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Type Gesture
Effect Perform the Anger gesture.

Anger is a Gesture in Lies of P. Performing the Anger gesture displays the player's emotion of rage or aggression. Gestures are "emotes" that will trigger the character to do poses or actions, gestures can also be used as an interaction to unlock some Secrets of the game. Gestures are normally set in the Quick Select Gesture Menu or can be triggered by selecting the desired gesture in the main Gesture Menu.


Remember the heat racing through your veins. Revenge starts with rage.


Where to Find Anger Gesture in Lies of P

Players can obtain the Anger Gesture by speaking to Antonia after defeating the Corrupted Parade Master.


How to use Anger Gesture in Lies of P


Anger Lies of P Notes & Tips

  • Lies of P Anger Gesture notes and tips go here.



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