in Lies of P

These items can often be obtained through exploration, looting enemies, or purchasing from Merchants around Krat. However, players will come across a butterfly that glows in bright pink, which will only appear if players get close to it. Monad's Lamp will also light up with a red glow to indicate that there is a Dimensional Butterfly in the area, players will have to use the glow to indicate if they've gotten closer or farther away from the butterfly. Once close, it will appear and players will need to kill it to gain materials.



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