Moonphase Pocket Watch

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Use Effect

Teleport to hotel or last Stargazer used

Moonphase Pocket Watch is a Basic Item in Lies of P. Moonphase Powet Watch is a device used for teleporting between the Hotel Krat and various Stargazers. Players can keep track of their Basic Items from their inventory menu, which will then be registered in the Usable Items tab.


A pocket watch from Sophia.
The power inside the watch returns the user to the last Stargazer.
A pocket watch imbued with mystical power.
The power of the watch turns back time to when the boy was in peak condition.


Where to Find Moonphase Pocket Watch in Lies of P


Lies of P Moonphase Pocket Watch Item Information

  • Item Type: Basic Item
  • Item Effect: Teleport to hotel or last Stargazer used


Lies of P Moonphase Pocket Watch Notes & Tips

  • Cannot be used on a ladder.
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Tricks for the Moonphase Pocket Watch Basic Item in Lies of P.


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