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Character NPC
Initial Location Alchemist Bridge, Krat City Hall

Geppetto is an NPC in Lies of P. Geppetto is the father and creator of Pinocchio. He created P to save the people from the disaster in Krat. NPCs are non-playable characters that players encounter and can interact with throughout the course of the game. NPCs play an important role since they often provide helpful information, resources, and services that will help the player throughout their journey.


Finally, We meet, son.


Where to Find Geppetto in Lies of P

  • You can meet Geppetto right after you defeat the Mad Donkey boss on the Alchemist Bridge near the Krat City Hall Stargazer. A cutscene will play out of you meeting Geppetto. He can then be found in his study on the second floor of Hotel Krat.
  • After defeating King of Puppets Geppetto can be found standing outside the Estella Opera House stage after exiting the Opera by the backstage doors. Note that untill you talk to Geppetto there, you'll not be able to find him in Hotel Krat.

Geppetto Related Quests in Lies of P

How to Unlock the "The Story Of One Father" Trophy in Lies of P

  • Once you reach the end of the game where you will choose to give Geppetto your heart or not, select the "Give your Heart" option. After the credits, select the "Cancel" to not start NG+. this will prompt you to spawn back to Hotel Krat. Here, you can pick up a letter from Geppetto's desk and read it to get the trophy.


Lies of P Geppetto Information

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Geppetto Lies of P Notes & Tips

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