Piercing Hatred Amulet


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Equip Effect

piercing hatred amulet effect lies of p wiki guideImmunity to all attribute status ailments

Piercing Hatred Amulet is an Amulet in Lies of P. The Piercing Hatred Amulet is one of the strongest amulets in Lies of P, it provides immunity to all attribute Status Ailments and it can only be obtained by giving the Nameless Puppet's Ergo to Alidoro. Amulets usually provide basic raw stat increase to overall attack, defense, and elemental resistance. Amulets in Lies of P are found as loot, drops, or purchased from merchants.


An amulet that can be equipped on a puppet. Information and memories that are useful for movement can be imprinted on the symbol to draw out special powers.

It is unknown whether the Nameless puppet had an ego. This is because multiple cores holding concentrated Ergo were used to boost its firepower. If this puppet could feel only one emotion, it would be hatred.


Where to Find Piercing Hatred Amulet in Lies of P


Lies of P Piercing Hatred Amulet Information


Lies of P Piercing Hatred Amulet Notes & Tips

  • When deciding whether to use this amulet, remember that this will only negate Electric Shock, Overheat, Decay, and Corruption. Break, Shock, and Disruption are Special Status Ailments, and will not be prevented.



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    • Anonymous

      It's nice, but personally never had a need for it, even in NG+ with a very strength sided build so i was more open for attacks...
      Not having to deal with: Shock, Overheat and Corruption is nice, but even in the fights that have it... you don't need (with the exception of Green Monster maybe) 2nd Brotherhood isn't an issue as you can run in a circle all fight to cheese them as only 1 fights you at a time (the other two just throw ****)

      Overall a very nice amulet, but deffinately not needed even for NG+, if there was a Special atribute version, then i'd imediately use that, as screw Simon just yeeting your good run because you got lightly tapped by some orbs that proc disrupt... (no i'm totally not salty, what do you mean?)

      • Anonymous

        I'm shocked an amulet like this even exist, it's an incredible quality of life amulet.
        Green monster go F yourself

        • Anonymous

          definitely a great amulet to have for NG+ so you dont have to deal with bs like poison swamps or the random status buildup of certain enemies (cough cough, brotherhood 2nd fight)

          • Anonymous

            Seems there are exceptions to this immunity.
            Puppet of the Future will still apply Shock to you while you wear it.
            And the girls and Spider Divas in the opera house will still buildup and cause Disruption.
            IIRC bear traps also will still cause Break.

            Not sure whether this is a bug or intended.

            • Anonymous

              this thing is amazing, totally nullifies fire shock poison acid statuses... it also seems to decrease the damage they deal very slightly too.... easily worth a slot if you're not going for the all weapons achievement

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