Bone-Cutting Handle

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Type Two-handed
Weight 4.8
Attack Type
Slash -
Adjust Abilities
Motivity B
Technique D
Advance -
Fable Arts
Endure fable slot gauge icon lies of p wiki guide

Bone-Cutting Handle is a Handle in Lies of P. Bone-Cutting Handle is a weapon piece that is part of the Bone-Cutting Saw. Handles are pieces of a weapon that can be removed and combined with different Blades to forge a unique weapon. In Lies of P, players discover fully forged weapons that can be dismantled into two parts which are the blade and handle, each having Fable Arts that are bound to it.


A handle that Stalkers like to use when they are assembling weapons. It is heavy and sturdy, so it can balance large blades.

"I don't know when I awoke. The sights I have seen overlap. They repeat."

"Was that a puppet... a dream?" - Notes from a Stalker's last counseling session before going mad


Where to Find Bone-Cutting Handle in Lies of P

  • Found in a chest on the rooftops surrounding a lit symbol of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in the Malum District, guarded by a large carcass Enemy that can throw Acid.


Lies of P Bone-Cutting Handle Fable Arts

  • Fable Arts: Endure
  • Fable Arts Effect: Allows you to temporarily withstand the enemy's attack.


Lies of P Bone-Cutting Handle Notes & Tips

  • Default Weapon Set: Bone-Cutting Saw
  • The combining mechanic of a weapon can only be done when using or resting at a Stargazer. Players can freely swap their weapons as long as it is in Pinocchio's inventory.
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia for Bone-Cutting Handle in Lies of P go here.



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