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Equip Effect

max hp up amulet effects lies of p wiki guideIncreases max HP

Life Amulet is an Amulet in Lies of P. From the name itself, this amulet increases Pinocchio's Max HP. Amulets usually provide basic raw stat increase to overall attack, defense, and elemental resistance. Amulets in Lies of P are found as loot, drops, or purchased from merchants.


An amulet that can be equipped on a puppet. Information and memories that are useful for movement can be imprinted on the symbol to draw out special powers.

The slightest blink is enough to make a puppet move. Puppets do not have life, but it is enough to move them.


Where to Find Life Amulet in Lies of P

  • Life Amulet is looted from a chest in Elysion Boulevard Entrance after fighting a Brawler Puppet right before the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer.
  • Life Amulet +1 can be found in a chest in the Malum District Slums. You'll need to first have the Old Cryptic Vessel Decryption deciphered by Venigni to get it.  From the Stargazer at the Path of the Pilgrim, head down along the path to the small lake, past a large Bear Carcass enemy. Enter the compound of wooden houses, and then turn to the left to get to the rooftops. Immediately turn right to circle around one of the wooden houses, drop down, and enter the small little clearing. You'll see a locked door to your right where the chest is hiding. To get the Robber's Shack Key for it, speak to the Slum Resident further in. The wooden floor will collapse when you enter, so simply find your way back up to get to the chest.


Lies of P Life Amulet Information

  • Item Type: Amulet
  • Amulet Weight: 1.3; 2.4
  • Amulet Effect: max hp up amulet effects lies of p wiki guideIncreases max HP
    • Base version: 7% max HP
    • +1 version: 13% max HP


Lies of P Life Amulet Notes & Tips

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia for Life Amulet in Lies of P go here.



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    • These appears to increase maximum HP by 8%, which is honestly not bad considering it's one of the first Amulets you pick up in the game.

      Life Amulet Unequipped HP: 468
      Life Amulet Equipped HP: 505
      Difference is 37
      37 / 468 = 0.079...
      0.079... x 100 = 7.9%
      468 x .079 = +36.972 HP
      Actual Value: 37

      So it ends up being 8%.
      Games appears to be rounding up - at least in this particular instance.
      Though this may be rounding to the nearest whole as opposed to always rounding up, I dunno.
      Hope this helps!

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