Reborn Champion's Ergo

Rare Ergo

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Use Effect

Obtain Ergo +10,000, can be given to Alidoro to acquire the Boss Weapon Frozen Feast(Required solve cryptic vessel)

Reborn Champion's Ergo is an Ergo Item in Lies of P. Reborn Champion's Ergo is used to obtain Frozen Feast or to gain +10,000 Ergo Currency. Ergo gives automated puppets, such as Pinocchio, the power to move. Ergo is also used to increase the skills and abilities of Pinocchio and acts as a currency to use to pay for new equipment from Merchants, including some services. Players can keep track of their Ergo from their inventory menu, which will be registered in the Usable Items tab.


Ergo obtained from Champion Victor. It is packed with immense power.
A treasure hunter may want this rare Ergo.
Victor had once been praised for standing at the pinnacle of all living beings.
When he recovered his dwindled strength, he swore absolute fealty to the Alchemists.


Where to Find Reborn Champion's Ergo in Lies of P

Reborn Champion's Ergo can be found in:

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Reborn Champion's Ergo is dropped by the following Boss:


Lies of P Reborn Champion's Ergo Item Information


Lies of P Reborn Champion's Ergo Notes & Tips

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