Merchants in Lies of P are the characters or NPCs that are encountered throughout the different Locations that can exchange items for goods. Interacting with NPCs may help you gain Items in exchange for other goods that are stationed at specific locations or regions in the game. These Merchants may also trade services such as upgrades and modifications. Information on each of the available merchants and their Locations, services, wares, and related quests can be found below. This page covers all of the Merchants featured in Lies of P.

Stargazers in Lies of P

Stargazers are the equivalent of Bonfires in the Souls games. Using a Stargazer will fully recover the player character's HP and Stamina, as well as charge their Pulse Cells. They also act as a revive point for whenever the player dies. When interacting with a Stargazer, any previously defeated enemy will be revived.

stargazer tutorial combat lies of p wiki guide

After activating a Stargazer, players can freely teleport between each activated Stargazer, allowing them to travel quickly between the game's locations. Any events or NPCs at a Stargazer's location will be noted when hovering over it in the teleport menu.

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Increasing Merchant Supply in Lies of P

Krat Supply Boxes are items made by the Krat City Hall for relief. You'll be able to find various types of these boxes while exploring. Bring them to Polendina at the hotel, and he will offer more items on sale based on the type of box you bring back.

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Similar to Krat Supply Boxes, Vengini Collection Boxes can be found while exploring Lies of P. These boxes are handed over to Pulcinella at the hotel instead to increase their wares.

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Lies of P All Merchants

All Merchants and Special NPCs in Lies of P

wandering vendor merchant lies of p wiki guide min
Wandering Merchant

From the name itself, this merchant appears in random places to provide you with items that you can purchase.

polendina merchant lies of p wiki guide min

Polendina serves as the receptionist at Hotel Krat who also sells items on the side.

euginie merchant lies of p wiki guide min

Eugenie is an outsider from a distant country to the East of Krat. She is also an expert of weaponry.


pulcinella merchant lies of p wiki guide min

Pulcinella is the creation of Venigni, who you find broken but then restored at Center of Venigni Works.

alidoro merchant lies of p wiki guide min

Alidoro is a merchant whom you have a choice of lying to if you don't want him to return with you to Hotel Krat, he is a unique merchant who trades unique Ergo for Special Weapons.

venigni npc lies of p wiki guide min

Venigni is known as the Genius of Technology. He is also the creator of Pulcinella


rookie explorer hugo merchant lies of p wiki guide min 128px
Rookie Explorer Hugo

Life is short, and life in Krat is shorter. I reckon I should cherish what time i've got.

wandering vendor merchant lies of p wiki guide min
Malum District Black Market Trader

This merchant sells rare items and weapons who looks similar to the Wandering Merchant.

test subject 826 lies of p wiki guide
Test Subject 826

A simple man who was used as a subject for experimenting with the power of Ergo. He refuses to go back and wishes to escape.

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