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Character Protagonist
Gender Male
Origin Mechanoid Puppet

Pinocchio in Lies of P is the main protagonist of the game. In Lies of P, players will take on the role of the mechanoid puppet, Pinocchio, the player's goal is to guide him throughout an unrelenting adventure of finding Mr. Geppetto and ultimately becoming a human being. Game developers NEOWIZ Games and Round8 Studio deliver a unique design of Pinocchio that fits the new action Souls-like game that is set in a dark Belle Époque world.

Lies of P was announced back in May 2021 and made debuted with a demo for participants who attended Gamescom 2022 last August 24-28, 2022. Lies of P is initially scheduled to release sometime in 2023 and it will be available on PC (Steam), Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, and PlayStation®4.




If you think about Pinocchio, people will think of the Disney animated version of the story. But that's how the story was delivered based on how they envision Pinocchio. But actually, if you look at the original story of Pinocchio, it's pretty dark and it's more for adults to read.

And to add, Pinocchio has a more diverse background when it comes to his origin and adventure, which drew us in to deciding and finding that Pinocchio's story is best fit for the theme of the game

— Choi Ji-Won, Lies of P Game Director. Gamescom 2022 Interview.


What is Lies of P?

Lies of P is an upcoming Action Souls-like game that is developed and published by NEOWIZ Games, alongside Game Developer, Round8 Studio. It is a dark retelling of the story of the famous puppet, Pinocchio, set in a Belle Époque Era in Europe around the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century. As Pinocchio, you must help him in finding his creator, Mr. Geppetto, and guide him through an unrelenting journey of becoming a human being.

The story of Lies of P takes place in a city called Krat and players begin their adventure as Pinocchio awakens in an abandoned train station of the city that is bewildered with madness and bloodlust. As Pinocchio arises, he finds a single note that reads: "Find Mr. Gepetto. He's here in the city.".

But as many know the story of Pinocchio, you are a puppet mechanoid who is also on a journey to becoming a human being — as you fight your way through indescribable foes and creations, will you help those who are in need, will you tell them the truth about your identity or will you tell lies just to reach your goals?


Pinocchio in Lies of P

Lies of P is set in the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century of the Belle Époque Era in Europe within a city called Krat. The city of Krat was once a beautiful place but has now become lost and turned into a living hell that is filled with unspeakable horrors due to a deadly plague. Krat is featured as a grim city where multiple automatons now roam almost every part of the center, from the streets, rooftops, alleyways, and within buildings. As you start your adventure in Lies of P, you play as the puppet mechanoid Pinocchio who awakens in an abandoned train station not knowing where he has come from and what his purpose is. As we all know the famous fable of Pinocchio, Mr. Geppetto carved a wooden puppet named Pinocchio and was visited by the Blue Fairy who granted Mr. Geppetto's wish by transforming the puppet into a living being, that being said, Pinocchio sets forth into reaching his goal of becoming a real boy.

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Lies of P is inspired by its original story but it is now being told in a dark and gritty way that will leave an unforgettable experience. In Lies of PPinocchio does not know who Mr. Geppetto is but one thing he knows as he reads the note that was left for him is that he must find Mr. Geppetto, and throughout his journey, he will learn about his identity, his capabilities, his purpose, and ultimately reach his goal of becoming a real human being, but it is up to you on how you will guide Pinocchio. Will you be true to yourself and show the people of Krat Pinocchio's true nature or will you lie and do whatever it takes for Pinocchio's dreams to come true?


Pinocchio Combat and Equipment

Humanity Points & Lie System

Lies of P is inspired by the familiar story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet given life by the Blue Fairy, and Pinocchio who learns that he must not tell lies or he will suffer the consequence of his nose growing in length as he continues to lie. Since Lies of P is a reenvisioning of Pinocchio's story, it's no surprise that the game will feature a Lie System that will play an important role throughout your overall gameplay.

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It is still yet to confirm how exactly the Lie System will work in Lies of P, however, developers NEOWIZ has given some insight that the player's actions and choice of answers in dialogues will contribute to the Lie System. A good example is when you are given a choice to answer in a conversation. As showcased in a gameplay video, it shows Pinocchio approaching a hotel entrance and is asked "Who are you?". Pinocchio is then given a timed choice to answer truthfully or simply lie.

By choosing to lie, Pinocchio gains Humanity Points which rack up and affect the outcome of Pinocchio's story, thus, having multiple endings in the game. Apart from that, your choice of telling the truth or lying will simply change Pinocchio's interaction with NPCs, the type of enemies he will encounter, and what seems to be even more that will affect the player's gameplay experience.

Fully-Customizable Weapons

Lies of P features a weapon-making system for Pinocchio's main weapon which allows full customization similar to Pinocchio's nature of being a customizable mechanoid puppet. In Lies of P, Pinocchio wields a weapon that is divided into two components, the Blade and the Handle. As you explore the city of Krat, players will discover various Weapons which can then be dismantled and combined with other blades or handles. So how do Weapons exactly work in Lies of P? You will find different weapons, by default, which are already combined as a singular instrument. For example, the Last Honor, a heavy sword that features its designated Blade and Handle — and this can be dismantled and you can swap out its blade or handle to combine it with another handle or blade.

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By doing so, there will be endless combinations for changing the weapon's name, weapon stats, attack behavior, and Fable Arts (Weapon Skills). Not only that, but you can also upgrade each blade or handle to fully max out its statistical values. It also has the basic feature we come to know of in other Souls-like games where you will need to resharpen a weapon to replenish its effectiveness when attacking enemies.

Further information is still to be determined if players will be able to find individual Blades or Handles across the city of Krat. However, as showcased in the Gamescom 2022 Demo, players can only enhance and combine weapon parts via Stargazers (checkpoints, similar to Sites of Grace in Elden Ring), and on the other hand, players can switch weapons for Pinocchio to equip via the Character Options Menu on the fly.

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Each weapon in Lies of P will also include its Fable Art. Fable Arts in Lies of P are similar to the Ashes of War in Elden Ring, a weapon that you find will have a unique weapon skill that is bound to that weapon. Fable Arts consists of unique moves or skills one when Pinocchio draws out his weapon or when upon guarding. The use of Fable Arts requires a certain number of Fable Slots which is the equivalent of an MP bar.

Pinocchio's Gear and Frame

Gear and Frame in Lies of P are the designated Armor pieces and primary Accessories equipped by Pinocchio. Since Pinocchio is a mechanoid puppet, you will be able to equip different pieces of armor for his Gear and primary accessories for his Frame. Each item will improve Pinocchio's stats and applies effects when equipped. As we know so far, the Gear and Frame will be divided into three sections. For example, Pinnochio's Frame will have three slots, Lining Parts, Frame Parts, and Joint Parts.

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This feature even adds more to the customization aspect of the game, build how you think your version of Pinocchio will be based on your playstyle! Equipping Frame and Gear parts are easy since players can swap them out on the fly by simply going to the Equipment screen via the Menu. But apart from Pinnochio's Gear and Frame, he will also have a Belt and a Pouch where he can equip various secondary accessories and items. This feature allows Pinocchio to swap items quickly, as long as it is equipped on his Belt and Pouch.


Legion Arms in Lies of P

One of the unique weapons used by Pinocchio in Lies of P is his left prosthetic arm called Legion Arms. Legion Arms in Lies of P might remind you of Sekiro's Prosthetic Arm and Tools in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but Pinocchio's prosthetic arm delivers a simplistic yet impactful tool when it comes to combat. According to NEOWIZ and as stated in a tweet on their official Twitter account (@Liesofp), the game will feature over 5 Legion Arms which feature different combat mechanics and effects when used. Players will need to explore various areas within Krat to find secrets, open vaults, and even defeat certain Bosses to acquire a new Legion Arm.

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From executing a powerful strike — to charging and releasing a short-range electric shock that briefly stuns enemies, a flamethrower arm that allows Pinocchio to burn enemies that are caught within the flame, transforming Pinocchio's left arm into a mini cannon that shoots out an explosive cannon shell that burrows into the enemy and eventually explodes, as well as a Legion Arm that allows Pinocchio to shoot out a wire (just like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat), providing Pinocchio the ability to pull enemies towards him or fly towards the enemy.

The Legion Arm is surely a unique weapon for Pinocchio to use in combat and gives the character justice for being a customizable mechanoid puppet. It is important to note that each Legion Arm can be upgraded by using a material called Quenching Stones, and by doing so, upgrading a Legion Arm will unlock more effects, increased stats, and additional abilities. And of course, equipping a certain Legion Arm will temporarily modify Pinocchio's stats such as improving his attributes and adding more weight to his frame.

P-Organ in Lies of P

The P-Organ in Lies of P is an upgrade feature that enhances additional stats and grants various effects for Pinocchio. The P-Organ is essentially a passive tree that provides various effects and abilities to Pinocchio. Players can choose what they want to unlock for Pinocchio on the fly but you'll need to have enough Quartz (an upgrade material) to apply the ability for each category. Each category will have at least 2 designated pockets where you can use Quarts to apply that effect or ability.

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There are various categories for each level such as Strengthening the Pulse CellExpanding Fable Slots, adding a Thorn Shield, granting a Quick Recovery for Pinocchio if he is knocked down, and many more. By selecting a category, you will be shown various effects and abilities that fall under Offensive, Defense, Utility, and even Operation or movement, and each one compromises two different passive effects. And as a reminder, players can only equip one Quartz in one Pocket. This means you cannot use two Quartz in the Offensive group, you must choose another — with this game feature, there are multiple builds that players can create to fit their preferred playstyle.

Lies of P Costumes: Garments for Pinocchio

Apart from fully customizing Pinnochio's combat equipment such as his unique Weapons, Legion Arms, Gear Parts, and Frame Accessories, players can also change Pinocchio's garments. Costumes in Lies of P do not provide any change or upgrade to Pinocchio's stats, it only changes his physical appearance, specifically, the clothes he is wearing.

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From donning the classic blue ensemble to an all-white regalia that can be covered in blood and oil from the enemies you've killed, Lies of P will feature an array of Costumes that adds more flair and personality to how you envision Pinocchio based on your preference — we won't be surprised if we see an exclusive, free, secret, or modded Costume based on the famous Disney animated film of Pinocchio.


Lies of P: Pinocchio Gallery

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