Sawtoothed Wheel

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Ability Scaling
Motivity D
Technique D

Sawtoothed Wheel is a Throwing Object in Lies of P. Sawtoothed Wheels have the appearance of a large gear that players can throw to put the enemy's attention elsewhere. Throwing Objects can be found throughout the City of Krat. Players can keep track of their Throwing Objects in their inventory menu, which will then be registered in the Usable Items tab.


Even worthless items can become useful if you collect them.
Everything became useful in battle in the paralyzed city.


Where to Find Sawtoothed Wheel in Lies of P

Sawtoothed Wheel can be found in:

  • Can be found at the entrance of the Krat Central Station, in the same arena where you fight a large Police Puppet that drops a Key.
  • Can be found by a locked gate, up the stairs at the Krat Central Station Plaza
  • Can be looted by the shortcut lock device in Elysion Boulevard Entrance, after crossing a blue rooftop with a puppet on the other side.
  • Can be looted near the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer, shortly after the Weeping Woman encounter. There's a Puppet Dog and a Puppet Swordsman Defeat them, then look to the left at the corner. You can unlock a gate here to open a shortcut and pick up the item.
  • Can be looted when entering the Warehouse in the Workshop Union Entrance area, after defeating a Blank Puppet and a Worker Puppet.
  • Can be found by some crates past the stone tablet which briefly talks about St. Frangelico on Path of Misery.
  • Can be found near a Puppet Maid in the lower area of the platform in Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert.
  • Can be found near the gate by the large dumpsite at Barren Swamp.

Sawtoothed Wheel can be purchased from:


Lies of P Sawtoothed Wheel Item Information

  • Item Type: Throwing Object
  • Item Effect: A cogwheel that is a common sight in Krat.
    It can be thrown to draw an enemy's attention.


Lies of P Sawtoothed Wheel Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Tricks for the Sawtoothed Wheel Throwing Object in Lies of P.



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