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Type Gesture
Effect Perform the Remembrance gesture.

Remembrance is a Gesture in Lies of P. Performing the Remembrance gesture shows players going deep in thought. Gestures are "emotes" that will trigger the character to do poses or actions, gestures can also be used as an interaction to unlock some Secrets of the game. Gestures are normally set in the Quick Select Gesture Menu or can be triggered by selecting the desired gesture in the main Gesture Menu.


In the face of loss, sometimes even a saint's words cannot provide solace. Nevertheless, one must remain courteous.


Where to Find Remembrance Gesture in Lies of P

Players can acquire the Remembrance gesture by reading the note Frozen Man's Letter on a sofa in a room in one of the buildings at the Elysion Boulevard


How to use Remembrance Gesture in Lies of P

  • Information such as where to use, how to use, and unlocked secrets when triggered go here.


Remembrance Lies of P Notes & Tips

  • Lies of P Remembrance Gesture notes and tips go here.



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