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Summons a Specter

Star Fragment is a Material in Lies of P. Using a Star Fragment in battle will summon a Specter to assist players in combat. Materials are divided into 2 categories that are used to enhance or upgrade different parts of the players' Weapons, and other Materials players may acquire. Players can keep track of their Materials in their inventory menu.

  • As of Patch, the drop rate of Star Fragments has been descreased.


A meteor fragment that can be found in different parts of Karts.
It can be used at the Crack's Calling in front of a boss area to summon a Specter.
Star Fragments cross dimensions to grant human wishes.
If you wish for it desperately enough, they nay be able to summon someone who wants to help save this world.


Where to Find Star Fragment in Lies of P

Star Fragment can be found in:

Star Fragment can be purchased from:


Lies of P Star Fragment Information


Lies of P Star Fragment Notes & Tips

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