Secrets for Lies of P covers the many hidden aspects and points of interest that are available in the game. The Secrets page will consist of guides and information on how to find the different obscured factors, as well as how to attain certain conditions to unlock a secret. Since Lies of P is a new Souls-like game, there will be secrets such as hidden paths, unique endings, and exclusive items that require the player to unravel or solve a puzzle. This page contains a full list of all the secrets in the game that can be found and/or unlocked in Lies of P.

For more guides on Secrets, you can visit the following pages:

  • Dimensional Butterfly: The Dimensional Butterfly is a special Enemy in Lies of P, you can find a list of all the locations of these butterflies
  • Secret Weapon: Lies of P features a secret weapon that can only be obtained if you meet the conditions. You can find information on how to acquire the said weapon
  • Endings: There are three endings that can be unlocked for Lies of P. Our Endings page features guides on how to unlock each.
  • Records: There are Records that additionally become available in NG+ Cycles, the Records page covers all of the vinyls you can find in Lies of P.
  • Lie System: Lying or telling Truths is one of the vital features of the game, our Lie System page covers all of the dialogues and secrets related to dialogue scenarios.
  • Humanity Points: Humanity Points is a hidden stat in Lies of P. The Humanity Points page presents vital information on how the system works and guides that will help P's humanity.
  • Trinity Key & The Chosen One's Trinity Key: Arlecchino is an NPC that favors riddles, you can visit his NPC page or the keys used for Trinity Doors. The listed pages cover guides for finding Trinity Keys and where to use them.
  • Gestures: Our Gestures page lists all of the available gestures in Lies of P. You can check the pages to find guides on where to use and how to acquire these emotes.



Lies of P Secrets Guide


Lies of P Secrets
Lies of P Quests

Lies of P Secrets

Show it Off P

show off clothes secret lies of p wiki guide



Locations: Hotel Krat

Upon arriving at Hotel Krat for the first time and the introduction with Sophia, head to the west wing of the hotel which seems to be a library. Inside, you'll find Antonia, the owner of Hotel Krat. Speak to her and she will give you the outfit Someone's Memory and you'll obtain the Show off Clothes gesture. Change your outfit and equip the gesture you just acquired. Use it in front of Antonia and you'll acquire x1 Vivid Ergo Fragment


Find my Baby

lie8 system lies of p wiki guide min min min



Locations: Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard, Krat City Hall

The Weeping Woman can be found at "Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard". She's unmissable as you'll see the window that is lit as you progress through the area. When you speak to the woman, she'll tell you more about the Petrification Disease and explain that she was separated from her baby for their safety. She'll ask you for a favor - go to Krat City Hall and bring her back her baby. Agree to begin this NPC quest.

Progress the game until you reach Krat City Hall. From its stargazer, follow the linear path until you come across a lobby that has an intersection. On the left, you'll find Krat News Issue 1124 by a tree that says 'Will you be my friend?'. To the right, you'll find a broken-down Puppet Brawler. Take it out and loot the Broken Baby Puppet. This doll can be returned to the Weeping Woman at Elysion Boulevard to complete her quest.

Return to the Weeping Woman and give the Broken Baby Puppet. She will then ask you if her baby is adorable, triggering a Lie System event. As awful as it sounds, it's recommended to answer with "She's a cute baby" to receive the following rewards: x1 Feel (Record) and x1 Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Lies of P Quests

Find my Baby

lie8 system lies of p wiki guide min min min

Locate the Weeping Woman's child and bring it back to her.

Find my Partner

belle quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Find the whereabouts of Belle's partner and lover.

Find my Wife's Belongings

julian quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Julian the Gentleman locate his late wife's items.


Return the Archbishop's Holy Mark

cecile quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Sister Cecile be at peace.

The Actress in the Opera House

adelina 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Adelina quench her thirst.

The Bottle of La Bleiwies

old lady wine quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Deliver a special wine bottle to the Old Lady at the Window.


The Broken Puppet

broken puppet 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Practice emotions with the Broken Puppet.

Toma's Request

toma quest 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Help Toma play and remember the game he loved.

Venigni's Request: The Missing Butler

venignis's request 1 quest lies of p wiki guide min

Reunite Venigni with his butler Pulcinella.

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      where do I use the "Check Ground" gesture? The description says stuff bout a stone bridge, but I'm confused on where to go

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        If you use the "Prey" gesture you get for finishing Cecile's quest after defeating Andreus, at a statue before the bridge over to the cathedral, the one with the note at the alter / statue, something happens

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