Full Moonstone

Blade Upgrade Material

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Upgrade normal weapons blade up to +10

Full Moonstone is a Material in Lies of P. Using the Full Moonstone allows players to make a great amount of upgrades to their blades. Materials are divided into 2 categories that are used to enhance or upgrade different parts of the players' Weapons, and other Materials players may acquire. Players can keep track of their Materials in their inventory menu.


A rare enhancement material that can be obtained in different parts of Krat.
It can upgrade the blades of common weapons.
The Moonstone was not from this world. However, it was the most optimal enhancement material.
In their urgency, technicians pushed forward with using the Moonstone for weapon upgrade without time to review it any further.


Where to Find Full Moonstone in Lies of P

Full Moonstone can be found in:

  • Rewards for defeating the Corrupted Parade Master
  • Can be looted in the area after your encounter with Alidoro at the Relic of Trismegistus. Walk down the slope towards the water, and you will find the item next to a lantern.
  • Can be looted in the area after clearing the Gambler Hat Puppet at the Arche Abbey Upper Part - Inside. Look for the upgrade material by the crates under the archway.
  • Can be looted near the elevator at the Arche Abbey - Upper Part. Locate the elevator near the Trinity Sanctum, and use it. You can go up using the ladder after getting off the elevator. There's a trap mechanism that pushes you off as you step on the plate. Wait for the barrel to push out and then pass through the wooden bridge, and you will find the upgrade item near the edge.
  • Can be looted on the upper levels at the Arche Abbey - Outer Wall. From the stargazer, climb the nearest ladder, go up two flights of stairs, then locate another ladder on the far end of the balcony. Once you're inside the tower, go up another stairs and stay on the left path. At the end of this path, you will find the Full Moonstone.
  • Can be looted from a Dimensional Butterfly found on a wooden bridge in the Arche Abbey.
  • (NG+ only) Trinity Sanctum in St. Frangelico Cathedral. The sanctum gives an additional reward once you open the safe during NG+.

Full Moonstone can be purchased from:

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Lies of P Full Moonstone Information


Lies of P Full Moonstone Notes & Tips

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      I found a very rare drop chance against the big Is abraham lincoln looking robot/puppet in the firat poison lake area you find it's also right by a stargazer so it's a easy way to farm but I'm guessing it's like 2% or someone very low like that. I've been farming 2 hours and got 3 to drop. Good luck everyone

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