Nameless Puppet

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Location Under the Abyss
Type Puppet
Health 11,298 (1st phase)
16,947 (2nd phase)
Drops Nameless Puppet's Ergo
Ergo 16,208

Nameless Puppet is a Boss in Lies of PNameless Puppet is one of Geppetto's creations and the last one P will face. Geppetto uses the Nameless Puppet to punish P for his mischievous ways. Eliminating Bosses will usually cause them to drop rare Ergo. The Ergo you obtain by defeating a boss is extremely valuable. Players will eventually be able to use these to exchange them for special Weapons and Amulets. Defeating the Nameless Puppet earns you the Achievement: The First Puppet.


Lies of P Boss Information

  • Optional Boss: Yes
  • Specter Summon: No
  • Breakable Weapon: No
  • Weak Against: Electric Blitz
  • Strong Against: ???
  • Resistant to: ???
  • Immune to: ???


Where to Find Nameless Puppet Boss in Lies of P

Nameless Puppet is encountered Under the Abyss if P rejects Geppetto's request for his heart. Fighting the Nameless Puppet is mandatory to achieve the "Free from the Puppet Strings" and "Rise of P" ending. If you give Geppetto P's heart, you will skip this fight and achieve the "Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After" ending.

Nameless Puppet Boss Rewards in Lies of P


Lies of P Nameless Puppet Boss Guide

Nameless Puppet Boss Video Guide

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Nameless Puppet Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Nameless Puppet:


The Nameless Puppet wields a long sword. It will begin the fight with its sword drawn back in preparation for a swing. He will continue to run toward you until the approach where he will finally swing at you. It will repeat a set of melee combinations listed here. As it advances, it will deal with a number of different swing and slashing attack combos. They can be blocked or parried. Its sometimes easy to assume some of his attacks are dealt one-off, but make sure to wait till the whole sequence plays out before you let your guard down and prepare to attack. 

The Nameless puppet will continue to approach the same way. If you keep too far of a distance, it will be able to dash towards you, following up with a quick attack. Aggressively attack and balance it with blocking. Don't allow it any windows since the Nameless Puppet will also have the ability to restore some health with a Pulse Cell (it can do this up to twice). If it does start to heal, quickly deal a charged attack. Hopefully, it will give you a chance to follow with a Fatal Attack. Once you clear a full bar of health, it will enter phase 2. 

Phase 2

This time, the puppet's attacks will tighten up and he now can move with much greater speed. He will now wield a set of 2 swords that can deal a number of swift and quick attacks. Depending on the attack he uses, he can merge them together and use them to thrust as one great sword. He will aggressively charge at you with its double blade and its Fury Attacks now have a great range. Because of how fast his sequences are, you may need to rely on smaller quick attack combos than attempting to deal a charged attack.

Its regular melee attacks are now also enhanced with some power and range that can project beyond its direct vicinity. When he jumps, quickly create some space since this is now an AoE attack. There will be a circle that blasts in red upon landing. He will also make use of his double swords, doing a lot of windmill motion attacks. Prepare to react to the quick relentless back-to-back attacks. He will do his fair share of distancing himself and you'll have to continue to attack as you advance. Try to back him up into a corner to prevent him from moving too much. 

If you see him crouch- as if about to dash- move out of the way before he plows through you. This attack will knock you over. As much as possible, continue to circle behind him. If you keep moving this way, you are less likely to get hit by the direction attacks. 

Nameless Puppet Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Swing A regular melee swing of the sword Block if possible, otherwise dodge backwards
Double Swing He will take a two turns and swing at you twice in one sequence.  Block or dodge backwards and then push to your left around the puppet.
Uppercut swing The sword is flung from the bottom up.  Block or dodge around the attack and anticipate a combo.
Jump attack The puppet makes a slight jump before swinging down.  Dodge out of the way of the landing area.
Sword Thurst With the sword, he will thrust forward making a stabbing motion.  Side step out of the direction he is facing and try to get behind him to follow up with an attack. 
Phase 2
Propel Double sword attack He will spin, turning his swords into fan blades all while charging toward you.  Quickly sidestep out of the way. 
Overhead Fury attack A fury attack that involves an overhead swing that can project forward.  Fury attacks can only be countered with a perfect guard. 
Thrust beam A thrust sword-stabbing motion that now projects ahead into a directional ranged attack.  This attack goes in the direction of the thrust. Side step away from the direction of the attack. 
Jump AoE A Jump AoE attack with a large blast upon landing  Back out of the area of effect
Double Sword Sweep The swords sweep outward from in Block this incoming attack as he pulls both his swords in before the sweep. 
Double sword jump slash Both Swords deals an uppercut strike upwards that throws the Nameless Puppet in the air and follows up with an overhead strike  Back up from the puppet as this attack begins to avoid the end of the sequence. 
Charge dash attacks A quick dash following a charging crouch animation. This will knock you over.  Get out of its line of sight to avoid the path of the charge. 
Extended sword swing The effect of his regular sword swing will grow in size.  Charge toward or away form him as he pulls his sword back. 
Bloody Scream After getting hit by a Fatal Attack, the Nameless Puppet will release a blast of red energy to counter attempted follow-up attacks. Be patient after performing a Fatal Attack as to not run into the explosion.

Nameless Puppet Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • The Nameless Puppet is the only optional major boss in the game.
  • The Nameless Puppet appears to be one of Geppetto's early attempts, if not his first attempt (per the achievement title) at attempting to resurrect his son using puppet technology. It appears to be partially made out of Carlo's corpse, and shares several animations with P (as well as being the only entity in the game other than P that can use Pulse Cells). The Nameless Puppet is the body that becomes Carlo (and consequently the player character) if P gives his heart to Geppetto.


  • (If you refuse to give him your heart) Geppetto: I'm disappointed in you. I didn't mean for this to happen. I believed you were a good boy... If you refuse, then I'll have to retrieve it myself.
  • You can become a real human. Come to me, my son.
 During Fight:

(Geppetto speaking unless otherwise noted)

  • I never bound you to the Grand Covenant like the other puppets, because of Carlo's memories within you!
  • I knew you had gone astray, you troublesome little puppet!
  • Your freedom is not for you, but for Carlo!
  • No father wants to resort to the lash, but there’s no other way. 
  • If you can’t find those memoriesI’ll make you into a real human myself. 
  • After I lost you, my life was full of nothing but regret…
  • If only I had spent more time with you…if only I had read you your favourite book; father to son. 
  • Forgive me, Carlo. Please regain your memories!
  • You break my heart, son. Come back to my arms.
  • No…this cannot be! Come back to me, Carlo!

Phase Two

  • How dare you! You’re just a puppet, nothing more!
  • (Several flashback lines ensue)
    • (Eugenie voice) Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Eugenie, from the Workshop Union. 
    • (Antonia voice) The passion of those days is long gone, but I still dream of those memories. 
    • (Venigni voice)  You’re someone who doesn’t give up. Who knows?
    • (Romeo voice) Maybe this is what real freedoms feels like. Thank you, Carlo…
    • (Simon Manus voice)  The next evolution is coming — a world of truth, no lies!
    • (Sophia voice) And I’ll help you as much as I can, of course. Please save Krat.
  • Good boy. Now I’ll make you a real boy. 
  • I’ve waited so long to bring you back, Carlo…
After Fight:
  • Were you going to destroy Carlo's... heart?
    • ("Free from the Puppet String" ending) I... knew it... You're just a useless... puppet...
    • ("Rise of P" ending) I'm sorry, son.


Nameless Puppet Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      This boss and Laxasia were the only bosses that really kicked my balls in. Archbishop Andreus too, but that is mostly because you're that early in the game you have like 4 healing flasks, and because he has two full chunky health bars to go through. However Nameless Puppet is probably my favorite fight in the game, fair, challenging, and you can actually see what is happening to some extent. Which is something I cannot say of most LoP bosses. Phase 2 Laxasia is just a cluster**** where you're fighting a Sekiro boss on steroids, while moving around as a Dark Souls 1 character on heavy equipment load and having limited stamina.

      Other bosses for example like the Green Monster of the Swamp and Fallen Archbishop Andreus are just giant blobs of flesh where half of the time you can't see what is evening happening, their entire body can be the hitbox that damages you, and delayed snap attacks that are also so prevalent in the game. With Nameless Puppet however I generally found it a relatively fair fight where you can actually make decent attempts at learning the boss mechanics, which is something a lot of bosses in LoP didn't really allow me to do.

      • Anonymous

        Best boss in the game, Laxasia is second. I had some issues with Nameless's phase 2 when I first played this, the timings were WAY too tight; I'm the guy who posted the "7 cells and 7 acids" comment below. I then went and played Sekiro, and now that I'm back on a fresh NG run, I killed this dude first try with a single electric grinder application. Laxasia and even Simon gave me more trouble. Nameless and Laxasia are the only bosses who approach Genichiro and sword saint Isshin for me in terms of how fun they are to fight. Guys, if you like this game, you'll probably like Sekiro too.

        What I learnt on my old NG+2 run: Phase 1 is easy to parry. Use electric abrasives. For phase 2, if you're having trouble with the impale or the red attacks, like I was, try the Perfection grinder. I'd say just using Perfection should get you through phase 2 on NG and possibly NG+1. Remember that you have consumables to throw if you need them.

        • Anonymous

          Having tried to fight this guy last night, I've got a few choice names for this particular puppet. The second phase is absolutely brutal.

          • Anonymous

            Love this boss but I would’ve personally switched the Hp bars for the phases around cause how tf does he get 5k more Hp for getting his head cut in half?

            • Anonymous

              Am I the only one laughing at finally getting a boss the uses giant scissors? In a game about puppets losing their strings?

              • Anonymous

                A lot of people are angry they can't beat this guy. Well, just use one of the MANY great strats posted here. Like the Trident + Aegis strat.

                If a crappy gamer like me could beat him, anyone can.

                And he's a better final boss in every way than that fricking Elden Beast. At least the Nameless Puppet doesn't constantly run away from you...

                • Anonymous

                  I've come to the end and after fighting this last bullshyte boss (oh, another phase 2? F U Player 1!) I've come to realise that I really despise all the gameplay choices they made in this game. It's like they copied all the bad bits of FROMSOFT's homework and said yeah? We're going to make those bad bit EXTRA bad! You like that? YOU GET MORE!

                  • Anonymous

                    I managed to beat this boss on NG+ run with a technique build. Perfect blocked / normal blocked almost every hit for both phases, then proceeded to cry internally. lovely fight overall

                    • Anonymous

                      thematically he feels kinda lacking but in a moveset sense THIS is a real final boss baby
                      this fight goes HARD
                      wish they toned down the red streaks on phase 2 because it can obscure his animations a lot

                      • Anonymous

                        Beat him in NG+ using the Trident of the Covenant and the Aegis arm. Definitely the best loadout against this mofo. If you're having trouble with him, give it a try.

                        • Anonymous

                          On New Game++ (NG++), the Aegis Shield legion arm made him very easy. After you block most attacks with the shield, he will be right next to you and you can always get a quick hit in and sometimes a charge attack if the puppet uses a buildup attack on you. Use electric blitz to get extra damage in. I didn't use throwables but they would have made it even easier so you can keep up damage at range.

                          • Anonymous

                            This fight is so hard and so much better than the laxasia fight. Laxasia is every lazy piece of difficulty "design" thrown onto an enemy made for a different game, Nameless Puppet has great speed and tells, not too many bullahit delayed attacks, shows clear attack patterns, and gives you time to respond. So they know how to design bosses that are fun and difficult, nameless puppet is truly excellent, but they just filled this game with so many **** bosses.that waste my time and feel like chores.

                            • Anonymous

                              Easy strategy:
                              Trident of covenant
                              Legion cells and legion charging stone

                              P organs
                              Upgrade legion cells and quantity.

                              Use Perfect guard grindstone.

                              Killed him after few trys with this.

                              • So let's be real. This guy might be very tough, maybe "too" fast "unfair" etc.

                                But this, thematically, one of the BEST fights and final fights in all of souls, even fromsofts, id argue only Maybe gaels is better.

                                You are "carlo" the "better" version of him, fighting THE Carlo. But it's not "fight the legendary og" it's fight the broken, failed husk that never got the love you were given by your father.

                                And he truly, truly, hates you. This is Maybe the most personal fight in any souls game, he is forced to fight the thing made to literally be the son he deserved to be but never could, and his only purpose is to make you the real one. You can feel how much he hates your very existence, when he grabs you in phase 2 he doesn't even have a mouth or eyes but you can feel that anger radiating from him.

                                But this isn't a fight against him, this is really a fight against gepetto, to free both you AND the nameless puppet from the controlling, manipulative, destructive father that will never you be your own person. He literally has the last puppet controlled by a human on strings in a whole city of puppets, becuase he cannot ever let his son go form his control. You're not fighting to beat nameless. You're fighting to free him from the fate no son should have to endure. And in the end, maybe a small part of the nameless puppet, after you break his strings, wanted to do the same for you.

                                At any rate, way more brilliant than elden beast.

                                • Anonymous

                                  4 tries, definitely felt like the most challenging technically. First phase, I found it was easy to guard through his attacks. Second phase was all dodging. One surprising thing in the wiki was that it mentioned dodging out of the way with the attack where the puppet crouches and then rushes forward. I actually did a perfect guard here as a test and it staggered it for a good amount of time. Worth trying. Great fight.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I had an Advance build with Electric Chainsaw blade and Black Steel Cutter handle. In Phase 2, Guard Parry fable art from the handle was the key for me. The puppet is so aggressive that you can spam the fable art and constantly counter him which knocks him down for a few more attacks. If you use a weapon with this fable art, see if it helps.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Is everyone really struggling on this guy? I beat him on my 3rd try I had way more trouble with the stupid swamp monster

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Took half a dozen tries.

                                        Phase 1 is almost trivial once you get it down. Was using Perfect Lie +5 and an Electric Abrasive, you can basically R1 spam him down in between combos. He's so insanely weak to shock that it cuts through him in about 30 seconds. Any weapon with a fast attack speed (and you want a weapon with a fast attack speed here) will work.

                                        Phase 2 is where this gets challenging. He hits hard, but the biggest issue is he attacks relentlessly and with weird rhythm. I actually found myself often not even bothering to parry and just blocking his combos then healing when I could get a few seconds to breathe. You're going to want to bring Shotputs to throw when he gets stance broken, because windows to pull off a charged R2 are too unreliable. I tried using the Perfect Grindstone to turn my blocks into parries, but that's almost not worth using - it doesn't last long enough and the windows to apply it are pretty short. Aegis was a bit more useful, as you can pop it when he's charging a particularly nasty attack like his dash and it will absorb the hit and damage him to boot.

                                        Overall... it's the final boss. Now's not the time to trip at the finish line. Dip into your inventory and find those consumables you haven't used all game, or go farm some Ergot and stock up from the merchant in Malum District. You got this, just stick with it.

                                        • Just defeated this guy to get the Rise of P ending..

                                          He was difficult, after breezing through most bosses, but he can be beaten. If you're struggling, keep at it... when you keep dying, take a break for a bit, then go back at it.

                                          I took a break from dying last night and almost beat him handily, but I got a bit too excited and died.. after another 6 or so tries, I then beat him.

                                          My advice is to pack one weapon, to keep your weight low, then just load up on good amulets. My choices were Red Fox, Puppet Destroyer, Technique and Patience (super important). I had to drop my defense frame one level to be able to get my weight down to be able to carry my +5 Two Dragon Sword (and no other weapon) with only 30 capacity stat.

                                          As far as the fight, it's a "get gud" battle. Need to learn the timing of your blocks. That takes a while, but that's the strategy in every single Souls-like I've played (and I've played a LOT) - die lots, but learn how to defend well enough and time your attacks.

                                          Before entering the battle, I pop my grindstone. A wishstone with a heal or 2 or 3 would come in handy, but I didn't have any at this point. I saved my fable attacks for the 2nd phase.

                                          I hope that helps someone.. good luck!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I know the final boss is supposed to be hard, but this guy is frickin' Orphan of Kos level.

                                            The other bosses took me 1 or 2 tries to beat, but I lost count of how many times I've died to this mofo...

                                            Oh well. If I give up on this guy, I'll just load a cloud save and get the Real Boy ending. I can still say I finished the game. *sigh*

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Well, this boss is not possible despite the rest of the bosses I eventually beat. 2nd phase is just stupid. But I still felt I beat it, since after 50 deaths I moved on. Too much stamina imo, its kinda stupidity unrealistic. Was still a fun game till this one.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Mjolnir hammer and baton handle helped me out a ton. Just R2 punish after he's recovering from his combos or his unblockable attack and go for another if he staggers. You have to stay real close to him though this build doesnt have a lot of reach but Fable art plus a fatal strike does about 40% of his health phase 1 if you can land it.

                                                Also those instant repair kits are a life saver if you have any saved up.

                                                • It will be easier to beat Nameless Puppet with Aegis and Tyrant dagger + City Longspear Handle.

                                                  1. Because of high usage of Aegis, you will need some upgrades like "Legion Magazine Effect Enhance" and "Increases Consumable Possession Limit" from P-Organ to make sure you have enough ammo.
                                                  2. Use Perfection grindstone at phase 2 to get more attack chances, and electric abrasive for the rest of the battle.
                                                  3. While boss is stunned, use healing, legion magazine, abrasive, Fable Art depending on the status of P.
                                                  4. Amulet suggestion: Patience, Carrier and damage boosts(Assassin, Puppet destroyer) or Iron wall.
                                                  5. Stamina management. Leave enough stamina to block.
                                                  6. Hold Aegis and attack like a spartan.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    If you can, parrying the charged dash attack in second phase will leave it stunned for a pretty big opening.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      If you want to beat this boss without relying on/using throwables, specter, perfection grindstone or aegis legion arm, I would say it's pretty much a requirement to fully understand the first phase. I beat this boss using a +10 Wintry Rapier and I would say the first phase is pretty fair; the really long combos can be dodged/strafed as always, and there are a bunch of long punish windows and parrying the attacks is actually super satisfying.

                                                      This boss is super weak to acid, but I only tend to use abrasives whenever I perfect the first phase of a boss fight (once I perfect it I just find it easier to use the abrasive so I can get to and learn the second phase quicker).

                                                      In the second phase I only really needed to worry about three moves: the two fury attacks and its 4 hit dash combo. The two fury attacks are self-explanatory, the dash deals nearly half your health bar and can 100% finish you off if you are below/around 30% health, and the same goes for the overhead fury. You can easily dodge or completely strafe the dash fury since its tracking is not that good, but I would say learning to perfect parry it is so much better since it actually staggers the boss for a second or two upon.

                                                      The other attack I mentioned was the 4 hit dash, and again this one can easily finish you off if you're below 30% health, and it is easy to get stunlocked by it/hit by the entire combo if the first hit lands. This move always starts off with him dashing at you with both weapons in hand, when you see that dash you can dodge into him and then to the right to completely escape it. If you choose to parry instead, parry the first three hits, which I would say are actually the easiest attacks to parry in this phase and after the third hit wait a second or two at most then dash forward because the fourth hit is delayed.

                                                      The best advice I can really give is if you aren't the best at parries, then you will 100% benefit more by just dashing in the second phase. Most of the attacks can straight up be dashed into and you will receive no damage due to the invincibility. This boss is Laxasia in that the 2nd phase is super punishing and unless your reflexes are insane it will take a lot of tries to learn how to properly parry.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        This boss (as well as the other bosses in this game) are fine and for the most part fun.

                                                        I don’t get all the hate for this boss and the game as a whole. I thought it was a fun experience and pretty good for a Souls game not made by FromSoft.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          It seems like Geppetto had a copy of Elden Ring and used it to teach the Nameless Puppet how to play video games. Makes sense why he pulls out Rivers of Blood during the second phase.

                                                          • A tip that works well for the faster combos in his second phase is to keep tapping the block button. Holding down the block button will just kill your stamina and durability.

                                                            • Fast weapons with preferably long reach (Rapier+City Spear in my game) are suitable for phase 2, you can use any kind of weapon for phase 1 because it's way more predictable, phase 2 is just a gigantic sh1tstorm with a lot of visual cluster and yet again another boss with hyper armor, lengthy frenzy combo and input reading (sigh).

                                                              All his P2 attacks have large range and multiple hits, it's just kinda impossible to perfect guard reactively unless you remember the timing. My best bet was link dodge with dancer amulet and block whatever attacks I can't dodge. The dash with yellow blink has really weird guard timing and I just couldn't get it right, but I guess you can sidestep it because I kinda just did it by chance for once or twice. Never found out how though. Anyway the best time to attack is after the blockable beyblade attack, I prefer dodging it but I couldn't dodge consistently so I just kinda traded attacks with him until I got him to 1/4 health. Then I threw couple of batteries and a last R2 spear thrust sealed the battle.

                                                              F**k this boss and generally the flailing boss design in this game. A lot of late game bosses just f**king flail around doing minute long musou combo with really good target tracking. Laxasia literally does 10 seconds combo with no attack window in between and she even has a follow-up combo variant if you attack immediately after the end of combo. It gets old fast.

                                                              • Fast weapons with preferably long reach (Rapier+City Spear in my game) are suitable for phase 2, you can use any kind of weapon for phase 1 because it's way more predictable, phase 2 is just a gigantic sh1tstorm with a lot of visual cluster and yet again another boss with hyper armor, lengthy frenzy combo and input reading (sigh).

                                                                All his P2 attacks have large range and multiple hits, it's just kinda impossible to perfect guard reactively unless you remember the timing. My best bet was link dodge with dancer amulet and block whatever attacks I can't dodge. The dash with yellow blink has really weird guard timing and I just couldn't get it right, but I guess you can sidestep it because I kinda just did it by chance for once or twice. Never found out how though. Anyway the best time to attack is after the blockable beyblade attack, I prefer dodging it but I couldn't dodge consistently so I just kinda traded attacks with him until I got him to 1/4 health. Then I threw couple of batteries and a last R2 spear thrust sealed the battle.

                                                                F**k this boss and generally the flailing boss design in this game. A lot of late game bosses just f**king flail around doing minute long musou combo with really good target tracking. Laxasia literally does 10 seconds combo with no attack window in between and she even has a follow-up combo variant if you attack immediately after the end of combo. It gets old fast.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Live puppet axe (Just the normal version) is a good weapon for 'first time bragging rights' against nameless puppet. Stack as much defense as possible and just block / charge R2 to victory. Charge R2 has huge reach and the boss will jump in every time so you just need to time it properly to not get staggered. The latter part of the R2 has pseudo hyper armor so you can afford to get hit at that point. Obviously you won't 'git gud' at all and rng can screw you infinitely but screw the try hards and come join the first try gang baby.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    I found a strat for phase 1 that was so effective it almost feels like cheese.

                                                                    Using a Technique build with the City Longspear Handle, Tyrant Murderer's Blade, and Assassin Amulet I activate both fable arts for a crit chance and damage bonus, then simply hold up the Aegis while repeatedly poking with the spear. Keep doing that until you get a "mini stagger" then hit 'em with a couple of charged heavies. As always, use a fatal when you get the chance. Repeat that strat until his HP is gone and you'll be in phase 2 with minimal damage taken and the real fight can begin.

                                                                    For phase 2, use the Perfection Grindstone for some free perfect guards and then use Electric Blitz Abrasive when your Perfections run out. Keep some Shot Puts at the ready so you don't miss out on a stagger, and throw Throwing Cells at him when he creates distance or when his health gets low. Don't be afraid to just block for any attack that you can't dodge or perfect guard, as you can easily recoup some of the lost HP by counter attacking after the boss' combo.

                                                                    This boss really redeemed the end of the game for me, it's way tougher than Manus but much fairer than Laxasia.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      I managed to get the first phase down quite well by using the Two Dragon parry. Figure out the timings, and you can kill his momentum pretty quickly. Some moves are really predictable and consistent, and if he is in his heavy attack stance, they leave you plenty of time to hit that parry just right.

                                                                      Second phase is a clusterduck though. There's some moves that are decently parryable, but he's generally speaking too fast to properly catch with most of his attacks. It comes down to learning the perfect guard timings for his flurries, which are by far his most lethal weapon.

                                                                      Also, free Rising Dodge can't come soon enough.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I had to swap my GOAT trident for the electric baton +10, I used aegis to tank combos and just got two hits in each time, boosted legion rounds on p organ, turtle went crazy on phase 1.
                                                                        For phase 2 I baited the jumping attacks and the long spinning attacks so he would stand still for a second, used 6 throwables after that moved in physical while I still had full pulse cells.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          For those who noticed, the 1st phase of the boss has a playstyle that evokes the weapon/classes of the player

                                                                          Strength, where it uses POH as a greatsword with the same smashing damage and slow swinging moveset of one - this is its starting state and what most of us will get 3-hit KO by
                                                                          Balance, where it uses POH as a one handed sword with fast hits/combos but lesser damage
                                                                          Dexterity, where it "alters" POH by extending its handle and using it for long distance trusts - didn't get hit by it so don't know how painful it is, this notably ends when the boss retracts back the handle. Think this is only used if distance is kept against it more often than not.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Okay, I don't consider myself a great Soulslike player by any means. Simon Manus I defeated first time and most of the other bosses in the game I beat in under 10 tries. HOWEVER - I use Specters, and I'm not at all ashamed to admit that. I don't enjoy the challenge of bosses and like to have the breathing room.

                                                                            So, this mother****er took me HOURS to beat. The credits are rolling right now and the relief I'm feeling is euphoric.

                                                                            I struggled a lot because, as mentioned, I like to have "space" in boss fights and specters provide that. This guy must've taken me a good 25-50 attempts before the one where I finally got lucky. I tried spamming throwables, I tried a bunch of different loadouts, I tried aegis, I tried a lot of stuff.

                                                                            What worked for me:
                                                                            Firstly, time. Like a lot of people of said, this is one of the ultimate examples of "GIT GUD" in this game. If you have slow reflexes like me, you need to give yourself grace and patience while you learn the boss patterns.

                                                                            My winning loadout/build was as follows for a level 83 motivity build:
                                                                            Bone-cutting sawblade +10 with Greatsword of Fate Handle (A scaling motivity).
                                                                            Greatsword of fate handle gives you Absolute Defense for your defensive fable. Incredible for giving a bit of extra breathing room when Puppet does red unblockables.
                                                                            Fully upgraded Puppet String arm.
                                                                            Perfection Grindstone.
                                                                            As much physical defense+slash defense as you can stack.
                                                                            Amulets: blue guardianship, patience (stam regen), recharged (health regen).
                                                                            For P-Organs, I had 24 quartz total (enough to reach level 5 and max one level 5 power). Stack pulse cells (obviously), stagger window, guard regain, stagger/fatal/charge atk and stagger, and perfect guard buffs (e.g. charge fable on perfect guard. On phase 4, increase special grindstone uses is VITAL, and level 5 auto charge legion in the ability type section was also vital. Having the special grindstone repairs weapon and decreased weapon durability use are also extremely helpful as the amount of blocking you have to do on this boss will wear down your weapon quick unless you perfect guard everything.

                                                                            Phase 1:
                                                                            Try not to dodge. Block his strings and then attack once between to top up your health with guard regain. Occasionally if he gets stunned in place (but isn't staggered for a fatal), you can use puppet string and HOLD it to do the launch attack for a big chunk of damage. You can also use acid abrasives to add acid to your weapon - I liked to do this right before a fatal blow to maximise the damage.
                                                                            This phase really is just a game of patience and attrition. Don't rush. Don't get greedy. Play super defensively. Chip away at his health and go for the stagger+fatal when you've chipped away.
                                                                            When he goes for red attacks, if you can get the timing, nice. Otherwise save your fable and use Absolute Defense to get a perfect guard on red attacks. Do NOT use your perfection grindstone; you need it much more in phase 2.

                                                                            If you can get through phase 1 with about 7/10 of your pulse cells remaining, you have a good chance.

                                                                            Phase 2:
                                                                            **** yourself. Genuinely, I could never get a consistent strategy and I think I had good RNG on the run that I won. However:
                                                                            Tank his combos like in phase 1, and do an attack between to get guard regain and keep your health relatively topped off. The 4 swipe combos are good for this because he leaves himself open for a quick hit after the last attack.
                                                                            Use Absolute Defense for his charge attacks and other red attacks, or sprint to the side if you can react fast enough.
                                                                            USE YOUR GRINDSTONE NOW. Tanking long combos with the perfection grindstone will allow you to build up stagger much faster. Plus, this grindstone makes the red attacks much more forgiving.
                                                                            If you can't reliably get charge attacks off before he starts another combo when he's ready to stagger - try using puppet string! The launch attack can proc a stagger and set him up for a fatal blow. This is why "auto regen legion" is so important - because you can play safe while your legion is regenerating and then have another attempt. This is what saved me on my winning run; I couldn't stagger him because he was going crazy with the combos, and I managed to puppet string-launch attack him when there was a small break in his offense. That staggered him, and set him up for the fatal.
                                                                            When he's getting up after you've performed a fatal blow on him, this is the BEST time to spam throwables like carcass fluid or throwing cells. If you can proc a status effect like blitz or decay, even better, as you'll be dealing damage even as you just survive.
                                                                            Use your second grindstone about halfway down his health bar - after the second/third fatal blow, hopefully you'll be in a strong position and only a couple hits away from victory.

                                                                            Good luck everyone! This was the hardest boss in the game for me, bar none. But even for someone who doesn't have very good technical ability or quick reflexes, I wanted to share that this boss, while super hard, is absolutely doable. Just keep at it, change things up if you need to, and find the rhythm that clicks. Use everything in your arsenal. You can do it.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              First playthrough I was 96 and killed him after several tries with bone-butting saw and acid.
                                                                              Second one I struggled a lot until dumped acid for electric (some "enlightened" on Reddit says he is human in this fight, supposedly found this in game files; IT IS NOT) and bone-saw for trident. Got him on second try.
                                                                              Third one got him on first try (level 80, 30 health 35 technique) straight from Geppetto dialog, with trident, electricity and puppet string with link attack.
                                                                              Few pointers:
                                                                              - use electric grinder possibly with dual use - right damage for puppet and faster repair (get P-Organ option of special grinder repairs weapon)
                                                                              - use puppet destroyer amulet
                                                                              - equip puppet string arm fully upgraded for link attacks
                                                                              - trident is optimal for speed and high damage (frequent critical proc), fable art with stab-to- jump-stab is devastating. Upgraded to +5
                                                                              - few electric throwables for Hail Mary if needed
                                                                              Buff trident (electric) and be aggressive from the start. Dodges preferred, parries in this phase work and block if whiffed. Should dispose quickly with max 2-3 heals.
                                                                              Second phase start running towards him and to the left to avoid initial attack. Avoid parries and standing at front of him, dodge to left - both ground and air-attack, punishing with R2 at the end of combo. When stationary use arm link attack, buffed trident should bring critical. Use fable art stab-jump, be careful to assure he is stationary not to waste attack.
                                                                              I was proficient with trident, went easily. May take few tries, but should get it. Good luck.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                I thought this was a fair boss.

                                                                                I used Trident with Assassin’s Amulet. With acid grinder, makes quick work of Phase 1. Phase 2 I managed to stagger him quite quickly with running R2 and charged R2.

                                                                                Falcon eyes fully upgraded was also alright to get some ranged hits in Phase 2.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  He did this one attack where he stabbed me scream in my face and then flung me off the sword he usually last resort OHKOs me

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Finally beat this boss.

                                                                                    For anyone struggling who doesn't want to resort to a straight throwables cheese method, and have some fun while beating this boss this is for you.

                                                                                    I highly recommend bringing an upgraded Aegis (respec if neccesary) and a hilt with the Absolute Defense Fable Art, I used the Acidic Great Curved Sword Hilt.

                                                                                    For the blade I used the Electric Coil as I had heard he was a bit weak to electric damage and the temporary damage buff goes a long way but use anything you are comfortable with with decent attack speed (he moves a lot...).

                                                                                    Grinder I used the temporary always parry one can't remember the name but handy for the start of fight to save on Aegis Durability and get some free hits on, I had the P-Organ upgrade for 2 uses and repair weapon on use.

                                                                                    P-Organs were mostly specd around improving guard and parry, not sure if parry stun is necessary but possibly it is to break posture on charge, you can probably use whatever else though, after I got the rhythym this fight is quite easy do.

                                                                                    I should mention if you are reading this you should be able to complete the first phase without too much difficulty this is only a help for the second phase.

                                                                                    As soon as the second phase starts use one of your special grinders to repair your weapon from first phase and give yourself autoparry, try use your lightning buff Fable Art also if using lightning coil.

                                                                                    If you are lucky he will start off with his broken charge attack which on a parry will always result in him being stunned, at this point hit him with a few powered up hits (don't be too greedy)

                                                                                    I found that 1 parry grinder lasts around 3 combos, keep that in mind, keep your guard up and punish when possible.

                                                                                    When your grinder wears off you need to keep watch for his charge, whenever he starts to windup for a charge move use your Absolute Guard fatal art, you should easily have enough fable charged throughout fight to keep up with it, this includes his 1 sword non-fatal charge, if you fail to parry that one he will break your guard and follow up with very high damage anyway.

                                                                                    On his other combos, his silly whirly dirly one, jump up in the air and spin or slam, 2 sword slashes, prioritize your aegis and hit through, or guard and wait for them to finish and punish or heal if necessary.

                                                                                    Your timing wont always be perfect but if you keep your cool you will make it through this guy, once I got the build right I did it in about 3 tries.

                                                                                    I am not a particular fan of this boss as I had to completely respec from my GS Parry - charge attack build as he is just too fast with too many punishing combos to reliably beat that way. Also his damage to weapons durability on guarding is ridiculously high, on my closest runs I would always lose to sword break, with no time to repair it during the fight. Maybe my bad for single wielding.

                                                                                    Anyway I hope that helps anyone having trouble on him, you can do it guys!

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      5 Tries, lvl 96 used Two dragon sword +5 with 45 in vit and 37 in Technique, dealt arround 400 dmg per hit and Acid Stone, The Stalker Legion arm with the Rope and the charged attack realy shined in p2, landing 4 hits after each of his charges for arroung 6k dmg + 4k from Fable .... Some good parrys and 8 Pots + 1 refill for an overall of 11 Pots. Good boss if u cant beat, skill issue its not Unfair.

                                                                                      • the devs were really like **** you to the player when making this boss because once phase 2 starts you pract have zero heals because of the first phase taking them all

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          There's no mention of being locked out of the boss for your past choices on the page... I just watched the any% speedrun and, of course, it doesn't fight nameless but what's interesting is that it couldn't fight nameless because it was locked out of the option. There was no option to keep the heart. I'm curious as to what triggers this?

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            I beat him using the bone-cuttin saw + krat police baton, it's a very easy way to kill him, you evaporate his first phase using acid and the second phase you are constantly defending yourself with aegis (don't forget to take something to recharge their religion).
                                                                                            1 phase you spam him with a strong attack and defend yourself
                                                                                            2nd phase you are constantly defending yourself with aegis and dealing 1 or 2 strong attacks when he gives you a break, don't be afraid to use your fable if you have a lot of health, the important thing is that you deal all the damage to him, he is your biggest source of damage. Sorry for the bad English

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Ooooo weee. This was a tough fight for sure. I really had fun fighting him. I got really good at the first phase but second kicked my teeth in for so long. Agis legion arm to tank most hits (you can still parry with LB). Perfection grindstone to give legion a rest(auto refill) and used the coil stick. Really challenging but fun fight.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Phase 2 feels impossible. I felt pretty OP most of the game with booster glaive maxed + falcon eyes maxed. I did use specters for a lot of the bosses but there were plenty of others without specters available. I usually go into phase 2 with 7-8 flasks left, but he’s just so relentless that I can’t make any headway. After two hours of failing with the glaive, I switched to two dragons sword tonight; same result. Best I can do is get him to like 40% health in phase 2. I’ve never died in phase 1. Kinda ridiculous

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  Finally beat the guy after 3 days trying :D I loved it!!!

                                                                                                  Mastering first phase perfect guards really feels satisfying

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    killed the guy with police baton hanlde + Live Puppet's Axe Blade +10.
                                                                                                    key moments for those who struggling:
                                                                                                    1) do not try to parry his charge (when he lowers both his blades at 30+ meters), just fkn run to the side
                                                                                                    2) acid is the king, use one grinder on phase1, second one just before entering phase2
                                                                                                    3) his swirl combo usually strikes FOUR times, dont try to punish third swing
                                                                                                    4) dude is using pulse cells, fkn loved it. u can use them right after his charge
                                                                                                    5) charge + with grab can be avoided either running sideways. tried a few times to outrange it - didnt work
                                                                                                    6)with high enough damage reduction - 70%+ and hp regen amulet you can continue just blocking everything
                                                                                                    7) his cone aoe swing should be avoided to the side
                                                                                                    Very cool fight (lax is the best tho, just awesome). the most anoying boss in the game is not simon or nameless, it's ****ing blind illusions guy with infinite poise & stamina. cheesed that mofo with throwables + ladder

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Not as bad as I thought after reading the comments here. Saw blade + exploding handle + aegis + acid grindstone. First phase very easy, second phase about six attempts.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        i chose to give geppeto my heart just to see the ending cuz i thought id be able to go back and still fight the boss but hes no longer there is there any way i can fight him without going into ng+ or am i just ****ed

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          This boss filtered me. Harder than Gerhman. Harder than Sword Swaint Isshin. Harder than any Fromsoft boss.

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            Is Nameless weaker to electric or acid damage? I’ve tried both since he’s somewhere between a puppet and an animated corpse, but I’m still not sure.

                                                                                                            • Dear oh dear, what was it? The hunt, the blood, or the horrible dream? Let me just say that I loved this boss and ending. Watching him use a pulse cell I was malding lmao. Was he a bit overtuned on the second phase. Probably, but I enjoyed fights like him, Laxasia, and Romeo. Not too easy like the normal human bosses, and not too predictable or erratic like the average giant boss(depending). They are also my top 3 in bosses.

                                                                                                              Here's some information you might find useful is you're still struggling. Acid is great for melting him, no pun intended. Use the Acid Grindstone to melt his first phase. Carcass Body Fluid was also handy, you can get them for 400 Ergo at the Black Market Merchant. Though Shock also seemed pretty good, so pick your poison I guess. He is a puppet, but is strangely human. I ran Acid Grindstone with Fulminius Legion Arm. Shot Puts are recommended for every boss for free stagger damage. Black Market merchant is honestly such a clutch with an infinite supply of so many useful items. Good hunting, you're right at the finish line!

                                                                                                              Speaking of which, this entire ending, with Geppetto wanting to take your heart for the “real” Carlo, is pretty much what Romeo was warning us about. Remember in the King of Puppets boss fight, the mini play in the theatre at the beginning has a puppet version of Geppetto taking out our heart and putting it in another puppet. Brilliant. Romeo really was our best friend, besides trying to kill us, but ya know, just best friend things >:). I thoroughly loved this game!

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                Now THIS was a fun fight. It wasn't too difficult, but just enough to where I felt like I was learning the boss.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  The only thing harder than this boss is listening to Gapetto constantly try to gaslight you as it kicks your ass

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    well after dying literally 100 times and for days bored and lost my interest on the game in all souls games never died more than 15ish and for me hardest bosses were nameless king and gael so this is even worse than them

                                                                                                                    • First Phase is fine, second one is kinda nutty. Seems more weak to electricity than acid in my experience. Used the electric saw blade on the meat cleaver handle only because I ran a tech build and needed a handle I could crank to A scaling on tech, and the fable art for that handle is actually useful. Also ran the Aegis arm for swinging while blocking and the oh so sweet perfect guard glitch (if it even is a glitch). I also tried the acid spear due to it being quicker swings but it just didn't hit hard enough. YMMV.

                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                        Second phase is pure bs , absolutly zero room to attack , killed him with two dragon sword + aegis arm . hold aegis and spam l1 for perfect guard and its should be easy

                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                          Naaaah I call bullshit. I literally put every stat above soft cap to test this. Tech is almost at hard cap. And there's no damage difference. It's actually bugged

                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                            its insane how people are complaining at this boss when simon was MUCH worse. this fight is super fun, high octane action. THIS feels like a sekiro meets bloodborne fight, not that lame delayed attack and slow spinning projectile spam bs that was the previous "final boss"

                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                              I don't know how I'm supposed to beat this boss, even my wife's boyfriend hasn't been able to do it yet.

                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                If anyone is struggling with puppet I can provide a few tips. He's pretty much the only boss in the game that can't be brute forced:

                                                                                                                                1. Prep - Lada frame plus Lada slash weave is pretty much mandatory for physical resistance

                                                                                                                                2. Weapon degradation- kind of a big concern so repair at the beginning of phase 2 and swap to an off hand for last few blows

                                                                                                                                3. Deflecting - even with the tight parry timings you should get a few off his multistrings and then swing after to regain health, again don't forget its okay just to block

                                                                                                                                4. Dmg - you should have a fairly dmging weapon maxed out by now something about 14 pounds that's heavy enough to dps, but light enough to swing

                                                                                                                                5. Arm - don't rely too heavily on it for this fight I would throw a few shots at him now and then but at the end of the day you gotta Seikiro it

                                                                                                                                6. Buffs - throw your grindstone on to make phase 1 faster but like I said you can't brute force

                                                                                                                                7. Healing - its a tough boss he'll take 10 cells and probably an 11th, at that point you need to weapon swap and close it out

                                                                                                                                8. Attempts - done in 5 attempts I would say, you shouldn't be sweating bullets let your build do the work, phase 1 is free, phase 2 is pattern learning

                                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                  He was... not bad at all? I used an advance build with the buzzsaw blade + acid sword handle and mostly just normal blocked, hit him once or twice between attacks, and used the handle fable art for red attacks I couldn't dodge. Nothing fancy, but the fight was over quickly enough. The hardest part was finding windows to repair my weapon. Just don't get greedy with attacks, block instead of panic rolling if you aren't confident in your ability to perfect block (I was garbage at it the entire game), and don't try to run away when you need to heal or use items, you won't have time. Always wait until he finishes an attack to do anything but guard/dodge and only try to take one action per window.

                                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                    This guy is cool but unfortunately for him my sweet fricken' Kusabimaru +5 is much cooler. Amazing fight, felt like it really tied together everything the game's been trying to teach you in it's boss designs coming up to this point. Him and Dommy Mommy Laxative are definitely the top fights for me.

                                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                      Took like 3 trys to get used to phases, then killed him with the Shield-Arm-Thing + Policebaton R1 + Heavy Attacks in Phase 2

                                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                        I've been stuck on this guy for two nights now. I can get to phase 2 with 1-2 heals, but I just can't last long enough for phase 2. His swings and timing are pretty relentless. It took me a night of attempts to really understand the timing of phase 1 parries, but I can't for the life of me learn phase 2. I've tried the shield cheese but run out of legion before I can get the last hit in. I know once I get this guy down, I'll look back and see the progression, but as it stands right now, phase 2 seems hopeless for me lol.

                                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                          I love how complaining about boss difficulty in “Souls” games is essentially never seen as legitimate, yet everyone does it. Are there actual issues with design and execution of a boss that even the developers recognize as problematic and only an extremely narrow range of players will be able to beat said boss consistently, let alone enjoy it? Lololozzzz skill issue get gud scrub.

                                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                            I killed him after 3-4 tries with motivity build, pipe wrench with police baton handle, amulets: Dancing One, Nameless One's, carrier and patience. I use electric grindstone for first phase and for second phase aegis legion arm with the trick of holding l2 and spam l1 for perfect guard

                                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                              I'm pretty sure the lore implication is that this puppet specifically is made with the human remains/corpse of Carlo, since it actually bleeds blood. It also shares our dodge animations and even uses Pulse Cells, and literally taunts us with the memories we acquire throughout the game. Since Ergo is tied to the memory of the living, it makes sense that the former body of Carlo also has tethers to its own detached Ergo (us, the player character).

                                                                                                                                              It makes sense that Geppetto's first desperate attempt to revive his son was by directly using his corpse but since it was unfit he removed all its facial features to remove the reminder of his own son, and made the player character puppet after.

                                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                The parry timing is so tight, it makes every boss that requires it just annoying. It's... not fun to fight a boss like this. Though, by far my biggest issue is that I don't have enough stamina. Like, I spend most of the fight trying to get some stamina back. Dancers amulet is great, but if you keep dodging, you never get stamina back. I think that this would be alleviated if perfect guard timing was just a little more forgiving. I see the comments about the perfection grindstone, but that is horse crap, they don't last long at all, even with multiple uses. AND, in the middle of the second phase it's impossible to reapply it, even if you do have multiple uses. I have basically tried everything with this guy. But it just like previous bosses that were a pain the ass, luck is going to play part in it. For example, if you fight him and he does more smaller combos, that will make it much easier than if he does more larger combos. Sometimes he does a few of the red attacks in a row. I ran into this with Romeo, where I almost had him beat and that piece of garbage did 4 of those flame combos in a row. Like, it's freakin' random. I got this boss close one time in the second phase, and he did 2 red attacks and a combo that ends in a red attack, and I just missed the timing and got iced in the end.

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