Hotel Krat is one of the Locations in Lies of P. Hotel Krat acts as a base or hub in Lies of P, housing most of the NPCs key to upgrading Equipment and improving Pinocchio's overall abilities. Most Locations will feature at least one Stargazer, checkpoints where players can rest and recuperate, of which one can be found at the Hotel Krat. As you traverse your way through Krat, you will discover various locales, meet NPCs, encounter Enemies and Bosses, loot key Items, and discover various secrets, as well as critical points of interest that will help you through your gameplay.


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Full Hotel Krat Walkthrough

One thing to remember every time you return to Hotel Krat is to exhaust everyone's 'Talk' dialogue for P to gain more information about the world around him, and the people within it. Some pieces of dialogue may be crucial for P to know how to navigate certain NPC encounters. You will know if an NPC has new 'Talk' options if there's a diamond icon on the button.


As soon as you enter Hotel Krat from the Krat Central Station Plaza and the opening credits end, you will be formally introduced to Sophia. She'll tell you that in order to find answers, you'll have to look for and ask Geppetto, who was last seen on Elysion Boulevard. Now that you've found Sophia, you can no longer level up at any Stargazer, and must instead return to her at Hotel Krat if you wish to do so. Before you leave, Sophia will hand over the Moonphase Pocket Watch.

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The large device next to Sophia is the Hotel's Stargazer, so interact with it while you're here to be able to fast travel to it in the future.



To the left of Sophia is Polendina, a butler behind the hotel counter. Speak to him to learn that he's a Merchant, selling a variety of useable items such as Consumables and Throwing Objects.

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Antonia & the Gramophone

Next to Polendina is a doorway leading further left into the Hotel. By the doorway, you'll find a Gramophone where you can play any Records you find while exploring Krat. Listening to a full records is one of the ways, besides lying, for players to increase Pinocchio's Humanity.

When you're done inspecting the Gramophone, head through the doorway. Here you'll find Antonia, Lady of the Hotel. She doesn't provide any services, but when you speak to her for the first time, she'll give you the Someone's Memory Costume and Show Off Clothes Gesture. Wear Someone's Memory and use Show Off Clothes in front of Antonia, and you'll be rewarded with a Vivid Ergo Fragment.

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To the right of Sophia, you'll find Eugénie in her small workshop. When you speak to her for the first time, she'll give you the Puppet String Legion Arm claiming that it was left for you by Geppetto. Legion Arms can be swapped around at a Stargazer. You'll also be able to bring Weapons, both their Blades and Handles, to Eugénie whenever you want them upgraded or altered. Blade upgrades require Ergo and Moonstones, while Handle alterations require Ergo and Cranks. If you ask her about it, Eugénie will point you towards the training grounds at the garden to your right.

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The Rest of Hotel Krat

Feel free to explore the upper levels of Hotel Krat at your leisure. For now the upper floor remains empty, and the two doors up here are locked. Whenever you're ready to progress, head out the door up the stairs behind Sophia. Through here, you'll reach the Hotel's courtyard. Exit the double gates, and they will lead you to the Elysion Boulevard Entrance.


After Completing Krat City Hall

After clearing Krat City Hall, and therefore Elysion BoulevardGeppetto can be found at Hotel Krat. Head up the stairs behind Sophia and head to the furthest room in the middle of the floor. When you speak to him, he'll point you towards Venigni Works, the factory beyond Elysion Boulevard, next. He'll also teach you how to use the P-Organ found in his room and warn you against telling anyone about Hotel Krat, especially Stalkers and Alchemists. You'll be given the Krat City Hall Courtyard Key, allowing you to progress to the Workshop Union Entrance.

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After completing the Workshop Union

After defeating Fuoco, and therefore clearing Venigni Works, you'll find Lorenzini Venigni and a fixed up Pulcinella to the right of Sophia, in an alcove opposite to Eugenie's workshop. Pulcinella is a Merchant, selling different Cranks used in altering Handles, and Defense Parts. Behind it, you can speak to Venigni to obtain the Grinder Modification Tool, an item that allows you to add special properties to your Weapon upon using the Grinder. If you speak to him again, possibly with the Fulminis Legion Arm equipped, he will add a function to the Venigni Craft Machine in the Hotel that allows you to upgrade any Legion Arm you have.

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After Completing St. Frangelico Cathedral

After defeating Fallen Archbishop Andreus, a few things will happen at Hotel Krat. Firstly, if told that Hotel Krat is safe when speaking to him at the St. Frangelico Cathedral LibraryAlidoro will move into the west wing of the hotel, within the room next to Antonia. Alidoro is a Merchant, trading Rare Ergo obtained from Main Bosses for Special Weapons and Amulets.

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If you Lied instead and directed him towards Venigni Works, you'll find him up the stairs from the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer and in the room to the left, where you earlier fell through the hole to grab the Salamander Dagger. He'll be annoyed that you lied to him, but will give you another chance to tell him the truth. This will be another Lie System Scenario, where you can once again Lie to him and say Elysion Boulevard, or finally tell him the truth. Even if he's lied to at Venigni Works, Alidoro will show up at Hotel Krat anyway.

Besides Alidoro, Venigni also has something new to say after defeating the Archbishop. When you speak to him, he'll tell you that he's created a device that will help him record Ergo waves of the frenzied puppets. This device may help confirm his hypothesis that something in their Ergo is causing them to be aggressive. You'll receive the Ergo Wavelength Decoder after the conversation ends.

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