Triumvirate Amulet


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Equip Effect

triumative amulet effect lies of p wiki guideAll Legion Arms' ability tier +1

Triumvirate Amulet is an Amulet in Lies of P. The Triumvirate Amulet buffs the damage scaling of P's equipped Legion Arm by adding +1 to its ability tier, it can only be obtained by giving the Burnt-White King's Ergo to Alidoro. Amulets usually provide basic raw stat increase to overall attack, defense, and elemental resistance. Amulets in Lies of P are found as loot, drops, or purchased from merchants.

"Ability tier" is referring to the scaling stat (eg the default Left Arm of Steel has Motivity-B and Technique-B, both will be increased to A while this ring is equipped), increasing the damage. This does not rank up the arm or grant additional abilities.

An amulet that can be equipped on a puppet. Information and memories that are useful for movement can be imprinted on the symbol to draw out special powers.

They were three bodies, but their mind was one. The mind that sought revenge against the puppets by killing them the way their brother was killed.


Where to Find Triumvirate Amulet in Lies of P


Lies of P Triumvirate Amulet Information

  • Item Type: Amulet
  • Amulet Weight: 7.8
  • Amulet Effect: triumative amulet effect lies of p wiki guideAll Legion Arms' ability tier +1


Lies of P Triumvirate Amulet Notes & Tips

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia for Triumvirate Amulet in Lies of P go here.



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    • Anonymous

      The description is misleading. It's scaling +1, not ability+1. I thought it could add 1 level to the modification.

      • Anonymous

        so this is basically a 'crank' to every stat on every legion arm.... its actually pretty strong, especially in an advance build

        • Anonymous

          what it does is increase the scaling of each tier by 1. Example: Flamberge with Motivity C, technique D and Advance A becomes Motivity B, technique C and advance S with the amulet equipped

          • Anonymous

            It... doesn't work ? i was expecting it for instance to allow my gulminis arm to charge while moving, but it does nothing. I have tiers 3 falcon eyes, and it doesn't allow me to fire while doding either using the amulet; Am i misunderstanding something ? testing in the training area

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