Gestures in Lies of P are emotes that players can use to express themselves. Gestures is a command that will trigger the character to do poses or actions, gestures can also be used as an interaction to unlock some Secrets of the game. Gestures are normally set in the Quick Select Gesture Menu or can be triggered by selecting the desired gesture in the main Gesture Menu. This page covers a list of all the available gestures, as well as relative information and tips for Lies of P.

Using Gestures in Lies of P

In most soul games, gestures are most commonly used in the multiplayer aspect to show respect to other players before fighting in a duel. However, gestures in Lies of P allow players to express emotion and perform certain gestures in front of certain NPCs or locations to unlock memories or secrets that players will have access to. The different pages for our Gestures will have information on where and how to use these actions, additionally, you can also visit the Secrets page to find more guides.

Acquiring Gestures in Lies of P

Players can acquire these gestures in various ways such as by completing quests, defeating bosses, or simply exploring the game. Playing the game and exploring will unlock several secrets which will grant players different collectibles for the game.


Lies of P List of All Gestures

Lies of P All Gestures Gallery

anger gesture liesofp wiki guide 120px

Remember the heat racing through your veins. Revenge starts with rage.

beg gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

The Sweepers from the alleyways have their own strategies. Arrogant Bastards are especially fallible to their tricks.


check ground gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

There is a saying in the country of the morning across the sea that goes, "Even stone bridges should be tapped before crossing."

clap gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

Clapping is a pure form of praise and an expression of joy. It may be because it resembles the sound of a happy heart.


entreat gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

Grief and tears had become daily life in Krat. The puppets gathered these tears and made them theirs.

fear gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

Do not reject fear. Those who know fear are able to deliver greater horror to their enemies.


greet gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

Krat society is famous for its sophisticated customs, Naturally, this is reflected in courteous puppets as well.

happy gesture liesofp wiki guide 120px

Great hardship gives you a taste of simple happiness. Is there any need to obstruct explosive joy?


pray gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

Prayers for god, mourning for the departed. Whatever they are, they're not emotions ordinary puppets could feel.

remembrance gestures liefop wiki guide 120px

In the face of loss, sometimes even a saint's words cannot provide solace. Nevertheless, one must remain courteous.


respect gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

Show respect to the beauty of the heavens. The moment you dom its brilliance will be whole. 

sad gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

Those who have felt loss do not need sadness. However, it can dull one's pain.


sit gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

A throne made of gold, a beggar's shabby mat. Their weight may differ, but they are both for sitting.

show off clothes gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

It is instinctive of life to want to show off beauty. To some, even simple gifts are sufficiently beautiful.


stalkers promise gestres liesofp wiki guide 120px

The reason one takes up one's sword is to honor one's vow to those whom one wishes to protect. No matter the banner one is fighting for, nothing changes this vow.

swagger gesture liesofp wiki guide 120px

One of the Ironbound rules of the alleyways: Never strut around if you don't have a weapon on hand.


taunt gestures liesofp wiki guide 120px

An experienced provocation is a weapon of its own. Their victory begins by shattering their opponent's equanimity.



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