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Equip Effect

motivity up amulet effects lies of p wiki guideMotivity +4
       Motivity +6
       Motivity +9

Strength Amulet is an Amulet in Lies of P. Equipping this amulet adds more points to Pinocchio's Motivity ability stat, increasing the Physical Attack of his weapon, and Legion Arm, including a slight defense boost to Physical, Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid. Amulets usually provide basic raw stat increase to overall attack, defense, and elemental resistance. Amulets in Lies of P are found as loot, drops, or purchased from merchants.


An amulet that can be equipped on a puppet. Information and memories that are useful for movement can be imprinted on the symbol to draw out special powers.

Overwhelming strength is dominant in combat. The memories of Victor, the man who stood at the pinnacle of all life, were worth imprinting on an amulet.


Where to Find Strength Amulet in Lies of P

  • Can be acquired by defeating a large Police Trooper Puppet enemy in an initially inaccessible section of the Grand Exhibition's courtyard. It can be accessed by first entering the Grand Exhibition, making your way to an upper area, and then heading out to a strip of balcony. There will be a ladder going down to the section where the large Police Trooper Puppet will be skulking about.
  • Strength Amulet +1 can be found in New Game +, in a chest by a cliff. From the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer, head up the stairs and out the door past the Wandering Merchant. Take the white sign bridge on the right, and continue up through the archway. Pass the white sign bridge and the elite enemy to find a chest at the end.
  • Strength Amulet +2 can be found in New Game ++, in a chest in the tall room next to the Trinity Sanctum. From the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer, take the ladder down and head through the doorway. Head into the lift at the end of the path and go up. In the room past the elite enemy, there is a chest in the upper right corner.


Lies of P Strength Amulet Information

  • Item Type: Amulet
  • Amulet Weight: 1.7; 2.4; 3.4
  • Amulet Effect: motivity up amulet effects lies of p wiki guideMotivity +4; Motivity +6; Motivity +9


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Lies of P Strength Amulet Notes & Tips

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia for Strength Amulet in Lies of P go here.



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      the +2 version of this pretty much surpasses the "Red Fox" amulate for a lot of weapons if you're looking for more stat increase, many of the weapons and Left Arms have some form of innate Strength scaling and even more, most heavy weapons have some pretty beefy Motivity scaling base...

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