Special Resistance Ampoule

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Use Effect

icon special resistance ampoule consumable liesofp wiki guide min Temporarily increases special resistance

Special Resistance Ampoule is a Consumable Item in Lies of P. Using Special Resistance Ampoule momentarily shields players from the effects of Shock, Break, and Disruption on players. Players can keep track of their Consumable Items in their inventory menu, which will be registered in the Usable Items tab.


A special ampoule made to enhance a puppet's special resistance.
When used, it enhances resistance to Shock, Break, and Disruption.
A robust defensive position is sometimes better than attacking.
The resistance ampoule was developed to raise puppets' tolerance to abnormal statuses.


Where to Find Special Resistance Ampoule in Lies of P

Special Resistance Ampoule can be purchased from:

Special Resistance Ampoule can be found in:


Lies of P Special Resistance Ampoule Item Information

  • Item Type: Consumable
  • Item Effect: Temporarily increases special resistance


Lies of P Special Resistance Ampoule Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Tricks for the Special Resistance Ampoule Consumable Items in Lies of P.



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