Pulse Cell

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Use Effect

Restores HP

Pulse Cell is a Basic Item in Lies of P. Pulse Cells can be used to restore the health of players. Players can keep track of their Basic Items from their inventory menu, which will then be registered in the Usable Items tab.

  • For Pulse Cell upgrades such as increasing the number of Pulse Cells and enhancing its effect, please visit the P-Organ page.


Use a Pulse Cell to recover HP.
There is a maximum number of times Pulse Cells can be used.
When you reach the maximum, the cell will be discharged.
If you attack enemies while the cell is discharged, the Pulse Cell will be gradually charged.
Pulse Cells are Ergo cells that power the P-Oragan.
They work with Stargazers and they can also convert the energy from an attack's impact to recharge.


Where to Find Pulse Cell in Lies of P

  • Pulse Cell can be found in front of the statue in the Krat Central Station.


Lies of P Pulse Cell Item Information


Lies of P Pulse Cell Notes & Tips

  • Restoration of hp seems to be based on 30% of max health + 50, then drop the decimal.  For example 304 health 30% without decimal is 97 + 50 is 147 heal.  405 health 30% is 121 without decimal + 50 is 171 heal.
  • Restoration at enhancement level 1 is 90 + 30%.  Enhancement level 2 is 130 + 30%.
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Tricks for the Pulse Cell Basic Item in Lies of P.



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    • Anonymous

      I just tested - the last cell will recharge slower and slower after every recharge/use. So you definitly cant survive on one cell long enough, because at some point the time to recharge will be very big.

      • The fact that the first three are found organically in the world, but the others are locked in the P-organ tree makes no sense whatsoever.
        If you don't pay enough attention, you can lock yourself out of much needed healing items.

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