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Legion Magazine

Legion Magazine is a Consumable Item in Lies of P. Using Legion Magazines will install a magazine into players' Legion Arm's to activate its specific ability. Players can keep track of their Consumable Items in their inventory menu, which will be registered in the Usable Items tab.


A polymer filling that activates a Legion Arm's specific ability.
It can be implanted in a Legion Arm to charge Legion rapidly.
The polymer bullets that are used in Legion Arms were developed in collaboration with Venigni Works.
These bullets undergo a chemical reaction inside the Legion Arm and turn into different substances like fire, electricity, or acid.


Where to Find Legion Magazine in Lies of P

Legion Magazine can be purchased from:

Legion Magazine can be found in:

  • Can be found in Elysion Boulevard Entrance, after dodging the attacks from an inaccessible grenade puppet and taking a ladder down.
  • Can be found in Workshop Union Entrance after crossing the bridge past Arlecchino's Phone Booth.
  • Can be found by a set of stairs in the room with the large gears in St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel.
  • Can be found at one of the ends of a short lake in the Path of the Pilgrim, which you can head down to after defeating a large bear carcass.
  • Can be found by some boxes up the stairs, after crossing the raised gate at the end of the Hobbler's Bridge.
  • After dealing with two carcasses in Path of the Pilgrim, you can pick up the item in the lake, which has a Carcass waiting to jump down at you nearby.
  • After defeating the Elite Carcass in Path of the Pilgrim, head through the gate until you see some stairs to go up.You'll find the item at the top.
  • Can be found after defeating 2 Flamethrower puppets just before getting to the Mad Clown Puppet boss in Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert.
  • Can be found near the station exit in Krat Central Station Lobby.
  • Can be found by the railing to the right of the top of the stairs outside the Grand Exhibition Gallery.
  • Can be found across the wooden beam in Estella Opera House.
  • Can be found in the area with the two blank puppet enemies in the cave by the Barren Swamp Nest Stargazer.


Lies of P Legion Magazine Item Information

  • Item Type: Consumable
  • Item Effect: Legion Magazine


Lies of P Legion Magazine Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Tricks for the Legion Magazine Consumable Items in Lies of P.



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